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graham hall

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  1. I have to have auto stop. Sorry
  2. Do riggers have auto stop. I'm also in Binghamton
  3. I have a sportcraft 232 walk around  do you have a topyou'd want to sell   May be interested in other parts including the auto pilot   What is the boat year. Is it a walk around ?

    1. Blind Squirrel

      Blind Squirrel

      It is a 1988 I don't know if top would fit its not a walk around The top was only used 3 years before it broke down if you know anybody looking for a 4.3 chevy or trailer let them know Thanks

    2. graham hall

      graham hall

      Mines a 90. Did you sell auto pilot. Where are you located I'd be interested if I could make top work. You can call me at 607-343-4681

  4. graham hall

    Older cannons

    Do you know if they have auto stop
  5. If tca6 doesn't work out I'll do 800 cash tomorrow & I'll pick them up
  6. I would come get both tomorrow for $750 you can call me at 6073434681 if you want
  7. I have a few extra rods & reels my camp is in Mexico if he wants to come see or call me at 607-343-4681
  8. Where are you located
  9. I need a pair of 13lb torpedos if you have them
  10. graham hall

    16' Smokercraft Aluminum Boat

    If you still have it give me a call. 607-343-4681 thanks graham
  11. graham hall

    Wanted Looking for rigger weights

    Great. I have a camp on little salmon river I will call you when I go up in 2 weeks I need a couple
  12. graham hall

    Wanted Looking for rigger weights

    What do you get for 12 lbers
  13. graham hall

    For Sale : USA Otter boards

    You can call me at 607-343-4681