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  1. jigstick

    Dunkirk, NY Fishing

    Have you tried heading north out of North East? There has to be cold water past the mountain drop off. I catch lakers heading north out of Barcelona all the time.
  2. jigstick


    Seafoam is a petroleum product. It wont hurt anything in the motor. I run it in every engine I own, from my boat to my chainsaw. I recently asked my boat mechanic his thoughts on using Seafoam instead of Stabil, and he said SeaFoam by far is a better choice. I use 1oz per gallon every time I fill my boat up.
  3. Unit is 3 years old. At the end of each season I would send it in to Raymarine for new clutch pads. Works fine.
  4. You can use whatever course computer and compass you want. I have a couple interested parties and I’m working on returning calls and messages.
  5. jigstick

    Oil Pan Replacement Merc V6

    he can pull the engine today. Debating on having a new bilge pump out in while the engine is out
  6. Selling my Raymarine Sportpilot. Drive unit only. Works fine. Recently went to hydraulic steering and no longer need it. You'll need your own electronics for it though. $500 obo. Ill pay 2 day insured shipping from Pittsburgh.
  7. jigstick

    Oil Pan Replacement Merc V6

    So i have an oil pan leak on my Merc V6. Where the oil pan meets the timing chain cover. Mechanic is recommending pulling the motor, replacing the oil pan, gaskets, seals, and timing chain cover. Plus new oil filter and oil change. Parts around $150 bucks. But a lot of labor. Said it should take him 3-4 days, and be $1600-2000. Does this sound reasonable?
  8. jigstick

    Dunkirk, NY Fishing

    I was catching lakers in 60fow 25ft down on Sunday out of Barcelona.
  9. jigstick

    Dunkirk, NY Fishing

    Yeah man. It helps a lot for the suspended lakers. Most of my lakers are taken within 10ft off the bottom
  10. jigstick

    Mercruiser Trim Ram help

    Instructions? Special tools needed? YouTube isn’t bringing up much. I have an alpha 1 gen 2 outdrive.