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  1. Wondering if anyone chase trout with fly gear from their motor boats? Is there a time of year you can drift and cast steamers etc? Could you catch Lakers in the Winter in shallow from your boat, similar to how people catch them from shore? Just looking for ways to get away from trolling.
  2. I'm in the Canandaigua area, so I am thinking Webster is more or less where I want to target, Anyone know of a good kayak Launch or swimming beach in the Webster area?
  3. Thanks for the reply! Could they be along any stretch of shoreline, or do they like to congregate on points, mouths, etc?
  4. Hi All, I'm itching to get into some Brown trout. I'm looking for a brown trout "101" primer. Generally speaking, what time of year are they close to Shore? Can you catch them in 5-20 FOW? Are there certain features of a shoreline they like, or are they kind of spread wherever. My plan of attack would be trolling crank baits with lead core or flat line them...I have a paddle kayak so I want to stay fairly close to Shore but get out there and after em!
  5. Thanks Weave! Any particular deep diving crank baits you find that catch fish for you?
  6. Hi Whaler, I do....I just got it and am getting my bearings with it and trying learn how to interpret what I see. See photo - I'm pretty sure I'm seeing bait and I'll mark fish here and there.
  7. I appreciate the reply! I have a Jackson tripper 12, really stable but also paddles nicely. So far so good. I actually have a reel setup with leadcore. I used it once but found it cumbersome to let line out and try and paddle at same time. I gave up lol....I should not dismiss it tho, I am being lazy. You get Lakers and others to hit spoons at 50-55'? I think I have made poor assumptions on how deep you really need to troll.
  8. Hello Everyone! First time Poster, please bear with me. So...this was my first season kayak angling on the finger lakes. Many hours trolling but no success. Trying to target trout. I want to keep it simple and run crank baits unassisted with spinning reels. Can any one offer a good starting point as to what depths to have the lure at and what lure may get you there? I feel like I'm just shooting in the dark, and also don't think I'm getting the depths noted on the box of the lure.
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