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  1. Good to know all this stuff
  2. No double keel. put in on TX-44 did not plane out always back behind the boat.Put it out on otter boats still the same thing.Should I try double keel? I think 450 cooper should overboard bout had enough.
  3. there is no bare wires.I don't know what u mean has a cause.The whole cable has been ck.
  4. POS sub troll New prob ,new cable from antenna,new antenna, new battery, check cable.Got speed but the temp will work for about 2 min than he reading reads 00.0 but it looks like 88.8. Any help? THANK YOU
  5. what kind of boards do you use?Tried otter boats did not work to good could not get it to plane out.
  6. OK thanks guys,I will try to have patience with all this and will see what happens.Thanks for all your posts.
  7. I tried off the otter boat but the board wont plane out
  8. Thanks I will keep that in mind the next time am out. Thanks
  9. Copper Need some help.Why does my 400 copper down the middle getting into my wire diver set at 2 1/2 ? Thanks
  10. OK thanks for all your help.I think sanding where the paint comes for is worth a try,if doesn't work my be some primer might. Thanks
  11. Did that come out of a Penn Yan? Looking for the pastille for that kind of chair, Do you know what kind they are? Thanks for your help
  12. Bottom Paint What do I need to do to keep the bottom paint on the boat,it keeps coming off in the same spots. Thanks for the help