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  1. If the day of the tournament is kicked back to Sunday due to weather will there be an extension for a day to sign up?
  2. SB2111356

    New fish hawk probe

    You have a pm.
  3. SB2111356

    Wifi or cell service Trail camera?

    I have all spypoint trail cameras. I have one that is 7 years old and works good as new still.
  4. SB2111356

    Wifi or cell service Trail camera?

    I recently bought one and like it a lot. The only disadvantage is the battery life. It would be well worth buying a 12volt attachment for it so it lasts a while. Having mine send every detection I usually get a couple weeks out of it. Doesn't bug me because I know I will be out there this time of year.
  5. I will take the two downrigger cables and terminator. Private message me payment info please.
  6. Would you be willing to ship these?