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  1. Here's what's under the carpet area, very easy access. Same thin plate of metal underneath.
  2. All of you guys rock.Thank you for the advice - what a great community. I'm going to return the Tite-loks and go for something more sturdy as suggested. Likewise install a tracks on both sides with a plate underneath...hopefully. Just leaving the marina, but... I can get my hand under the gunnel. However, can't touch the gunnel from the bottom. There seems to be a an inch of a gap with a thin metal sheet right under. Should I drill through the gunnel and that sheet? Sent from my SM-N975W using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. Rookie question... Can't wait to start trolling for salmon, but need some help. How do I appropriately install the rod holders within the pic? Do I mount them directly on the gunwale? I have a princecraft 172. Looking to start with dispy divers and expand afterwards.
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