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  1. jigstick

    Boat shopping - need guidance

    Hewescraft pilot house. wide open decks and built like a tank. If you are OK with aluminum.
  2. jigstick

    Planer Board Knot

    lol. would anybody actually run their boards 300ft off the side? thats 100yds FCS
  3. jigstick

    Planer Board Knot

    so 300ft is too far to run out the boards?
  4. jigstick

    Planer Board Knot

    My cisco planer reels came in. I see the hole in the reel for the tow line to pass t through, but theres not a post or hook to tie too. Do I just pass the line through and tie a big knot that can't pull back out? Should I tie a trout bead to the end to ensure it can't come back through? Whats the best way
  5. nope. i still have it. let me figure out a price
  6. jigstick

    Auroralite Boards

    My Cisco planer reels and pulley shipped today, and I should have them by Wednesday. I need to order my boards now, but I can't decide between the regular or large size Auroralites. Any ideas on which size is appropriate? I will primarily be pulled lead core, deep divers, jet divers for walleye, but occasionally will need to pull 300-400 copper setups when I salmon fish.
  7. Make an offer. Please call to discuss
  8. Completely rigged for Great Lakes fishing. Meticulous maintenance. 130hp Chevy 3L small block and Merc I/O. Canon Mag10 electric down riggers. Planer mast and boards. Kicker bracket. Trailer included. Call with any questions. Boat is currently located at Lake Chautauqua. Cuddy with Porta Potti mooring cover and bimini top side curtains Eagle trailer downriggers trolling plate planer boards and mast life vests ship to shore radio GPS fishfinder trolling socks alao willing to make a deal on a Merc 9.9 kicker $5500 OBO 480-710-9935
  9. jigstick

    Auto pilot.

    Yep. I have a similar boat. A 1997 Bayliner 2252 Express Cruiser hard top. 4 years ago I installed a Raymarine Sportpilot. While it did do the job, it wasn't as nice as I wanted it. It was loud, constantly running, and after 10hrs of trolling it got annoying to listen to. Furthermore, each year I had to send the SportPilot back to Raymarine and have the clutch pads and bearings replaced. This year I decided to switch my boat over to hydraulic steering. The job really isn't that difficult. I have an in-depth thread in this forum that walks you through exactly how I did it. It is night and day difference.
  10. jigstick

    Amish Outfitters Planer Clips

    We’ve gone through 120 clips so often while walleye fishing it’s not even funny. And it’s annoying pulling in the boards to gather all your clips while all your other rods are still out.
  11. jigstick

    Amish Outfitters Planer Clips

    Buying 120 offshore or Scotty Minis is not in the budget.
  12. jigstick

    Meat substitute

    the vegeheads swear tofu is a good meat substitute. try brining it
  13. jigstick

    Better trebles

    sharpen the old hooks....if theyre intact.
  14. Odd question but has anyone ever put a "pull gauge" inline on their big boards? To see exactly how many lbs of force they are pulling? Id be curious to see. I keep seeing people say that the Auroralite and Amish Outfitters boards "pull like a mule". I was easily able to pull them in with my bare hands while the boat was at trolling speed. I was expecting it to feel like pulling up a 100lb anchor. Im only asking because Im about to start running them, and I have to decide whether or not to go crazy and reinforce the grab handles on my hard top. Those grab handles easily support my 240Lb hanging from them.