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  1. Looking to sell boat. Trailer transferable. I never got title for '91 Lund boat. Just a bill of sale. How bad do I actually need title?
  2. Talked to DEC yesterday at Linear. He seems to think I was ok with treble
  3. I was at the bridge. La Salle landing park
  4. I'm fishing at Empire blvd little park. Irondequoit Bay side. Treble hooks on spinner are fine? It's Irondequoit creek outlet but bay side. Fisherman tried to tell me different. I'm following Lake Ontario regulations which Iron. Bay should follow. Perplexed in Pasadena
  5. Fishing in tributaries such as Irond. creek how important to use a leader(smaller line) on a monofilament such as a 12lb test.(spinning reel)
  6. Does this include Brown trout stocked in Irondequoit creek in the spring? I've seen guys taking bags full the first few days.
  7. Finally got out last Thursday at a normal speed on bay but was skunked. Saw a few caught. Anybody getting any bass? What are you using?
  8. Nice! I'm going too Honeoye tomorrow
  9. Ummm.... flooding and 5mph 1000 ft from shore
  10. How's the fishing and boating so far in Honeoye and Conesus? Looks like Irondequoit Bay is done for a few months
  11. Nice, and I'm twiddling my thumbs in irondequoit (dead) bay
  12. Went today and Tuesday in Irondequoit bay and got One bass. Fished the usual structure and old friendly spots. Are they going deep already? I thought they were late to the spawning beds this year. I did pretty well the last 3 weeks prior. Using wacky worm style, changing from purple to pearl jam color.
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