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  1. Will you ship? and how much? Thanks
  2. Thank you,getting old and confused with all this stuff
  3. A-Tom-mik When u rig a fly do u put the tied end of the fly on first or do u leave the end so it shows? Thanks
  4. Nice job on the boat,I really miss it.That is a great boat who ever buys it.
  5. Ok thanks not interested
  6. 10-4 on the auto pilot that's my next investment be going solo.
  7. I Have 22' Penn Yan in Oswego I ask 3 friends to go today they so no.Hard to find anyone to go anymore.
  8. Oswego Anybody fishing Oswego? Was there last Tuesday lots of muddy water went 2 for 4 Thanks
  9. Need to change out and use the 3oz weight. And I use 50 feet 30# power pro
  10. I have the same boat how much for a rocket launcher?
  11. How much for the fish hawk and depth raider?U have pics of the new items?
  12. I like the rocket launcher where did u get it?