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  1. Found a bran new 2015 high trust $2100.00 sounds like a good deal.
  2. OK thanks Looking for a 9.9 Yamaha electric start 20'' shaft.
  3. Looking for a 9.9 Yamaha electric start 20'' shaft. Thanks
  4. I will take the other one just for the handle. Let me know what the shipping is to 13326. Thank you
  5. If I cut the rivet off how does the power knob stay on?
  6. This is the reel I need a handle for Thank you
  7. Tuna dont have them, they sent me the wrong one
  8. Looking at getting a few flashers /fly's and I was just wounding if anybody runs them.
  9. Anybody using Salmon candy flashers or fly's?
  10. Can anybody tell me if Wrights landing is open? Thank you
  11. Anybody know of a good plastic window cleaner for my boat top windows,some say to use pledge with out lemon I cant find it anywhere. Thanks
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