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  1. Congrats on a great fish and thanks for sharing your story
  2. Trophyhunter1958

    for sale : usa 2 Lund boat seats $125

    will you ship to Louisville new york ,
  3. Trophyhunter1958

    2 electric mag 10 hs $525

    I will take these , where are you located
  4. Trophyhunter1958

    Sold / Closed Eskimo 2 man and auger

    i will take it if it is still for sale
  5. Hi , I would like both sets of Boards please 1-613-340-4787
  6. Trophyhunter1958

    6 horse long shaft

    i live in Brockville and am interested
  7. Trophyhunter1958


    great fish Zach , keep grinding now the agony begins LoL
  8. very interested please pm with location i will be coming from Canada
  9. Trophyhunter1958

    Minnkota terrova

    Where are you located i am interested and ready to go for a drive
  10. Brockville Ont , Guiding Muskie out of Treasure island Kingston
  11. Trophyhunter1958

    I need some no BS musky lure help

    There is a product called " Whiskers weed guard " Pro tackle in Belleville carries them you can order online or contact [email protected] they are cheap but will save you a lot of frustration with weeds and don't tangle in the net
  12. Trophyhunter1958

    Slr help?

    work the weedlines with spinner baits 8 to 15 ft of water , short leads 5 to 6 mph , find the inside turns where the weedlines are down current , good luck and let us know how you make out
  13. Trophyhunter1958

    Starting suggestions for musky

    Don't do it , you will spend all your money on custom lures , expensive rods and divorce lawyers LoL , seriously use the best equipment you can afford , I use 54 " 130 lb leaders as alot of the time a big ski will roll in the line and 80 lb braid can cut and cause real damage to the fish , practice sharpening hooks with a file or hone til you get them needle sharp as Muskie have hard mouths , early in the summer stick to weedlines and run spinnerbaits like pearson grinders or Custom Rob Day spinnerbaits , Run short leads 20 ft to 30 ft right in the prop wash at around 5.0 to 6.0mph in 8 to 12 ft of water , most of all join either Muskies Inc. or Muskies Canada and your learning curve will go up dramaticaly , greatguys to learn from and you get all the up to date info and great deals on custom baits , When fall comes its a totally different game , and running big crankbaits like Hosebaits , Bluewater baits and DK custom lures around bait will up your catch rate , good luck and be safe the Larry can turn nasty in the fall