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  1. Bring your Muskie gear , there are lots of Monsters all around the island , try trolling the breaklines along the channels or work the rocky points and shoals that are all over ,
  2. i will take them , if you will ship to Norfolk Ny , PM me please
  3. will you ship to Louisville new york ,
  4. i will take it if it is still for sale
  5. Hi , I would like both sets of Boards please 1-613-340-4787
  6. great fish Zach , keep grinding now the agony begins LoL
  7. very interested please pm with location i will be coming from Canada
  8. Where are you located i am interested and ready to go for a drive
  9. There is a product called " Whiskers weed guard " Pro tackle in Belleville carries them you can order online or contact [email protected] they are cheap but will save you a lot of frustration with weeds and don't tangle in the net
  10. work the weedlines with spinner baits 8 to 15 ft of water , short leads 5 to 6 mph , find the inside turns where the weedlines are down current , good luck and let us know how you make out
  11. Don't do it , you will spend all your money on custom lures , expensive rods and divorce lawyers LoL , seriously use the best equipment you can afford , I use 54 " 130 lb leaders as alot of the time a big ski will roll in the line and 80 lb braid can cut and cause real damage to the fish , practice sharpening hooks with a file or hone til you get them needle sharp as Muskie have hard mouths , early in the summer stick to weedlines and run spinnerbaits like pearson grinders or Custom Rob Day spinnerbaits , Run short leads 20 ft to 30 ft right in the prop wash at around 5.0 to 6.0mph in 8 to 12 ft of water , most of all join either Muskies Inc. or Muskies Canada and your learning curve will go up dramaticaly , greatguys to learn from and you get all the up to date info and great deals on custom baits , When fall comes its a totally different game , and running big crankbaits like Hosebaits , Bluewater baits and DK custom lures around bait will up your catch rate , good luck and be safe the Larry can turn nasty in the fall
  12. going to be Sept-10 - 11 again out of the Glennhouse , big waters , Big fish and great prizes , come out and join in
  13. big sandy bay when the water starts to warm , boards and small spoons
  14. Bob , Rich and Paul are all good choices to fish the American side of the river , if you are looking to fish the Canadian side around the 40 acre shoal you should contact Muskies Canada they could give you recomendations for a Canadian guide, Muskie Ace Roy Brunner or Fishing fanatic Dave Curtis fish those waters all year round
  15. Just thought i would throw a few pictures on to keep you pumped for 2015 thanks to many friends and clients that made 2014 such a memorable year
  16. Come on up , starting in August you can hit walleye on Melville shoal , Charity shoal and big bar shoal usually the best bite starts an hour before dark until 8:00 or 9:00 pm , the morning bite is hot and cold in the early fall , there are several charter boats that are dialed in out at the Main Duck islands and if you go on the Quinte Fishing .com website try and hook up with Matt Reid or Rob Eves those young lads have spent a lot of time focusing on early walleyes and not too many can give you more up to date info than them . Try and catch the show Fish TV there have been several shows done in that area in the last year with Jeff Chishom guideing Leo and Ron to some real monsters , good luck and I would recommend that you load up on Tail dancers and reef runners in clown and perch patterns , Don't be afraid to run some big baits in your spread we regularly get 10 lb plus walleyes on our spreads at 5 mph while trolling for Muskies Bill Barber Director Muskies Canada Gananoque chapter Trophyhunter Fishin Charters Proud supporter of Quinte Fishing .com
  17. JFM519 , come on up next fall , most guy's don't realize that you can spend hundreds of hours trolling on the St Lawrence and never even see a fish of this caliber , Congrats Bob on another great fish Bill
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