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  1. These are new, Guide rods, still in wrapper, they were double ordered. 1 - Rage RC711 HMF list 170.00 sell for 90.00 1 - Mojo Bass MBC 70HF list 110.00 sell for 60.00 716-595-3646
  2. Hey guys, These are quality boards and work great. I have used them myself on Chautauqua. Super for working close to weed edges with Muskellunch or Wiley jointed. Studies have shown that previously caught Muskies, will move away from motor noise. Chuck Battaglia Musky Itch Guide Service
  3. I have been able to secure $100.00 in donations for the baitfish fund, $50.00 from the Bear Lake Association and $50.00 from the Cassadaga Lakes Association. I am still waiting to hear from the Chautauqua Lake Association and will meet with Doug Conroe, their President on August 8 th. hopefully they will step up, after all they benifit the most from the stockings. I have enclosed a pic of one of my crew holding some little beasties as we fan stock them into mid lake lake weedbed nurseries instead of just dumping them from shore. Please note that the excellent 9 - 10 inch size and health of them were aided due to Capt. Larry's work in securing Fathead Minnows for the Hatchery fall feedings. You should all be aware of the vast amount of work that he does to organize, promote and run the Tournament, as well as work with hatchery Manager Larry King to coordinate the purchase and shipment of the additional feed for the Muskies. We will need to send a thank you letter on M.I. Chapter Letterhead to acknowledge these Associations for their help. Chuck Battaglia
  4. Happy, Happy to Zach.... and good to meet papa Zach... enjoyable day with an old friend and a new friend... couple fish in the boat, couple blow ups, couple follows and a couple nice bass makes a good morning. Smiles hold the new memories.
  5. Hey Guys, Just to let those fishing in our Chautauqua Lake Tournament on June 29 th. know. There is a major bass Tournament out of Long Point State Park Marina on the 29 th. & 30 th. They will be pre fishing Friday with about 90 boats and 200 + people, so you will probably want to find alternate launches. Bemus, Prendergast, Mayville and those fishing South Basin, the Celeron launch is also open.
  6. Did you enter .com or .org? I was able to log on using .org but .com is not valid anymore.
  7. Guys, I told Chautauqua Guide Mike Sperry I would forward excerpts from our conversation to the NYMI Chapter. Chuck Battaglia, Musky Itch Too Guide Service
  8. Chad, I had my print guy try and enlarge the Official Logo Black/White Version to make up some decals for boats and Marina window across street where I have membership Applications, but he said they would not come out due to MB size or some such mumbo jumbo. Do you have a version that would work, also is there a color version? Chuck Battaglia Musky Itch Too Guide Service
  9. Great to see NYS MI Chapter 69 moving along so well. If I can help with anything down here in Chautauqua County please let me know. Chad's web site should be a great addition to expanding membership and providing us with a working forum to display information about us, to those we need to reach. I have just finished a Grant Application for a local organization and know first hand that info goes a long way in securing cooperation from those in position to help. Wish it were not a 4 1/2 hour round trip/$50 gas bill, so I could attend meetings. Chuck Battaglia Musky Itch Too Guide Service
  10. I understand that my name came up at the last New York Chapter meeting regarding contact I had with the National Chapter for the Cassadaga Lakes Association. let me clarify that conversation, WE NEVER ASKED FOR ANY DONATION from them, on the contrary, the CLA has been running its Youth Derby for over 20 years now, and we turn down sponsors and donations every year because of excessive funds. When I noticed the MI Logo with the Youth, etc. on it, I thought they would like to have some of their "Youth and Catch & Release Pamphlets" displayed on our information table as we have over 100 participants and double that number of parents and volunteers, along with 2 newspapers and a Jamestown radio station present. I was certainly surprised when The National Chapter declined saying they did not have any available at that time. You may contact the youth Director for conformation. Chuck Battaglia Lakes Manager, Cassadaga Lakes Association
  11. Please excuse the ranting of an old man who has been Musky fishing for almost 60 years, but I followed with sadness, the postings on another web site where posters, day after day ripped each other, and other Tournaments and I am sure you get the picture. For the last hour or so I have been listening to the comments of 5 of my friends who phoned after they read about the Chautauqua Bait fish Fund Tournament possibly adopting a 30" size, points event. I will make this brief, we hunt Musky: big, Toothy, mean, nasty and temperamental Musky because they are hard to figure out and even harder to catch. If we needed to catch dinks, or numbers of fish, we would jerk Perch or Crappie. Now since it takes 15 to 20 years to grow big Muskies and they are fragile fish throughout their developing years when being handled, the thought of targeting young fish especially during summer temp stress, for the sake of a few bucks or an ego trophy or whatever, especially by an organization promoting FISHERIES, seems somewhat contradictory don't you think ? We fished Larry's Tournament every year because it helped the Prendergast Musky hatchery and the development of the fish, and if you "MADE THE LIST" with your 42" plus fish, you knew you did something special, if not well, there was always next Tournament . But to turn it into an event that puts these same fish we just feed in peril makes absolutely no sense to us, and we would no longer with good conscience continue to support the event. All that being said, I would hope that our new, New York Chapter of Muskies Inc. will be a leader and not a follower, and abide by the "intent" of NYSDEC size limits set on each lake. After all, is not that part of the purpose of MI ? Sorry I cannot make the meeting, but I will be cutting weeds in Dunkirk Harbor till 6 pm. Gotta beat the storm.......... Chuck Battaglia lakes Manager, Cassadaga Lakes Association Musky Itch Too Guide Service
  12. Our Conservation Director has certainly been busy, and I did enjoy our hour long phone chat. The Webster Lake link hits it right on the head. There HAS NEVER been a chemical weed treatment that did not have some hidden/long term negative result. Over my lifetime of 71 years I have seen them try many "no problem/no side effect" chemical treatments, that have devastated the fishery and/or environment. Folks, a selective, mechanical weed control program is the only sane method. End of story, and now the Chautauqua Lake Association is funding a study to allow chemical treatment of one of the jewels of NYS. The Condo owners and lake front developers only want a Bathtub for a lake, they have zero concern for the ecosystem. John Jablonski, Director of the Chautauqua Water Conservancy has been fighting this for years and he is on our side. I had John on my boat last year Musky fishing and we witnessed an undeveloped Wetland shore line on Chautauqua where the harvesters had wiped out a giant weed bed. This bed was a noted Musky spawn area and there was no reason to cut it. This kind of indiscriminate action is what we are up against on Chautauqua Lake. Here on Cassadaga Lake, over the last 6 years I have been able to show the Board of Directors that the selective weed management program has redeveloped a dead fishery into a NYSDEC Preferred Lake Status waterway.Also, for the past 5 years, all Musky eggs used at the Prendergast Hatchery came from Cassadaga Lake Muskies only, as the region 9 Biologists recognized the health/hardiness of the little beasties. We have left "nursery area weed beds untouched" for the bait fish and babies to hide and grow and have seen an explosion of Perch, Sunfish, Crappies and some very fat Bass and Musky. As an organization and as individuals, we must fight the uninformed and the "for a buck only developers" for if they win, your children will miss out on what we had. Also, on another note, with water temps in the 80's*, please use water releases on your catches, save the pictures till temps drop. Thanks................. Chuck Battaglia Lakes Manager, Cassadaga Lakes Association Musky Itch Too Guide Service
  13. Zach, Chad, Joe, great start on this Muskies Inc. New York Chapter meeting. If you can post a member application that can be downloaded, it might save time filling them out at next meeting, also show the membership fee's and maybe post a next meeting agenda. Looking forward to the No. 69 MI Chapter," how cool is that number to have ". HERE WE GO..... Chuck Battaglia Lakes Manager, Cassadaga Lakes Association Musky Itch Too Guide Service
  14. Name: Chuck Battaglia Location: Chautauqua County Home Port: Chautauqua Lake Boat Name/Type: Musky Itch Too/18' Fisher Avenger I fish for: Everything, but Guide for Musky ================== Was impressed by the start up group for the Muskies Inc. meeting. I think we have the beginning of something good here. Zach, thanks for giving us a kick start on this, it take's a "doer" to make thing's happen. Look forward to contributing on any level you need me, nice finally meeting you Chad after hearing all the bad thing's Mike say's about you. Ha, Ha. Now the real work can begin. HERE WE GO.........
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