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  1. Thanks very much, guys. I had no clue that there would have been different gear housing sizes...something I will definitely look for when I purchase my next prop. Well, it looks like this prop will be going up for sale in the Classifieds section so someone else can get the great deal that I originally got on it! Thanks again! --Joe
  2. Hey everyone, I am really hoping I am doing something wrong. I purchased a new (to me) stainless steel prop this winter and am just getting around to installing it. I am putting it on a Mercury 115 Optimax. After taking off the old prop, cleaning everything up and doing a test fit, I noticed that the end of the prop that is milled down to slide into the motor does not fit! It is actually the same diameter as the outside of the motor opening. A picture is attached. Do they actually sell different diameter ends for props and I purchased too large of one for my motor? To make maters worse, this issue is also causing the prop blades to come in contact with the trim tab. Any help (good or bad) is greatly appreciated! Thanks. --Joe
  3. Hi Baitballin, It does have Universal Sonar (US2), if that is what you are referring to. You will need an adapter that plugs into the trolling motor's US2 cable and your electronics. --Joe
  4. Hey Jay. It was purchased new in late fall 2011. --Joe
  5. Thanks for the offer, Salmoncrazy1, but I have to decline. I have already had an offer of 800 which I have also declined since I feel that the asking price of this trolling motor is fair (new is $1750+tax) and that this is such a new posting (this morning). I wish you the best of luck in your search. --Joe
  6. Sorry, Salmoncrazy1. That is too low. I have already had offers higher. --Joe
  7. Minn Kota Terrova iPilot, 24v (80-lb thrust), 60" Hey Everyone, I am selling my 24v Minn Kota Terrova iPilot trolling motor with 60" shaft. This trolling motor is in great condition and has been a dream on my is just time to upgrade to get more communication between my trolling motor and my fish finder (I am a technology nut). Features: iPilot technology GPS Anchor (Spot Lock) record tracks for future auto-piloting cruise control Autopilot - Keeps the boat heading in a certain direction Advanced Autopilot - Keeps the boat heading in a certain direction on the exact path/track that the boat was heading when the Advanced Autopilot was activated (wind will not blow you off of your path) Remote Control Foot Pedal Owner's Manuals with Remote Quick Reference Price: $1000.00 + shipping. (I am in the Buffalo area and am willing to meet up in Buffalo or near Rochester to save on shipping -- I visit Rochester often, so I can bring it along when I head east next time) Thanks and please let me know if you have any questions. --Joe
  8. Hi jakl11. I have sent you a PM regarding this prop. Thanks, --Joe
  9. Just reminiscing: I remember one year having the tourney go over the 125 cap. Larry decided (based on LOU opinion, I believe) to allow anyone over that cap to still enter, but make 100% of their entry fees go to the baitfish fund...I do not think I was ever more excited to fish a tourney knowing that there were that many to compete with and that something big was going to get caught! I was also one of the many that would always pay as soon I as I possibly could...the early entry giveaways he had each year were always amazing!
  10. Zach, I think we have the same mentality. When someone beats me, I want to learn how they did it and how can I improve my game to be able to compete in the future (I dragged Chad to the PMTT awards ceremony each year just so I could listen to the cashing teams explain what they used, how they did it, and their philosophies on the amazing learning experience!) I also believe that a good majority of the guys that were in the tournaments the last few years have a similar take on the matter. My biggest concern though is that I really hope that our tournaments drastically increase (in participation) in the I am thinking more for other guys not currently participating or just getting into the sport and how we can peak their interest in trying the tournaments without scaring them off and also retaining them for years to come. Hopefully a few more eyes will see this thread this weekend and chime in with their is great to hear everyone's opinions. I really liked the idea when it was first explained to me and hopefully it has been fully explained here for others to read. Also, I am hoping we get the views from guides/captains, people that have fished our tournaments every year, people that had fished our tournaments in the past but no longer fish them, newcomers to musky fishing, etc...the full gambit of opinions! Thanks, --Joe
  11. Right, Trevor. If your team caught more than three fish, you would be allowed to use your three largest... --Joe
  12. I personally really like the idea of a fish cap (like 3 fish in your example). I would say this evens the field (not in the sense of casters vs trollers), but completely for the beginner vs. the seasoned pro. Like Frank's boat showed us last year on Chautauqua, it is possible to put up some amazing numbers of fish on the tournament day...but these numbers are something a beginner will not be able to compete against. After a couple of tournaments with a similar result, these beginners will stop attending since they will lose hope of winning or cashing (which I do not want to see anyone do!) Like a bass tournament, if you are lucky enough to catch more than three fish, you will be able to virtually "cull". This opens a neat strategy in the tournament -- do you keep pounding your water that you have had (numbers) success in, or do you go searching for a pig kicker? Also, limiting the amount of fish opens new strategies of going for smaller fish or going for a couple beasts. My favorite part of a tournament happens well before the tournament is all in the preparation! Larry's tournaments used to bring in amazing numbers of contestants. I highly hope we can get back to those numbers someday, but I feel discouraging some participants will not be the way to get there. --Joe
  13. Here is the letter that was sent to this bass group... (picture of the letter came from their FB page) --Joe