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  1. Trenton-Brighton Ontario for more than 60 years of fishin' Fish the Pickerel/Pike/Bass lakes & rivers within 25-30 miles north of Lake Ontario from Trenton to Kingston Also venture out onto the Lake around Brighton for Salmon/Lake Trout in my 16.5 ft Lowe Bass Boat (50 Merc) Still head north once a year to fly-in or drive to remote spots. The Fishing is Great in Ontario!! These are still the days!! ...John
  2. No preference fiberglass vs aluminum Want to trailer it. Ideal boat would be something like this:
  3. Live on North Shore - fish for salmon/rainbows/steelhead around Wellington/Brighton area - Scotch Bonnet etc. Venture out on calm (very) days in my 16.5 Lowe/50hp Merc Like to move up to a better/bigger boat that will handle the Lake Ontario swells/waves in not-calm weather. Would like a cabin/covered helm area Like to keep the cost under $25,000 (CDN) so am looking at a good used model. Appreciate any suggestions as to make/model etc that I should look for.
  4. A bit of a rookie to Salmon/Trout Fishing on Lake Ontario. Been venturing out of Brighton Bay to Nicholson Island/Scotch Bonnet & back to Proctor Point on calm days in my 16.5 ft Lowe / 50 Merc. No luck so far but marking all sorts of bait fish. Using Dipsys & Downrigger. Any tips / suggestions as to lures / systems / depths would be welcome. Any Lake trout in this area? Is there a preferred channel for listening in on fishing conversations while on the water? Thanks to all who offer any advice! ...John
  5. What a great forum! Sold to a Bass Fisherman in Kansas! He Googled Navman 4430 & your classified was the first hit! ...John :D
  6. 3 year old Navman Fish 4430 - $100 obo Complete with Transducer, Cables & Manuals Came with new Lowe boat –works great! I’ve upgraded to a GPS unit. Description: Navman Fish 4430 features SBN Technology that improves Signal Enhancement, Bottom Recognition and Noise Rejection. Navman Fish 4430 features: •Multiple Displays - Fish History, Navigation, Zoom and Sonar. •Alarms - shallow, deep, fish & low battery. • •Waterproof to IP67 standard. •Output power - 150w rms. •Power Consumption 150mA max. •Memory backup - saves settings once unit is powered off. •92mm x 61mm FSTN 4 level grey scale Display - Resolution 160 x 120 pixels. •Usable Depth - 100m. •15° transom mount transducer Email or Call: John [email protected] or 613 475 0887 (Brighton Ontario)
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