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  1. I used 30lb mono as calculated by the reel fill calculator that is available on the web...
  2. I fished out of Brighton last year and did OK for the first year of trolling. I was always about 10miles out to get any salmon. I would pick up one or two a day with one day that was on fire with about 12 in 4 hours! I only used riggers and spin doctors, this year I have a few new rigs to try (wire dipsy, etc).
  3. I found a reel fill calculator on the net (.xls sheet) and it worked perfectly. On a convector 30D with Stren 30lbs. back (100yrds) with Mason 7 strand (333yrds) filled it just below the lip. Pretty slick way to do it. Thanks
  4. Does anyone know how a Okuma Convector 30D takes 1000' of 7 strand 30lb wire? Do you require backing to fill the spool to about 1/8" as recommended in the manual? Thanks
  5. Sorry to cut in but I have a simple question... Is the 7 strand stainless wire OK to use with the Telora rod with Fuji guilds (no rollers)? I didn't want to spend $250 on the roller rod but don't want to destroy the $90 Telora either. I gave up on the dipsy's last year because I only had 30lb mono, I'm looking forward to wire action! Thanks,
  6. Brighton's been good to me this year, I'm a rookie. It's slowed down quite a bit but we're getting big fish. Yesterday we got a big salmon with a lamprey attached to it, the fish had zero fight in it. We're getting lots of hits on green spindoctors and flies and anchovies.
  7. I haven't seen those but my Walkers use a Reese style 2 conductor plug that you can buy at an automotive store as they are used for trailer lights etc. Like the Reese 4 conductor flat connector with only 2 conductors.
  8. Anyone have any technical knowledge of the spool to spool shaft and how they are coupled together? Looks like some epoxy or rubber residue in there...
  9. I have a few Daiwa 47LC reels that I'm using for downrigging / Dipsy use. I've spun 2 of these reels on big fish this week. You can tighten/loosen the drag but the shaft that the spool runs on is de-coupled from the spool and the spool just spins free independent of the shaft. Is this common and what is the fix? I cannot see anything that ties the spool to the shaft, its not splined or threaded... Thanks,
  10. I'm not sure, I have a boat slip in Brighton and its about a 12nm run to the island.
  11. Fleas were nasty at Scotch Bonnet. Salmon action was non-stop.
  12. Busted reels, bent hooks, bloody toes... Here it is. Got tired of taking these off the hooks today off Brighton! Double hook ups almost every time!
  13. After a really windy weekend I got out tonight on the lake, great weather. Boated 2 Steelhead (1 tiny and 1 large) both on mini dipsy's and green variation NK28's. No downrigger action at all. I figure they were about 20'down in 100->50 FOW.
  14. Beyond Scotch Bonnet today (deep water 200++) we got 2-24"/28" rainbows on spoons. Green spoons with no flashers etc. We were way too deep and pulled the riggers up very shallow and got them right away.
  15. Thanks for the info, I saw tons of bait west of lighthouse also, as I say, new to the game and help is appreciated. I've got a dock so getting out is easy this year. I'll keep updating as I get out more. The Bonnet was void of fish when I was there too. Lets keep this Brighton thread going! Thanks!
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