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  1. 2 more including first night mode trolling muskie. 38, 38.5, and 36 since I started this thread, so thanks to those who've contributed so far. And before someone points it out, yes, I'm trolling with a casting set up at the moment haha. I bought a TDR and it came with a chipped eye that cut 80lb master braid twice in a row while dropping my bait back... that's with no tension..the first time I thought wow I must've missed a bad knick in my line. thank god it was a bright floating bait. 15239.mp4
  2. You'd think so. I guess it took him running it up on the ice and getting stuck before they figured out what he was doing
  3. Watched jet skier smuggling people across the border in December! Took video of the act and his truck as he loaded back up and was going to talk to BP as they usually sit at my boat launch, but they got him eventually.
  4. I was up near Vincent around opener, but the water was real high and cold it was difficult to find active fish. They were either in shallow weeds, which were almost nonexistent, or up high over deeper water. There are 2 types of fish in that area, migratory and resident muskies. The open water lake fish move in and out with fall to spring migration following bait fish and accessing spawning habitat. But there definitely are big fish that live there year round. Are you only trolling? In a river setting jigging can be productive even in the day time with higher pressure and boat traffic. Target weed edges with flow around them, current breaks/eddies, the edge of flats that have access to deep water, and open water in the middle of large bays. The fish relate to food and usually if any other species perch, bass, drum, walleye, suckers is abundant in an area, there are probably muskies hanging around. Driving around and watching electronic's is key there. Sometimes you can find tons of bait 20 down out over 120 feet of water with big hooks around it in SLR
  5. Not a big one, but got the net wet right before lightning and rain forced me off the water. A fish easy 6 inches longer followed this one to the boat. If I wasnt solo probably could've scooped them both in the net! Her head went in but when I had to lean back and lift the hoop it was just too heavy and she rolled out
  6. Thanks that's what I was going for when I said forward bend lol
  7. I thought I read something about putting the hook points closer together required more force psi to bury the barbs, and in combination with lighter drags used to troll, could result in dropped fish. Or does the light drag more apply to short lining? Either way I'm obviously doing what the real life experience says haha. Zach, do you use the flat T or forward bend T?
  8. Thanks Herbs for the fat AZ tip, I didn't know they had mounts like that. What size tekotas are you guy's using? And is anyone strictly for or against T-in hooks? I read mixed opinion's on hook up percentage vs. letting hooks chew up expensive baits
  9. Hey folks, new to the forum, not sure how this community slipped under my nose for so long. Im looking for some pointer's on trolling. Ive been a diehard caster but I realize the importance and potential of being able to troll effectively. Added a kicker motor to my rig and kind of waiting to have a better understanding before I further invest. I know a glass rod is almost a must, but what lengths do you guys use for what? I'm looking at the same rod in a 7'6 and 9'. Is either a better all around size? For now I'll be holding my rod and probably add a couple Down East holders by fall. Also will be doing most of my trolling at night and in the up/cross stream fashion if that makes a difference. So many other questions but I'll try to contain myself, thanks in advance
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