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  1. Coastal Night Lights blows. Horrible customer service. The mounts are plastic and suck and break. They don't respond to emails for replacements. Ive gone through 4 of their lights. Comparing them to the Rigid ones is like comparing Harbor Freight tools to Snap On. I recommend you avoid Coastal at all costs
  2. Rigid offers great customer support as well. they make any type of mount that you could need. Post. Flush. Brackets. Extensions.
  3. I fished some Bayrats last year out of Barcelona for Erie. WHile I do like the quality of the lures, and color patterns, they didn't produce near as many fish as my old go to standard Renosky stick baits. Ill still keep some in the box, but at almost $9-12 a pop, Id rather just buy more Renoskys.
  4. Im using the D Series, not the Duallys. The Duallys would be overkill if you ask me. Mine are the D-Series Wide product number 50211. Shop around online. I think I paid $300 for mine on amazon. The D-Series Diffused product 70251 may be even better for lighting up just the deck area. Much more of a "flood" pattern. I cant imagine two of those D Series not being bright enough for you. how big is your boat? My boat is 22.5ft with a roof and cuddy. The deck is approximately 7ft wide and 6 ft long. I have them mounted on my roof, and aimed downward and slightly outward, and they are incredibly bright. I don't have a good picture of them lit up at night. Also, I use a pair of D Series on my Polaris ranger on our farm. Those two throw light out about 150yds, and probably 50yds wide. I can spot deer a LONG way off. Just make sure you get the floods or hybrids, not the "spotters". the spotters have a much more narrow beam. You want more of a flood so the light is dispersed. The Rigids also come with a wiring harness and illuminated toggle switch. So youll just need some extension wire to get them Installed the way you like them...ie switch at the dash... Here is my boat. its an older pic so the lights aren't installed. But I have them right along the back of the roof, aiming downward and outward slightly. They make my deck GLOW If you really wanted to you could go with the Dually Side Shooters. They have bulbs aiming to the R and L. So that would give you ALOT of light shooting out sideways away from the boat. But Im not sure if it would actually help with landing fish or not. The way you could "cant" them during install may cause those side bulbs to be point more towards the mid boat area, instead of out over the gunwale. they MAY allow you to see your dipsy tips and planer boards better at night though. Just a thought
  5. Ive tried the cheaper LEDs that you can find online. They are bright and work, but Ive found out multiple times that the mounts completely suck and crack when exposed to the sun. Ive scrapped them and bit the bullet on some of the RIGID INDUSTRIES Leds. They are expensive, but bomb proof. Look at the D-Series Floods. My deck looks like a space ship with them on. VERY BRIGHT. and they have any mounting solution you could possibly need. In stainless.
  6. for trolling erie i use 12lb Berkley Trilene 100% fluorocarbon mainline right to a swivel. My dipsy leaders are 14lb flouro.
  7. OMG

    hardly any blow back
  8. I had a chance to get to the Musky Convention today at the Double Tree. What a great venue. I got to meet the guys from Boss Shad, Wiley, and Zach Baker as well. All of them were really informative, and took the time to talk to me about and answer a bunch of questions. The guys from FatAzMusky walked me through the DownEast rod holders and matching track mounts, and I think they are going to work on my boat to get my rod tips in the water. I also hooked up with a Chautauqua musky charter...Todd Young from Muddy Creek Fishing. He actually lives within walking distance of my cottage up there. What a small world. I scheduled a day on the water with him the last week of June. Hopefully he can get me straightened out. Here are some of the baits that were recommended to me from Boss Shad and Wiley: Unfortunately I arrived too late, and most of the Baker lures were picked over. But Zach took ALOT of time to talk to me, and said he would work on getting me a few by the start of the season. He's getting smashed with orders and shows. Hopefully with the techniques you guys mentioned, and more "musky specific" gear, Ill be able to land more fish. Here is a picture of my boat: And here I am with a few hog walleye on Lake Erie. My comfort zone is definitely walleye, steelhead, and salmon on Erie and Ontario, but hopefully I can break into the musky game.
  9. would love to see the instructions and install. what type of steering system does your boat have.
  10. What type of steering do you have on your boat? That will greatly impact what types of auto pilots are going to work. If you have rack and pinion steering your options are extremely limited. if you have hydraulic steering the skys the limit. FWIW I have a Raymarine Sportpilot on my IO and it works good. 3 years now.
  11. OMG

    perfect walleye chop too
  12. Yes I am from Pittsburgh. And thanks for letting me know about the show. I happen to be off of work this Saturday, and will definitely go up to the show. Its at the Double Tree?
  13. Chartreuse, Chartreuse Crystallina, Purple, Purple Crystalla, Wonder Bread, Olive Chartreuse Glow, Tequila Glow, Lemonade, Purple Haze. These are just a few that I have good luck with
  14. I fish the eastern basin of erie for walleye ALOT. My go to lures are the Renoskys, Storm Thundersticks, and spoons. Started using Bayrats last year but they didn't perform as well as my others. They did catch fish though. I also started using a few Bomber lures and have been having good luck with them as well. But when its crunch time, I always go for a Renosky. Ive never heard of the lures you mentioned, but will look into them and give them a try this year.
  15. Rigid Industries Marine D2 floods will give you blinding light and last forever. I went through numerous cheaper types of LED lights before I stepped up and got the Rigid ones. They are bomb proof and bright as hell. I have them on my UTV as well.