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  1. I want to point something out here. With my install...by that I mean installing the new ram onto the factory power assist cylinder (where your original cable went) works for me because I troll with my main engine. if you’re attempting this install, to have the hydraulic AP work on a kicker slaved to the outdrive with a yoke assembly and your main engine off...I’m not sure that it’s going to work for you. for that type of set up you may have to add T fittings / valves to divert the fluid flow towards your kicker motor...which would also need its own ram
  2. That’s a good question. I do not know.
  3. Yes it would work. But you will need to fabricate some type of mount for the new seastar cylinder. You’ll also need a new drive belt because when you remove the power steering pump the original will end up being too long. For these reasons I chose just to leave the factory power assist in place. If you come up with a good solution please let me know. I’d be interested in seeing what you came up with.
  4. Bump. Price drop $30/piece. Want these things gone.
  5. I’d be happy to discuss this type of install on the phone if you’d like. Atleast tell you my experiences with mine thus far. Let me know.
  6. With the octopus helm drives you’ll need to change out your steering cable as well. And they require 10-12in of space behind the dash.
  7. That was my boat. I did this conversion and spliced in hydraulic autopilot. Easy job. my post should list most of the components. I actually used a cylinder designed for outboard engines because of a clearance issue. I called Seastar and talked to them about it. The cylinder they told me to use was the same volume and power rated but slightly shorter in length.
  8. I have 6 Smith grab rail adjustable rod holders. They have drain holes on the bottom. Work fine. Just don’t need them anymore. $35 a piece. Will ship.
  9. I have a twin turbo ecoboost with 410HP in my Ford Expedition. And a heavy duty towing package. Tows up to 9300-9500lbs I believe depending on the rear axle gear ratio. The trailer has electric over hydraulic
  10. jigstick

    Sold / Closed Grady White Gulfstream 2005

    This has the 9ft 3in beam right? I’m interested in it but worried about legality of towing it every weekend
  11. I’m considering buying a Robalo R245 with twin yamis. It has a 105” Beam. So 3in wider than most states 8ft 6in towing limit width. I’m not certain it would even be noticeable going down the highway. What do you guys think
  12. Good. You should be set. Check the cable end on the whip. Some don’t come with an end. Because you have to fish it through the mount then put it on. Make sure you have the appropriate connector to plug into your radio.
  13. Did you buy a stainless or brass mount for the antenna?
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