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  1. Oak Pen Rearing

    We will be receiving our Salmon for the Pens on Thursday April 5th at about 12:00 PM hope you can make it to give us a hand. See you all there. Thx
  2. NIck, just to be clear so there is no confusion the KOTO events weigh-in does not end at 3PM you must be in line by 3 basically that is the time it starts.
  3. Need team mates for Orleans Open Any one looking to join a team and fish the Orleans County Open June 9,10 and 11 call Matt at 585-297-4895
  4. Oak Pen Rearing

    Oak Pen Rearing A heads up fishing brothers Oak Orchard will be receiving our salmon on Wednesday April 26th looking for people to help I will post the time when available but is typically between 12-1 PM
  5. Oak Pen Rearing

    Oak Pen I have been receiving a number of calls as to the plans for Pen Rearing at Oak Orchard this year. I am not the leader of this endeavor any more but am involved with the project. Bob Steven's and a group of dedicated individuals have taken the lead. That being said I have been asked to pass on the information as to up coming activities. On Saturday April 1st, 9:00AM at Lake Breeze Marina located at 990 Point Breeze Rd (RT 98) Point Breeze NY we will be putting the nets on the pens and will need help doing this, the more people we have the faster it will be done. What will you need to bring? Like fishing, dress for the conditions and bring as set of wire cutters. See you there CBS.
  6. I have both, have been running the bayrats along side my 20 year old billy's and see no difference in hookup rate. But would be interested in originals at a reasonable price.
  7. almost $16 a piece I guess I keep using the bayrat version called BT candy at half the price
  8. Raymarine C90's 2 Ray Marine C90 Wide Multi-functional Displays both have internal GPS for Sale 1 @ $300 with Navionics charts both US and Canada 1 @ $400 with DSM30 600 Watt sonar sounder module (traducer not included) takes Airmar P66 Transom Mount - Sonar Transducer from in the raymarine pin connector configuration $142 or B744V - Sonar Transducer through-hull $397 includes all cables and manuals. Most up to date software. Selling because I updated to newer units.
  9. what is the new price for the billies
  10. At the Oak 1/14/17

    Insert other media
  11. Guys when brining up the entry from it will come up as a PDF, when you select print a dialog screen will appear. Under paper sizing and handeling please selct Custom and type in 200% that will print a nice size form which will be easy for you to fill in and easier for me to read. Thanks Bob Songin
  12. Mark your calendars! The Oak Orchard Open will be June 13th & 14th 2015. If you had fun this year encourage some buddies to try it next year!!
  13. Last Reminder you can enter the Oak Friday event at 4C's and Lake Breeze Marina along with Capt. Cove and Narby's until 7AM Friday Morning. The Weigh in is at the Black North Inn and you must be in line with your 3 biggest fish only in the cooler no later than 3PM.
  14. All check entries for the Oak Orchard Open need to be, to me, by Monday the May 26th. I will be fishing the Niagara pro/am this weekend and will have entry forms with me Checks need to be made out to the Oak Orchard Open. All entries need to be handed to me; except in Oak Orchard where you can get entry forms at 4C’s marina and the entries must be given to Dave Siegfried (Tracker Charters). Next week I will also be fishing the second leg of the Niagara pro/am we will be taking cash only entries for the event at that time. We will not be accepting any entries after June 2. If anyone needs to contact me on this matter my number is 585-733-5829 Bob Songin Entry forms and information can be found at;
  15. For those on the tournament trail, Friday June 6th will be the date of the annual Condor Memorial event before the Oak Orchard Open. This is a 100% payback event and cost $100 cash to enter. Pay out will be 25% of the field; you weigh your top 3 fish of any species. (That means bring only 3 to the weigh in if you bring 4 you will be DQ’ed) You must be in line at the weigh in point at the Black North Inn in Oak Orchard by 3 PM. All late arrivals will be DQ’ed the BNI is located at 14352 Ontario St, Kent, NY 14477. Entries may be obtained and accepted at the following locations, Captains Cove, Lake Breeze Marina, 4C’s Marina and Narby’s Store by 7:00 AM on Friday morning the 5th. Prizes will be given out prior to the captains meeting for the Oak Orchard open Friday evening. You may fish this event leaving any harbor but you must finish and weigh in at the Oak. This is the first event of the "King of the Oak Series". Any Questions please direct them to Bob Songin at [email protected] or text him at 585-733-5829