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  1. find where 54 meets bottom and work in to 65 degree water meets bottom and back out is what works for us , riggers tight to bottom with stingers , ss , moonshine standard size with a cheated spoon above them , slide divers set at 65 degrees with same spoons but I seem to like stingray size better for better size , and copper or core down the chute with a mag spoon to pick up occational mature king or big kicker brown ... also whatever is ur hot ff rig or meat rig for kings put that on the copper or core will produce big browns but only on certain days it seems
  2. Henderson , Wescott Beach, sackets harbor launches to acess the trench mountain area or shipping lanes, stoney creek to acess trench and mountain and finger and main lake on nicer days, cape vincent and mud bay to acess shipping lanes near the border
  3. Around the inside mainland side of carelton Island in 20-30 ft holds good perch all summer long as does the 30-40 ' flat out in front of the main launch in cape vincent , and the weedlines to the left of the launch , there were a few guys on the shallow flats this past weekend sight fishing for bass in less than 10ft on the inside of carleton Island, also trolling the main channel or jiggin in 15-35 ' channel side and downstream end of carleton island at sunrise sunset and mainly after dark produces so good walleye fishing in the summer going into the fall trophy eye timeframe
  4. Early last week Monday thru wednesday was on fire 1 and 2 man limits no problem last couple hours at sunset from clayton to chippewa for me and buddies , then just like a switch bite went cold for me out deep jigging last Thursday and yesterday , did more searching checking spots than fishing last night
  5. Last night I saw anywhere from in the channel 60-62 , off of the channel 62-67 and in the bays like goose Bay I saw 71 at dark
  6. I run fish307 out of lake george area light action 9ft downrigger rods with 8lb mono for my brown trout setup on lake o and for finger lakes spoons only , cookie cutter browns 15-23" and lake trout and atlantics are fun to tangle with on those rods , 8lb rainbow last year gave us an interesting time on the rod though lol
  7. Control drift with the trolling motor , bucktails during day and before sunset 5/8oz down to 70ft or so if current isn't too bad, and bladebaits after dark, heavy current, or deeper than 65ft 3/4 oz mainly once and a while 5/8oz
  8. Went out Thursday night picked up 3 eyes in a half hour between me and a buddy then jig bite went cold, switched things up went out of krings point last night solo trolled for an hour nothing , then started jigging some deep spots at 830pm found a pod of eyes at 840 boxed out 3-4 in 3 drifts by 850pm and headed in
  9. I went out Tuesday night first time since the opener ended 4-7 on eyes 30,29,27,22 and missed 3 near the boat all jigging deep where I expected them to be but quick fire drill at sunset no early or after dark fish , mark quite a few eyes with a few being suspended
  10. North shore 6-8am , 3 man limit plus another half dozen eyes, couple smallies and 2 big pickeral mixed in , casting swimbaits to big rocky shoals and points with some weeds 2-8'
  11. Same for me yesterday , got out at 6am trolled from stoney creek to lighthouse didn't move a rod, made a run south to southwicks trolled south to a mile south of sandy creek mouth good color there but still not moving rods didn't see any of the other 5 boats move a net down there fishing inside of 20ft, moved out to 45-60' managed a couple lakers on slide divers and spoons down 40-45 or so , had a hard rip on diver down 30 and on a snap weight with # 11 flicker minnow , marks here and there mainly down 30-35' and on bottom, did Mark 2 small bait pods so thats a good sign...
  12. For the finger lakes when I make the trips down there in summer mostly I run 50lb power pro on my slide divers , 8lb sometimes drop down to 6lb for maxima ultra green on the ultralight spoon rigger rods,... if I'm running ff or cowbell stuff I jump up to 30lb bloodrun fleaflicker on riggers, 30lb bloodrun wire on divers.... jigging trout salmon just my walleye setup 10lb white nanofil and either 8lb segaur or 12lb berkly fluro or the dropshot rod with straight 8lb tatsu fluro
  13. A ss glow golby spoon seems to never fail me from spring to fall off a rigger tracking tight to bottom or off an inside slide diver close to bottom in my brown trout program and it makes its appearance off a rigger tight to bottom for staging kings in fall also
  14. I've fished them into November in the same sections I usually fish , some spots they slide shallow during day and night to feed heavily before winter , in deeper channel spots I've notice lots of eater males 18-22" from September-ice up slide deeper into the 75-120' range jigging them on bottom , edges of the mid depth holes in the river
  15. typically heavy current areas I like going into the current at .7-1.1 mph sweet spot is .8-.9mph which is typically how fast I vertically jig drifting down with the current , more open areas like clayton and chippewa bay area as slow as I can usually like 1.8 -2.0mph trolling into the current also , depths are usually 35-75' but most of the time I'm in 50-65'
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