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  1. Rick - I upgraded to the new Smart Troll last year. I've also had it since it came out. Darryl has been great to work with. The probes use a standard charger. I bought mine on Amazon. I leave my probes in the charger all the time, including all winter. I have had no problems.
  2. So I have the 6.2L MPI version in my 277 GLE. It's not that much more motor. I'm curios what kind of power/speed you are looking for? I run about 25mph at 4300 RPM in calm waters. I have no idea of top speed as I don't like revving much higher than that.
  3. I believe my problem was I was testing on my smaller boat on the hoist. I did not lower the boat into the water. However - I did not like the super-sonic speed with the new board. I was able to fix my old board. I have an extra of the new one if someone wants to make me an offer.
  4. Hey guys. I installed the 3394006 in my Mag 10HS and it is not working. The downrigger lowers really, really fast. But when I try to bring it up it comes up a couple inches really, really slow, and then stops. Any ideas?
  5. I think shipping this makes it not a good deal.
  6. This is what I have. Unused, but a little dusty. I believe it has 33 tubes.
  7. Tubes for flies? I have one that I never used. Let me look for it.
  8. Sold! Sent from my SM-G975U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. $275. Have had a lot of activity. 1 being picked up tomorrow.
  10. Sodus Bay. Sent from my SM-G975U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. https://www.ebay.com/itm/302793040521?hash=item467fdf2289:g:hkQAAOSwFnFV-dNf
  12. 2 Complete Moor Sub-Troll 900 systems. Includes display unit, cover, new 25' communication cable, coated downrigger cable, pickup, probe, and dropper cable. I would prefer to sell both together. Yes - everything is working. I switched over to Smart Troll. Probes have never had water in them. Both for $500, or $275 each.
  13. He, my name is kevin, did you sell that Lowrance hook fishfinder combo with navonics chip? If not,I’m interested. Feel free to reach out to me. 607-743-5750. Thanks.

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