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  1. New, never used jet ski ramp made by Ve-Ve inc. Includes 16' ramp, two additional 8' and one additional 4' ramp sections, electric winch and battery. Asking $3200.00 obo https://www.veveinc.com/shop/PWC-Ramp-DDA-PW17-16-Ft.-long.html
  2. Anyone know how much water is left in the channel getting out to the lake? I have not been out in a few weeks and I am wondering if I can even make it out of the channel any more?
  3. 9.9hp would be plenty big for that size boat. If you are adding a kicker and re-working your batteries, I would suggest finding a way to put the two batteries on the opposite side of the boat as the kicker to counter balance the weight of the new motor. I have two starting batteries on the port side with my kicker on the starboard side and my boat still leans to the starboard side quite a bit.
  4. Spro Power Swivels #8's are a nice size and rated for 50lbs
  5. Thanks for the report, I will be out there tomorrow morning with you.
  6. I use the #2's (55lbs) for spoons
  7. A lot of people fly in and out of the channel on plane. I myself don't have the stones, so I idle in and out. People still don't care and fly right by you in the channel.
  8. Also, just an FYI, I have taken mine apart several times and greased every part inside and it has made no improvements for me.
  9. You first need to remove the drive unit from the steering wheel. Then there are several screws on the backside of the unit that need to be removed. Once those are removed you can separate the front cover from the unit.
  10. 1 - Triple Rod Holder with Base Plate 3 - Rod Holders 2 - Rail Mount Bases 1 - Single Base 4 - Washers All in great condition. $125 pick up in Rochester area, add $15 for shipping.
  11. Is the boat at the bottom of the lake or did they get it out somehow?
  12. For those guys that are running weighted steel with wire line as backer, how are you putting that into a planer board release?
  13. I have a Raymarine SPX-5 helm drive unit and it is OK.... It hold course, most of the time, but I have had plenty of times when it just stops turning the wheel even when the boat is moving further and further off course. I have never used any other brand, but I would not recommend the Raymarine. Plus the helm drive unit locked up after about year of use and now the steering wheel is super stiff when steering manually. I have been considering buying a new octopus drive, or just upgrading to a Lowrance unit which also uses an octopus drive
  14. Check out the EZ Steer. The connecting rod can extend and retract when the motor is raised and lowered
  15. The EZ Steer option is probably the easiest way to go. I have the older Raymarine SPX-5 autopilot with the helm drive to control the main motor, and the EZ steer to connect the kicker. I like the EZ Steer, sometimes I have to adjust the rod to make sure that when the main motor is straight the kicker is also steering straight. Other than that have not had too many issues. The Raymarine on the other hand.... I am not a big fan of that unfortunately.
  16. Can you please provide some more details? What parts did you grease?
  17. I recently replaced my spark plugs and noticed that the rear lower cowl bracket was mostly missing, only about 1/3 was left and the rest was gone. All three mounting bolts had sheared pieces of the bracket left under them. I bought a replacement on eBay figuring I could replace this myself. When I removed the lower cowling I found that the front cowl bracket had also sheared in half. Does anyone know what could have caused both of these brackets to break like this? I have never had a major incident with this boat or motor. When I tried to remove the bracket mounting bolts for the rear bracket I found that the bolts are too long to fully remove from the motor. It appears as though the entire powerhead will need to be removed just to replace these brackets? Is this correct? Does anyone have anyone near Rochester they would recommend for this work? thanks
  18. Yes!!! This!!! And do a do a "dry run" of how you are going to install it before applying the sealant. I thought I had a good game plan but after I applied all the goop and installed the transducer into the hole, I realized the wrench I had planned to used to tighten down the nut did not not exactly fit into the bilge area like I had hoped. That left me scrambling to come up with a plan B while the clock was ticking... not fun....
  19. I was running the HST-DSFBL 50/200KHz transom mount. After a few years the returns started getting worse and worse and I was loosing bottom while on plane and not marking fish as well as I though I should be. The thru-hull gets a much better return.
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