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  1. Phantom Hex

    Send it over here...I will let you know how it runs!
  2. Phantom Hex

    Yup. Hex has a partial hexagon lip while the xorsist is circular. Here are some videos showing the action of the baits: Xorsist: Hex:
  3. Phantom Hex

    @Ronix 51 has a few...Mike: Thoughts?
  4. What a great looking table...oh, I guess the table you were sitting at was not bad either Glad you all had a good time! --Joe
  5. Thanks, Steve. Any word if the bass tournament will be on the same day? I am trying to get a good idea of what to expect at the launch that morning. I have not been at Waneta yet this year, so I am not sure if they are still holding their weekly Saturday tourneys this year... --Joe
  6. Mark Troy Musky Tournament Has anyone heard if/when the Mark Troy tourney will be held this year? I just want to make sure I am off for that weekend. Thanks! --Joe
  7. SLR piggy

    Nice one!
  8. SLR piggy

    Congrats, Bob. An absolute beauty!!!
  9. Very nice fish. She looks very clean as well. Congrats!
  10. New prop is not fitting...

    Thanks very much, guys. I had no clue that there would have been different gear housing sizes...something I will definitely look for when I purchase my next prop. Well, it looks like this prop will be going up for sale in the Classifieds section so someone else can get the great deal that I originally got on it! Thanks again! --Joe
  11. Hey everyone, I am really hoping I am doing something wrong. I purchased a new (to me) stainless steel prop this winter and am just getting around to installing it. I am putting it on a Mercury 115 Optimax. After taking off the old prop, cleaning everything up and doing a test fit, I noticed that the end of the prop that is milled down to slide into the motor does not fit! It is actually the same diameter as the outside of the motor opening. A picture is attached. Do they actually sell different diameter ends for props and I purchased too large of one for my motor? To make maters worse, this issue is also causing the prop blades to come in contact with the trim tab. Any help (good or bad) is greatly appreciated! Thanks. --Joe