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  1. Awesome fish ! Congrats !!
  2. Then a nice lady wanted to check out my boat for cleanliness before launching a state survey she said, asked me if I clean it before putting in at the lake, I said that's what my two teenage girls are for, they like washing the boat when I get home.
  3. Yeah Zach hope you heal up fast too. I usually start out around 0400 and fish till noon, constantly watching the water temperature, not worth losing a fish for, for sure. In 75+ I water measure, no pics, close enough for me. The lake before noon has much less boat traffic anyhow. What also amazes me is the amount of people swimming in the algae bloom water. I use hand sanitizer each time my paws touch the water or handle a fish. When I see people swimming a dog I politely tell them of the hazards of it.
  4. Tuesday: Chautauqua started out at 76 degrees at 0500. Heavy fog set in till around 0800, (south end) by 1130 water temp. was 80 in 15 ft. Quit fishing then. By 1300 south end 82 degrees on way back in. Cancelled Wednesday trip, calling for fog. Visibility Tuesday in fog was at most 50 yards.
  5. That's ok Zach went down and fished the Potomac. Maybe its me, but Three Rivers didn't have much info. prior to the tourney on their website or facebook from what I saw. 69 sure had good posting of their tourney prior to
  6. Congrats Zach and your partner !!!! Glad you won too ! Thanks for the posts and pics.
  7. Thank you Steve I checked there and did n't see anything as far as times or rules. They sure don't advertise their tournaments like your chapter does. I guess I'll travel to Ohio. Thanks again !
  8. Tournament ??? Does anyone know if there is a tournament this weekend on Chautauqua ? I had my calendar marked as such, however can't find any information of one. I know the 69ers just had a tournament at Chautauqua the other week ( Never did hear any results ) Just wondering where to go for the weekend. Thanks in advance Cody !
  9. West Branch for me is about 2.5 hours, for Toothyfishman ???? I'm kind of spoiled 30~ 35 minutes from Chautauqua. NY season doesn't get here soon enough.
  10. Toothyfishman when was your last trip to East Branch ? Are there Pike in there ?
  11. Wow they work slow ! Yeah one would think less area, same amount of fish, would equate to easier to catch. May have to put that lake on he list. Unlimited H.P. ?
  12. How long have they been repairing the dam for ? Is it still in draw down for repair ? I may give it a try.
  13. Storm Warning II: Thanks for the advice. I will have to make a trip to Pymatuning. Edinboro Lake is small however there musky ratio is high as per their most recent Biologist report. All I seem to catch so far there is subs which is better than getting skunked. Toothyfishman : I hear you about the PFBC and PGC. not really a fan of them. I'm just searching for a PA. lake to hold me until NY season starts. H.P restrictions is good and bad depending on how you look at it. I will try Kinzua, at least as you say the scenery is good, it still better than working. I may try East Branch in Elk County Pennsylvania. Zach: I didn't know there were still Hippies around...LOL. Had one in my unit he was cool as could be and so down to earth nothing bothered him and we are still friends to this day and he is still a Hippie ! Ivan : Your advice is always helpful to me ! Thanks again !! NY season can't get here soon enough !!
  14. The musky inc club around Chester. Pa. stocking their local lakes well and seem to produce good results. Fished Conneaut no fish should of went to Edinboro . Won't return to Conneaut, didn't really like it.
  15. Wow 10 years 3 fish ! Have you made many trips there in 10 years ? That isn't a good percentage if you have put in a lot of trips there in 10 years.