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  1. Have you used this on lake Ontario? If so has it marked salmon down deep? Thanks
  2. Looking for a fish finder for lake O, so many to choose from. What do you recommend? Thanks
  3. Would anybody buy a TR1 even though its been discontinued? Just wondering. Thank you for your thoughts.
  4. would anybody buy a tr1 gold autopilot that has been discounted?
  5. I might have to pull the trigger and get one, I could not get anybody to steer the boat straight when I am setting lines. I have a 22 pen yan myself
  6. I figured I have to do something like that,sounds like you did a great job. Still debating on getting one even though they discontinued it,parts can be a problem, here a lot of guys had problems with the pump so I don't know what to do.
  7. Where can I get the steering bracket for 2015 Yamaha 4 stroke.? Thanks
  8. Doing the same thing, would I need two check valves one on the main and one on the kicker? Thanks for your help
  9. I have a question for you,thinking about putting a TR1 in my boat, do I nee the throttle actuator to make the unit work? I have a troll master for my throttle now. Thank you
  10. Found a bran new 2015 high trust $2100.00 sounds like a good deal.
  11. OK thanks Looking for a 9.9 Yamaha electric start 20'' shaft.
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