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  1. Thanks all for the tips. I finally did get this to come off. I used my heat gun to heat it up for a while, sprayed some PB Blaster wherever I could, and tried the filter wrenches again, when I tried the claw type wrench it pierced the filter causing oil to leak out. So after this I drove a hole in the bottom to get all the oil out of the filter. Heated it up one more time, and then used the heavy duty metal strap wrench again, this time though I lined it with a piece of left over trailer bunk carpet so that the rubbery side could grip the filter. This extra grip finally allowed me to get enough torque on it and loosen it up, and I was able to get it off. I have no idea why this one was so stuck, I always make sure to put fresh oil on the seal, but who knows, maybe I missed this step last year?? Thanks again
  2. I am on my second weekend of trying to remove the oil filter from my Mercruiser 5.0L. Should be pretty simple, but for some reason this season it just does not want to come off. I am on my 4th different style of oil filter wrench and I just can not get it to budge. I guess my next step is going to have to be driving a screwdriver through the filter, but I am worried this is just going to tear up the metal filter leaving me with no options left. Does anyone have any other tricks up their sleeve to try? Also, if I cant get the filter off this year and decide to try to defer to next spring, can I still fill the engine with new oil and not have it all drain out next year when I do get the filter off? Or can I remove the oil filter and not loose the oil?
  3. This is the cable I used to replace the cable that came with the original unit. It works great https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003FVYXY0/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  4. IF you pull the safety pin on the bottom of the unit you should be able to turn the steering wheel and the drive unit will turn with it. If the steering is easy doing this then you know its the drive unit causing the problem
  5. The best lubricant is sea water... Take it out to 200' of water, drop it overboard and don't look back!! Seriously though, I tries several times with different lubricants and greases and none of them helped my unit. The steering wheel got so tight I could barely turn it. I removed mine and replaced it with an octopus drive unit and its works so much better and is so much quieter. Definitely money well spent.
  6. Went out for a little after work. On the water around 5:00PM, lot of bait in 60'-80' with some good marks. Got one quick in 80', down 60' on a downrigger. 10lb king took a UV green pumpkin seed Stingray. Then in about 100' of water a horde of biting flies like I have never seen before descended on us. There had to be thousands of them, it was like something out of a horror movie. I sprayed my legs and ankles with buggins but it did not keep the all away. We had to pack it up and head in, it was just too much to deal with, especially when the rods were not moving. Back to the dock by 6:30. Next time I am bringing pants and long sleeves.
  7. I used to trailer my boat for a few years, and now I am in a slip at a marina. Being in the water makes it so much easier to get and use the boat, whether fishing or just taking the family out swimming. I would never trailer the boat to just go out for a few hours, but now that its in a slip I can get to the boat and fish for a few hours and then head back in. My big issue with keeping it in the water is I did not have bottom paint on the hull and it gets covered in all sorts of crap throughout the year. Takes a long time to clean the hull at the end of the year.
  8. I use the flea stripper and it works pretty well. The opening is the perfect size for 30lb wire, but its a little tight when getting fleas off 30lb mono. I actually pried the slot open a little bit with a flat head screwdriver so that it was not so tight on the mono. I have never tried the velcro trick. I also saw a YouTube video of someone using a micro fiber cloth. They just grabbed the wad of fleas with the micro fiber and gave it a quick jerk and yanked them off. Seemed to work...
  9. Check out the "Tackle & Techniques" section . I am pretty sure all the info you are looking for is in a few posts pinned at the top
  10. I am by no means an expert, but I have read a lot from experts on this site. Usually I start in the morning with shorter leads behind the ball, maybe around 10-15 feet. I like to run my spoons a little bit longer leads than my flashers so they are aoound10 feet behind them. As the bite gets slower you can try to drop your rigs further back away from the balls for a little bit more stealthy approach. I have not heard of anyone really running a dipsy behind a planer board. Dispys are run by themselves off the side of the boat and have an adjustable weight that will pull them down and out away from the boat. The higher the setting the less depth you will get, but the further they will pull away from the boat. Planer boards are used for flat lines or any of the other weighted lines like lead core, copper, or weighted steel. Length of line behind the planer board really depends on what you are running. If for say you are running a 300' copper set up, you will let out the 300', then maybe a little more, and then attach to the planer release Hope this helps
  11. EKoselny

    Boat Wash

    I agree that chemicals are the only thing that is going to work. I have had decent luck using ZEP brand Calcium Lime and Rust remover from Lowes, and a power washer. I buy a gallon and use a battery powered sprayer to apply it. You will want to power wash all the live algae and grime off first. Then spray the CLR remover on all of the crusty build up. you will see it foam up instantly as it breaks down the calcium and lime. Let it sit for a while, maybe 30 minutes, then power wash off. Most of the build up comes off with this. But yes, I usually have to go back and hit up areas a second time. I also have some On-Off and man that stuff is HARSH!!!! Wear PPE if using. I have only used this to apply to small areas that the CLR stuff didn't clear off after two rounds. IT sucks, it takes a while, and by the time you are done you will want to bottom paint it for next year.
  12. I was out yesterday evening. Saw one giant bait ball around 140' so i fished from 120' - 180' but never saw any more. On my way back in started seeing a lot more bait and marks from 100' and in. Only caught one little shaker in about 120'
  13. Did you check to see if the Allen screws under the white caps that tighten/loosen the bar are not too loose? That would be my first though
  14. Snubbers are a personal preference, I do not run them and I don't feel like I ever have had an issue with my divers. Also, I am pretty sure the snubber goes on the other side of the diver, not between the rod and diver, but between the diver and the lure. NBK is a color patter, stands for Natural Born Killer, pretty sure just about ever spoon manufacturer makes a version.
  15. I used to run a lite bite with the mag weight and ring kit on it. They do get pretty deep, pretty comparable to a mag dipsey. I think I lost it two years ago when I accidentally bumped it off the bottom too many times. I still run wire slide divers but now I keep them as high divers so I don't use the mag weight kits.
  16. Not sure if they were filling the pens or direct stocking. This year there are two pens with all steelhead. I think there is 5000 per pen.
  17. I wish I would have had the bottom painted before I started keeping it in a slip. I am in Braddocks bay and there is a considerable amount of growth, algae, and calcium build up throughout the year. Its a PITA to clean at the end of the year.
  18. The Greater Niagara Fishing Expo is coming un in February. There is usually a couple of booths there that sell some good used reels, and then a ton of new tackle there as well.
  19. New, never used jet ski ramp made by Ve-Ve inc. Includes 16' ramp, two additional 8' and one additional 4' ramp sections, electric winch and battery. Asking $3200.00 obo https://www.veveinc.com/shop/PWC-Ramp-DDA-PW17-16-Ft.-long.html
  20. Anyone know how much water is left in the channel getting out to the lake? I have not been out in a few weeks and I am wondering if I can even make it out of the channel any more?
  21. 9.9hp would be plenty big for that size boat. If you are adding a kicker and re-working your batteries, I would suggest finding a way to put the two batteries on the opposite side of the boat as the kicker to counter balance the weight of the new motor. I have two starting batteries on the port side with my kicker on the starboard side and my boat still leans to the starboard side quite a bit.
  22. Spro Power Swivels #8's are a nice size and rated for 50lbs
  23. Thanks for the report, I will be out there tomorrow morning with you.
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