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  1. I feel as though you would gain many more boats if it was a non observer event. Most guys that fish out of smaller boats just dont have the room for an extra person. I dont feel as though making the cost lower would bring more people into fishing in an event. What I do think would help is allowing guys to register for something up until the day before. You would attract more guys with 18 - 24 foot boats that have to watch the lake conditions more cautiously. I know myself would be willing to put up more money than it is now if I knew I would atleast be able to get out and fish and not be stuck in 3 to 4 foot waves. I think splitting it into two different divisions wouldnt change much either. Like myself I would rather fish where there was more competition and have everyone under the same format.
  2. If the day of the tournament is kicked back to Sunday due to weather will there be an extension for a day to sign up?
  3. I have all spypoint trail cameras. I have one that is 7 years old and works good as new still.
  4. I recently bought one and like it a lot. The only disadvantage is the battery life. It would be well worth buying a 12volt attachment for it so it lasts a while. Having mine send every detection I usually get a couple weeks out of it. Doesn't bug me because I know I will be out there this time of year.
  5. I will take the two downrigger cables and terminator. Private message me payment info please.
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