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  1. A ss glow golby spoon seems to never fail me from spring to fall off a rigger tracking tight to bottom or off an inside slide diver close to bottom in my brown trout program and it makes its appearance off a rigger tight to bottom for staging kings in fall also
  2. I've fished them into November in the same sections I usually fish , some spots they slide shallow during day and night to feed heavily before winter , in deeper channel spots I've notice lots of eater males 18-22" from September-ice up slide deeper into the 75-120' range jigging them on bottom , edges of the mid depth holes in the river
  3. typically heavy current areas I like going into the current at .7-1.1 mph sweet spot is .8-.9mph which is typically how fast I vertically jig drifting down with the current , more open areas like clayton and chippewa bay area as slow as I can usually like 1.8 -2.0mph trolling into the current also , depths are usually 35-75' but most of the time I'm in 50-65'
  4. they are there just acting all sorts of finicky it seems like this year, in some spots spread out or tight in groups in tiny areas in other spots ,taking longer to pick up a limit or 2 of eyes this summer even though still getting 2-7 bites at dusk in 2-3 hours multiple nights a week... jig up a couple till they shut off then extra slow troll small rapalas in front of them to get a reaction bite is what im doing , unless I got a spot located with a group of eyes then its jigging all the way
  5. didnt do much better than you guys , fished 6-10am, had a dismal landing ratio today 1-8 on kings, broke 1 off at the meat head of the meat rig , 2-2 on 8-11" browns
  6. the previous 4 trips have been decent for me out there, 2 kings 1 brown, 12 kings 2 browns, 2 king 5 browns, 4 kings whitefish walleye and 2 Lakers , fishing trench to the finger, half on spoons half on ff and meat
  7. this past weekend we did good on silvers on cayuga both day , 2 riggers leads from 40-80' 2-3"spoons natural colors, and 2 slide divers with orange backed spoons running fast 3.0-3.6 surface speed , only slowed down to 2.8-3.0 surface speed for a little bit to catch a few brown trout
  8. what would be the better lake to target brown trout in Cayuga or Seneca? I will be on Seneca fishing Sunday mainly for silvers but wouldn't mind to tangle into a brown trout or 2 , would the north end or south end have a better chance of producing ? I'm just looking for a finger lakes trophy brown not so much into the numbers game if that helps any
  9. we ended 3-4 today out there, 1 king, 1 brown, 1 laker down 80-90 over 90-100' , temp for us started 54 down 80 early then switched to 51 degrees down 90 around 8am from inside trench to halfway to the finger from the lighthouse
  10. Do you guys flat line these in the finger lakes with sinking fly line or lead core ? Also how do they work behind a small dodger or say a spindoctor?
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