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  1. Ummm.... flooding and 5mph 1000 ft from shore
  2. How's the fishing and boating so far in Honeoye and Conesus? Looks like Irondequoit Bay is done for a few months
  3. Nice, and I'm twiddling my thumbs in irondequoit (dead) bay
  4. Went today and Tuesday in Irondequoit bay and got One bass. Fished the usual structure and old friendly spots. Are they going deep already? I thought they were late to the spawning beds this year. I did pretty well the last 3 weeks prior. Using wacky worm style, changing from purple to pearl jam color.
  5. earltwitty


    hmmmm what you using ? Jigs?
  6. Taking the boat out of the Irondequoit bay last week a few guys with waders were loading up the car. Didn't get a chance to talk to them. Any news of wading in near the pier to fish for salmon?
  7. earltwitty


    You catch any? You use live Bait?
  8. earltwitty


    Bay sucks for bass in August -Sept
  9. I now know it is a catch and release area after reading the regulations a few times !!
  10. No it didn't. Irondequoit Bay is a Ontario tributary.It has catch and release bass season with artificial lures. You can photograph fish in catch and release seasons.
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