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  1. Low clear water 4lb flouro, 6lb for anything else. Otherwise 75%+ of fish will pass on your offering in my experience. Keep your float on the mainline to avoid losing it from hangups. Use blackbird or similar micro swivel below AND above your float to get least line twist possible
  2. Well that is reassuring thanks. I bought it. Now let's see if I can figure out how to use it haha
  3. What are the differences with gen 3? Is it worth $1000 extra? I can pick up the g2 9 mega si for less than 900. I'm just trying to keep up with the locals that have tons of money to blow. I've watched guys drive by me, stop and then turn back and pick up the fish they obviously marked with SI. Kind of frustrating when your on trip 3 without even seeing a fish
  4. Im not sure what I mean either. I read somewhere if you send in the one that comes with it unused, and pay like 80 bucks, hummingbird will send the hd transducer for the mega imaging. Otherwise it costs almost 300 for that one. But maybe that was the high speed they were talking about?
  5. Does anyone have or know someone with a Helix gen2 with mega side imaging? And have anything good or bad to say about it? I am looking at picking one up for a reel good price but, it's still a huge investment for me (half the price of my entire rig). Is it a total life changer or a waste of money like my last fish finder purchase? Any input is appreciated
  6. I've heard that the windmills take more resources and money to make than they will ever save in their lifespan. Not sure how true that is
  7. Muskiedreams, I've had my fair share of flying baits hit me. I usually fish alone with a 9' rod... makes netting interesting. When one pops out it tends to windmill and tries to get you in the back of the neck haha I'm using a Shimano TDR with 80lb masterbraid and I've been running what I think is a lighter drag. I know from jigging it's easy to rip hooks out of a fishes mouth with too much pressure. I like the keeping the rod up idea to use more of the rod. I'm probably wrong in thinking so, but loading the rod up real good just looks scary to me because I'm used to graphite rods.
  8. In that dirty water shortline scenario, do louder baits jointed or with rattles produce better results? Its amazing that they are able to find a lure in that situation with so much other noise and water displacement just a couple feet away
  9. Ran out for a couple hours before dark after work. Big wind had the water nice green with maybe 5 feet vis compared to normal 30+. Got onto my spot and deploy ol' trusty black perch ernie with about 12 feet of line out, put rod in the holder because I needed 2 hands to drive with all the wind. Barely get to my seat and clicker starts going and rod looks like I have a snag. At the same time I was grabbing the rod decent fish came to the surface 30 feet behind the boat mouth open like a parachute, and my ernie comes flying like a bat out of hell straight at me. She gave a nice tail slap and swam away laughing at me. Drove around in frustration the rest of the night with no other bites. Maybe drag was too loose or too tight? What angle should rods be in the holder? I've been doing 45 on hard pulling stuff and 90 on the lighter
  10. I'm not set up to run boards. Or maybe I can and just don't know how? Something I should probably look into. Kind of snubbed my nose at them originally because I don't know anything about them, and because I'm just running a single rod that I'm holding onto. I have a down east but I lost 2 fish that hit in the holder, took it out landed 5 since that hit while I was holding..
  11. So what would you do if you were targeting fish hugging bottom, just outside of the weed edge in very clear 7 to 14 fow. Having to be super accurate with bait placement (within a couple feet of fish). Just cast at them? Lol that's what I want to do, but Im trying to gain as much trolling experience possible before the fall feed is on
  12. Nice. That's exactly what I'm trying to do. Very buoyant but hard diving bait running at just the right speed where there's a fight between floating and diving making it act all erratic. Or at least that's how it's working in my head..
  13. FWIW I use a support on my windshield to strap my phone to with a piece of velcro. I take a video and when I bring the fish up pause for just a second in a couple different angles. Then when I get home I pause and screenshot the video to get the pics I want. This gives me both hands and several photo's with fish time out of water under 10 seconds, if removed at all. Even those little guys can/will shake violently and really screw up their gill plate or your hands if you don't have a good hold. Trust me nothing is worse than catching an exciting fish and then having to go home because you need stitches or fishing the rest of the day with a ball of tape on your finger haha
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