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  1. So......no backer 300 feet of backer 600 feet of backer Not much help
  2. Little help guys. Spooling up #30 blood run diver wire how much bacling will I need. I have a 1000 ft spool. Will it all fit? Will I need backer? How much? Thanks! Hard to type with fingers coated with super glue from the twili tip install. Ha ha
  3. Got a second boat was looking for a base for it. Mine is the older style 1.5" diameter. What ya got? How much? Thanks
  4. Yes still drawn down. You'd think it be easier to catch them? Target date is 2019
  5. East branch is even closer to me. My last muskie there was 2005. Since the water let down for the dam repair I can't catch them? Not sure what happened there
  6. Cody, for the record I wasnt trying to keep you away with the post and poor catch rates. It's tough, guys who really fish it hard are getting 1 or 2 fish, if any. A SEASON......... The good news. All the bashing the reservations get. They got a good thing going on. They have their own hatchery and are really helping the walleye fishing out there. They are my next plan of attack. See if they will bite into a muskie program. When I discussed it with them they said they were new and just getting their feet on the ground with the walleye. If they would stock muskie maybe one would swim to PA they could claim victory on. Cody......I sure wish we had something great for you. ...and us!
  7. If they ever do get their crap together they will probably focus on some little crappy lake with a HP restrictions, or the river which would require a jetboat in most places instead of a big lake that anyone could bring their normal fishing boat they use at their home waters. I figure I'll be dead and gone by time trophy waters ever happen in PA . Zach you mentioned it was nice to see me on the website. I've always been, I just read and not post cause........ It just gets my blood boiling when I start thinking about this kind of BS.... I'm done bashing PA, they dont get it and after all the time 3 rivers have invested in them, they still don't get it. Lol...... Come on NY season!!!!!
  8. All the oil lease, logging roads, gas roads, and national forest roads this place could be a mecca for snowmobiling and 4-wheeling. Like WV........tons of guys from here go there to ride. They are welcomed there , not chased and harassed. But.....we have the same snowmobile trail loop that we had when I was 10 years old.....35 years we couldn't add to or make more. Your riding a 4 wheeler you better be watching your back, unless your on a lease which is starting to pop up around here because of it. Won't be long and our area will look like the southern part of the state. A no trespassing sign on every tree. They miss the big picture. On all of it...... Fines and DUI is how they want to make their money. Not tourism and registrations.
  9. At the muskie max I was talking to fish commish and they said they'd like to make kinzua a trophy pike lake. I said what a F-ing joke that is. They are naturally there, they reproduce on their own. Just what they need, self regulating program they have nothing to do with.....I said what is your part in that? Maybe raise the size limit. ..... That was about the time our 45 mintue chat was over. Think I crossed the line, I was being nice up until that point. I'll take my travel, food, lodging, launch,lic fees, somewhere else. I truly don't think they get it. The guys who fish bass fish bass, walleye guys fish walleye, etc etc etc. A muskie guy is going to go where the fish are. Until PA has a lake that has a poplutaion where a guy could go and plan on having action that's not going to happen. Any day at chautauqua you see PA, NY, OH, sometimes WV plates in the parking lot. Have fish. ...people will come. In McKean and Warren County we don't have much. A little tourism our way could help the the area out. Our deer population is terrible, most camps are for sale. But that's another whole division of BS that could stir up hours of debates.
  10. When I say this year none on the stocking that would be last fall, October is when it happens if it does.
  11. Some years I get determined and fish it hard. Some years I get pissed and only go 10 or so times. Results are the same. Its a 12,000 lake. I help with the stocking, years ago we got 6000 fish, one year none. Then bumped us to 9000, 9500, 9500, and this year none! They just aren't getting any results from the stocking and I heard through the grapevine that they are done with it. Not 100% sure on that. I still have hopes that I can stay in PA and have a shot at fishing close to home but we have nothing to offer really! It's a shame!
  12. Maybe try some bakers there. They work pretty good
  13. Back when I traveled to fish a lot I was always over 125 fish for the year so I should be able to figure them out if there was enough there to catch. Not so much. ....... Soon as NY opens I don't fish there.
  14. That's my total muskie careers worth of fishing. No way would I travel there to fish and expect any action. 10 plus years!
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