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  1. Hey all, I had been creeping around on the forum for the better part of 6 months and had even made two posts asking for help catching lakers from a kayak. I recently got back from a trip to Cayuga lake and actually had some pretty good success for a first time laker fisher (on a kayak no less). I really want to thank all of you who replied to my posts (JJBat150, Muskie141, Reel Doc, Dlott, Jk1, ecto2, wildlaker607, follow the waves, and anyone else who gave me a reply). I'd like to especially thank GreenLaker75 and ChasinFin who reached out via PM and answered many of my questions. I was able to catch 3 lakers off of sheldrake in about 100ft and then another laker off Taughannock in about 80ft. Biggest was 25".
  2. Hey all, everyone on this sub has been very helpful to me while I try to plan my first Finger Lakes trip for Lakers. I have been checking the forum regularly and as my trip soon approaches (middle-end of July), I have grown increasingly worried about fleas. This was something I was completely in the dark about until a month or so ago when people started mentioning them. We are going to be jigging from kayaks on Cayuga, are they something I should be overly concerned about? Is there a line conditioner or something I can buy to keep them off my line if they are truly going to be a problem? I'd appreciate any and all input. We will also be fishing for bass in the evenings. Are they going to be a problem there as well? Thanks again! -Matt
  3. Thank you! I will have to keep an eye on it as the date gets closer!
  4. Thanks for the tip. I was actually looking at them this weekend b/c after a windy day on Lake Erie, I decided it was time to buy one lol.
  5. Wow, thanks for the great info! If you don't mind answering one more question, you say the thermocline will be set up. Do I want to fish above or below it? For bass fishing, You always want to stay above the thermocline, is it the same here?
  6. Bro, thank you so much! This is exactly what I was looking for! I’m never trying to steal spots but just wanted some guidance. I really appreciate the help friend!
  7. Honestly I'm not to worried about size. Along with this being an annual fishing trip, I also have a goal to catch a new species of fish every year and Laker would do it for me. Which lake would you say I have the best shot at numbers?
  8. Jigging. I also forgot to mention I’ll be there in July
  9. Hey all, I created a post on here back in February about a kayak fishing trip I am planning on the finger lakes. After receiving some help from you guys (shout out to Reel Doc, Muskie141, and JJBat150), I've narrowed down my possible spots to a few areas. After looking at a few areas on Navionics, specifically Sheldrake Point on Cayuga and Keuka State park on Keuka, I'm wondering what you guys tend to look for as far as depth changes. Do you generally do better around steep drop offs like the one straight out of Sheldrake (where it goes from 40 to 150 really quick) or in the more gradual drop offs like to the north of the point where the contours are much further apart. I have a fish finder attached to my kayak so I won't have a problem following the depth or looking for fish, I just figured I'd try to narrow my peddling down a bit if you guys know that they never hang out in one of the scenarios listed above. Any help is greatly appreciated as I have no experience fishing for lakers (the only trout I know are in mountain streams lol). Edit: I wanted to mention that I will be there in late July.
  10. Thank you so much for your help! We were thinking August originally but I want to miss out on the MLF guys coming in since we will be Laker fishing in the morning/afternoon then moving to bass in the evenings.
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