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  1. I have a twin turbo ecoboost with 410HP in my Ford Expedition. And a heavy duty towing package. Tows up to 9300-9500lbs I believe depending on the rear axle gear ratio. The trailer has electric over hydraulic
  2. jigstick

    Sold / Closed Grady White Gulfstream 2005

    This has the 9ft 3in beam right? I’m interested in it but worried about legality of towing it every weekend
  3. I’m considering buying a Robalo R245 with twin yamis. It has a 105” Beam. So 3in wider than most states 8ft 6in towing limit width. I’m not certain it would even be noticeable going down the highway. What do you guys think
  4. Good. You should be set. Check the cable end on the whip. Some don’t come with an end. Because you have to fish it through the mount then put it on. Make sure you have the appropriate connector to plug into your radio.
  5. Did you buy a stainless or brass mount for the antenna?
  6. I have a Standard Horizon 1600 and a Shakespeare Galaxy 5225 XT on my hardtop and with the wattage turned up I’ve reached ranges over 20miles. That antenna is more robust for use on hardtops. You didn’t mention what type of boat you have. if you don’t have a hard top you could go with a Shakespeare Mariner 8500 and be in good shape.
  7. Cant go wrong with a standard horizon unit. Get one with built in GPS. Inside the box are directions on how to register the unit with NOAA and the coast guard with your boat information. If you ever run into a life threatening emergency you just hit the red panic button and it automatically broadcasts your boat information and location to the coast guard. the units are nice and compact. Pair it with a good whip antenna and you’ll be in great shape. A vhf is standard safety equipment for big water fishing if you ask me. Regardless if you have a cellphone on you or not. And they aren’t really that expensive. Most of us probably spend more money on tackle every year than the cost of a good VHF setup.
  8. What are you guys using for a tether? My reels and pulleys are on my hardtop. And I have to use a boat hook to pull the line down to put a clip on ive seen setups where guys have a tether attached to the tow line and then to the gunwale. So they can pull the tow line in nice and quick. Hope I’m explaining this properly
  9. Normally I prefer ciscos over anything else. But when it comes to dipsy holders I prefer the Muddy Creek holders. They do not have a tensioning arm like the ciscos do. They are entirely spring loaded, and because they lack the tensioning arm that a Cisco has...they are much more comfortable to lean on if when setting out / landing fish on the dipsy rods against the gunwale
  10. I run two dipsys off each side all the time without any problems. And all the rods are the same length. Don’t make a problem where there isn’t one.
  11. I have. I made a big post about it a year or so ago. Listed all the part numbers and prices etc. pulled the rack and pinion helm and cable steering off my Merc V6 with Alpha 1 Gen 2 outdrive and replaced it with SeaStar hydraulic helm and cylinder. I left the factory power assist cylinder in place. Makes the install much easier.
  12. What’s the best way to go about setting the gap / tension on the clip? I used a feeler gauge 0.005. But I’m having trouble getting these tuned. Smaller walleye won’t snap the band / release from the clip and I end up tracing fish on the other hand when I pull deep diving cranks baits they false release.
  13. Yeah it’s the low pressure return line. I thought about using a splicer. I have some extra hydraulic hose laying around. Just not sure what ID I need for that bib and splicer
  14. Bob that’s exactly what I tried. I cut an inch off and resecured it. It’s not leaking by the bib anymore. Now it’s leaking where I clamped the hose to stop it from dripping while I made the repair. Unfortunately I clamped it up so high that if I cut the leaking area out the hose won’t reach the bib. Rookie mistake. the hose is only 10in long. Has a brass fitting one one side that screws into the actuator. And uses a hose clamp on the other. If I knew the size of the brass fitting it would help
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