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  1. The BEST Hull Cleaner I've ever used

    For fiberglass boats you can't beat "On and Off". I pour it into a spray bottle. Spray the hull. Lightly agitate with a sponge. And just spray it off. Hull looks brand new. But it does strip the wax off. So you need to apply some Fleet Wax when you're done. FWIW, Bar Keepers Friend will work just as well for small areas. It contains the same acid.
  2. Buyer beware coldwatertackle.com

    I ordered some salt water tackle from ColdWater. Big reel and surf rod, drum rigs, etc. All came nicely packaged and complete. But thanks for the warning. Ill 2nd the guys at FishUsa in Erie. Those guys are top notch. I place my orders online, and pick them up at the warehouse on my way up from Pittsburgh. Great company to deal with.
  3. New rod and reel

    walleye don't require very specialized gear. that reel will do just fine.
  4. Graph pic ?

    thats just a normal mark if you ask me. big fish. last year this time of year i was fishing out of Olcott and my entire screen was filled with hooks like that. top to bottom. Hundreds of fish starting to stage
  5. Dunkirk Sunday

    I smashed walleye out of Barcelona on Saturday. Kept my 24 keepers and threw a bunch back as well. About 4miles east of the harbor. 90-130fow. 70ft down. Any purple bait was on fire. Harnesses, stick baits, spoons, spin-n-glows. I had to zig around to find cold water, but when I found 68 degrees every rod would fire.
  6. Battery Issue help

    Correct. I ground the batteries to each other. then one battery also grounded to the block. My problem came because I forgot to connect the ground going from one battery to the other. And I tried to start the boat with the battery that wasn't grounded to anything.
  7. Battery Issue help

    Thanks PAP. Im fairly certain thats what I did. I reattached the ground that comes from my fuse panel. But not the ground that connects the two batteries together. Is it bad for me to ground the batteries like that...to each other? Only one is grounded to the engine. I have the other battery grounded to the battery "grounded" to the engine.
  8. Battery Issue help

    So I think I "may" know the problem is. When I store my boat I disconnect the ground wires from both batteries. When I got the boat out of storage this year I remember putting the ground wires back on both batteries. But heres the catch On the battery giving me problems I only hooked up one ground wire. Which I think goes to a fuse box up by my dash. Im thinking I forgot to attach the ground wire that connects this battery to the ground on the other battery. SO If I forgot to attach the ground wire, I'm guessing it would cause anything connected to that battery to not work? The fuse panel that is connected to this battery has its + and - hooked up. I would think those electronics should still work...even if the battery itself isn't grounded to the engine???
  9. Battery Issue help

    So I just took the battery to autozone. Their tester read 12.25. And tested "good battery" on their machine. Wtf. How would I have "shorted" the battery? I think the battery is about 4 years old
  10. Battery Issue help

    Battery Issue help Got to the launch yesterday and one of my batteries appeared to be dead. I have 2 batteries. A cranking battery, and a deep cycle battery. Wired to a PERKO switch. Battery 1 is the cranking battery. Battery 2 is my deep cycle. all of my electronics and starter are fed off the "BOTH" terminal on the PERKO. I flipped to my cranking battery and nothing worked on the boat. No blower, starter, sonar, etc. I flipped to deep cycle and got the boat running. I switched the PERKO to the "BOTH" position to try and charge the one battery that appeared dead. Trolled all day, 10 hours. ON the way back in i decided to flip back to the "problem" battery to make sure it charged. As soon as I did, I lost all of the electronics again. I went back to the working battery and got off the lake. I pulled the problem battery from the boat and stuck a volt meter on it. its reading 12.26. Now I'm not sure WTF is going on. The fluid inside the Interstate Battery is above the electrodes. The battery is maybe 4 years old. Is my battery bad? or did something go wrong inside my PERKO switch?
  11. The boat has trim tabs. I can see them clear as day in the picture. Like others have said. The motor needs to come down for sure.
  12. Bad year for weekend warriors.

    Same on erie. Ive had my boat out 2x this year. And its just about August. Total bust for me so far.
  13. i spear all of mine, so I don't even need a net
  14. Dunkirk, NY Fishing

    South wind will be perfect. Start at 90 and troll north into deeper water. Drop Oscar down 5-10ft off the bottom and hang on
  15. Dunkirk, NY Fishing

    Are you going out this weekend? Let us know how you do