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  1. The marine division of mansfield plumbing got sold out to Sea Land Technology back in the early 1980s I believe. Sealand did make marine heads model 751 and 752 for a short period of time but stopped making them in the early 90s. Im not sure if that helps at all. It may be time to get a new head unfortunately. or go without the deodorizer. The housing doesn't look too complex. Its possible you could fabricate one out of PVC pipe and the appropriate fittings. it may be something to look into.
  2. So I was able to back up my data onto an SD card. I tried everything mentioned in this thread. None of that was able to get the sonar to read from a "valid" source. My GPS still says Global My temp says Local and reads a temp, which I don't believe is accurate my sonar reads local but as "invalid" I tried a hard reset and even that hasn't fixed the problem. The sonar still reads --- for depth but artifact / noise does scroll across the screen. Im going to try another hard reset tomorrow and then put on a new transducer and see what happens. But if that doesn't work I'm going to smash this thing with a dig bar and switch to something that ****ing works. Probably Garmin.
  3. NBK plays like a champion. He catches everything. UV NBK is my new favorite spoon
  4. Raspberry dolphin steelie dan blue dolphin caramel dolphin purple frog monkey puke blue chilly whillie Run them up high or on fixed stackers. In about 3 weeks the big silver bullets and coho will be on fire out in 4-500fow
  5. Is this hazard still causing problems? Word is the fishing is hot 160-225fow. Right where this thing is
  6. For cable steering yes the Octopus helm drive is your best bet. I believe it requires 10-12in of clearance behind the dash. Your steering cable runs through a collar on it and the octopus motors pushes and pulls the cable for you. It looks similar to what you have. It should wire up to whatever course computer you have. Simrad made a similiar helm unit unit as well. Not sure if they still do.
  7. I think I’m going to switch to a mid band chirp transducer. 80-160khz at 600 watts. That’s 2x the power output of my current transducer. And a much better frequency range. Plus I can run it on traditional sonar at 80khz or 160khz if I don’t want chirp. Should be a big upgrade.
  8. That’s what I’m getting at. Chirp cone angles are 25-26* max with low and mid frequency ranges. 50ft down that’s only covering an 18ft diameter area. My trolling spread including the copper rods off the planers is well past 150ft wide behind the boat. Traditional sonar at 50 or 77hz can have a cone angle of 45 degrees. More than double that of a chirp transducer. As trollers I am starting to believe that covering more water with sonar is the better route unfortunately Airmar doesn’t make a dual channel transducer offering mid band chirp and 50/77khz on the other side. The only combo transducers pair the chirp side with either DI or SS sonar.
  9. How to I switch it to local? Everything listed as local says invalid under the sonar section
  10. So I had my buddy install a brand new transducer to the display. We are now getting an appropriate water temp. But everything is still showing up as invalid in the installation settings. We’ve tried powering down the unit and turning it back on. We have the proper transducer model selected. Wtf is going on with this display?
  11. I understand the difference between the two. My question for the group is what do you guys prefer / use when trolling the Great Lakes?
  12. I’ve been thinking about getting rid of my chirp transducer and going back to traditional sonar. The cone angles of even wide angle chirp transducers are roughly 1/2 the coverage area of a traditional transducer. I’m starting to feel that chirp isn’t necessary for trolling on the Great Lakes. The increased resolution and target separation is nice if you are looking for structure or jig fishing for crappy, perch, etc but the narrow cone angle isn’t helping much when covering large areas of water with a wide trolling spread. Im thinking of going back to a 50/200 or 77/200khz traditional transducer with a 45* cone angle. That will cover a much much larger area around the boat when trolling. What do do you guys prefer?
  13. I can’t say enough about the GLTs. I’ve had them for 7yrs now and they have taken a pounding by kings and lakers. Yet when I’m trolling on Erie for walleye they still have enough action to them to see when you pick up a 2lb walleye or sheephead. And at $25-30 bucks the price to performance ratio is hard to beat.
  14. They stand out pretty good just looking st them. They have a pearlish color to them.
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