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  1. My First Meat Rigs I fished on my buddys boat on sunday, and was exposed to meat rigs for the first time. The fishing was pretty hot so I didn't have a lot of time to pay close attention to the specific styles and brands of meat rigs that we were using. Can anybody recommend some rigs for me? Im looking for something that doesn't require a lot of tuning. Also, the rigs that we were using had 3 "rubber skirts" on the leader, approximately 18in apart, running from the meat rig towards the swivel. Im guessing those were "teasers"? Do certain meat rigs come with those teasers? And some don't?
  2. Fished out of Olcott on Sunday. The 27 line and further. Flees were F'ing terrible. 5min soaks at the max. Even the copper and wire was accumulating flees.
  3. That is kind of what I'm trying to do. Except Im thinking of mounting my reel and pulley both on the roof grab rail. Pulley towards the bow, reel towards the stern. Just how hard to these big boards pull? Im looking at the Aurora Lites or Amish Outfitters composite collapsable boards. Im guessing if my grab handle can withstand me hanging from it that it should be strong enough to pull the boards and 6 copper rods?
  4. Not sure. You could try taking the handle off and cleaning the clutch pads. Check the spring in there as well. Maybe your clutch pads are sticking?
  5. Running copper off the side I'm thinking of picking up two 300 copper setups. Would it be a stupid idea for me to run my coppers off the side rod holders on the inside. And my two dipsys on the outside on a 3.5 setting? Or should I just pick up 2 more wire dipsy rods? is it productive to run copper like this? i.e. Not off of a planer board?
  6. My go to spoon for lakers fishing between Barcelona and Dunkirk is the Moonshine Oscar spoon. By the end of the year they are so beat up I have to toss them and get new ones. My go to cowbell is the Green / Silver / Black cowbells with a purple / yellow spin-n-glow. And Im fishing them the same way you are. Down riggers along the bottom, and my dipsys a little above.
  7. You got it figured out pretty good man. I launch out of Barcelona and head east into 100-130fow. I troll slow with cowbells + Spin-n-glows and Moonshine glow spoons close to the bottom and hammer them. If you want to get crazy you can run some magnum dipsys as well and get those suckers down deep with a Pro Troll + spoon or Pro Troll and spin-n-glow. Seeing a big laker smack a wire dipsy down deep with get your heart racing.
  8. I have manual Cannons with telescoping booms. They get the job done. I don't mind cranking them. And i have had nothing but good experiences with Cannons customer service. I managed to strip out the handles on both of mine, and they sent me 4 replacement handles at no charge. I also managed to lose an end cap on one of my Cannon Dual Axis rod holders. they sent me that replacement at no charge as well. If you are going to go electric, then id bite the bullet and buy the stainless steel Cisco ones and rest easy knowing that your grandkids will pass them down to their grandkids.
  9. Ive heard that they are slow compared to even other electric Cannon down riggers. That the plane Jane electric cannons are faster at dropping and raising the ball. And Im just not sure that bottom tracking would actually help me catch more fish. Even when I troll lakers right on the bottom.
  10. Telescoping booms? Im interested
  11. what part of erie did you fish, and how big were the waves
  12. how on gods green earth does one of our cutting edge destroyers manage to run into another ship. hell in the gulf of Aden they can track skinny pirates in rubber rafts MILES away
  13. chamberlain makes an awesome stacker clip
  14. seems to me it would be just like using a planer mast and boards, except you can't get out as far. Ive wondered the exact same thing though. They use them for tuna and marlin, so why not salmon? The benefits to me would be less rope and reels etc. no boards to store. and it would totally look badass !
  15. Dreamweaver Super Slims probably. Hell you can catch kings on them too. Michigan Stinger Scorpion spoons are really small. I've gotten walleye on them, but never tried them for steelhead