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  1. Thanks. I think I will change out the fittings on my tank first and see what happens.
  2. Can you give me a link to purchase the fuel tank? It has to fit a 1985 Yamaha 7 HP.
  3. I have a 6 gallon fuel tank that is leaking at the connection. My question is this. If I cut off the end of the hose that connects to the tank and just submerge the cut end into the fuel tank would that work? Would fuel reach the motor that way?
  4. Thanks Mitch, I will get my map out and start marking spots.
  5. Wanted to share the replica mount I had made of the musky. Enjoy.
  6. Hello Everyone, Hope all are staying safe and well. I have a question. I fish the St. Lawrence river in the Gananoque area more precisely the Bateau Channel. I am fairly accomplished at fishing for pike but I am completely incompetent when it comes to fishing for Smallmouth bass. I plan on fishing this area the week of July 7th to the 14th. If anyone knows some good spots for bass and wants to make some DOE RAY ME and take my wife and I and my 13 year old grandson out for a day I would be greatful. We can use my boat and equipment. I have an Alumacraft 175 Navigator with a 115 merc and yamaha 7hp kicker. Thanks.
  7. 55" 50 lbs. (estimate) caught and released from the SLR Thousand Islands. Caught on 10 lb test while trolling for walleye. This cow took a yellow bead crawler rig. My wife and 3 grandsons were with me at the time. An experience they will never forget.
  8. Grandkids 1st pike Some pics from the SLR in Gananoque. River was high and had to deal with a cold front but kids had a ball. They caught 19 total. Wife picked up a 3lb smallmouth.
  9. Try the back end of Guffin bay in the evening with crawler harness for eating size walleye
  10. MRBIG

    SLR Canadian side

    Thanks. Much appreciated.
  11. MRBIG

    SLR Canadian side

    We mostly troll for pike and walleye. Any debris in the water? Is it safe to boat?
  12. MRBIG

    SLR Canadian side

    SLR Canadian side Any reports for the SLR on the Canadian side? Fishing? Water levels? etc.. I fish the area from Gananoque to Grass creek park. Heading up Saturday Thanks.
  13. Just got back to Pa this AM. Brutally hot. Didn't fish much during the day. Didn't want the kids out in that soup too long. Fished Long point area. No pike or pickerel but did manage some nice LMB. Switched over to evening walleye to escape the heat on Guffin bay. Did well drifting crawler rigs in 10-12 FOW. Nothing big but kids had a ball. Spent most of the day time swimming at Keewayden State Park.
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