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  1. Yes still available,75 for all 3 Cooperstown N.Y
  2. I have 3 daiwa 27h reels for sale in working order,two of them have 2-3 colors lead core. $75.00 plus shipping.
  3. oswego

    Anybody know if you can fish lock 7? Haven't fished it in years do to the bridge. Thanks
  4. Oswego Any tackle shops in oswego? If you order from Anglers Avenue a lot of the the tackle comes from the manufacturer and takes a lot longer to get so I don't have my stuff for am fishing Thanks
  5. cabin Anybody know of any cabins for rent for a few days in Oswego besides Top Gun . Thanks
  6. Up date,Fishing Oswego Saturday 5 min into it the sub troll head went to 888 on the temperature switch out with one I borrowed from a friend and work!! So there you go.
  7. Will you ship? and how much? Thanks
  8. A-Tom-mik

    Thank you,getting old and confused with all this stuff
  9. A-Tom-mik

    A-Tom-mik When u rig a fly do u put the tied end of the fly on first or do u leave the end so it shows? Thanks
  10. Nice job on the boat,I really miss it.That is a great boat who ever buys it.
  11. Ok thanks not interested
  12. 10-4 on the auto pilot that's my next investment be going solo.
  13. I Have 22' Penn Yan in Oswego I ask 3 friends to go today they so no.Hard to find anyone to go anymore.