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  1. Spoke to blueye about the issues, I can't log in with app and some aren't getting notifications. Have to use my old account to log in,, he said he's working on it.
  2. Can't believe I've lived in Rochester for 25 years and am just now discovering this wonderful lake. Thanks to all those who have shared knowledge to help rookies like me.
  3. Set up in 100' at 5:30am and first dipsey fires 160' back as I was setting up 2nd rod. Made it out to 400' and both riggers fly at 135 n 115 down. Double is on! As we both had fish on, dipsey 200' fires for a triple but lost it. Ended up 4/5 and back to the dock by 10am.
  4. Personal best and #54 for the year. Got lucky n got to dance with a river queen, 57".
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