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  1. Art , I have been trying to get a hold of you , check your private messages ,, thanks Bill
  2. I am very interested could you tell me where you are located
  3. Millhaven creek , Collins creek , Kingston mills , the floating bridge past amherstview ,some lakers ,a few salmon lots of pike
  4. Hey landshark , nice to run into you on this board , when are you going to take the time to come Muskie fishing in Gan , the wallys have been good also , i think you seen the pics i posted a couple of weeks ago of a few eyes we caught trolling big Jakes , the bay seems a little slow starting this year but i am sure it will pick up in the next week , hope you did well in tourny , Tip of the Day ( Bat cave , 18 over 30 clown HJ 1.3 ) Bill
  5. Hey Guys , glad to hear you are taking the time to come and explore the Larry , my boat is out on the 40's just about everyday from now till close so if you happen to see the "Apex Predator" a 24' Wilker Tournament give me a holler and i will try to let you know what is going on , I did manage to land a 56" x 24" on Halloween to win the Gan Chapter of Muskies Canada outing , great bunch of guys and willing to help out ,
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