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  1. Ronix 51

    My daughter’s muskies

    good stuff and great pics
  2. Selling a backup Tranx 301 AHG (7:6:1 gear ratio) with paddle handle only. Reel was used for one outing and is basically brand new and comes spooled with 80lbs power pro max cuatro. $230.00 firm.
  3. Ronix 51

    Conesus Ice Pike

    I think over harvest has done that lake in unfortunately. I imagine they're probably still being yanked and kept or even worse left out on the ice for the birds since they are thought to be "eating all the good fish"
  4. Ronix 51

    Nov. MI 69 MEETING

    Were nominations made for new officers for the January vote?
  5. Ronix 51

    Phantom Hex

    Chad your painting skills have really improved
  6. Ronix 51

    Phantom Hex

    The one you posted is the xorsist judging from the looks of the lip. The hex is a wandering crank bait built off of the 10" and 12" phantom bodies - I like them too! It works well without the weights too, just higher in the water column
  7. Ronix 51

    Phantom Hex

    Hex or Xorsist? Looks like the xorsist which is their new "dive and glide" bait. Essentially it is a 10" phantom that dives on the retrieve. I really like it a lot especially with the screw in weights. I put the 1 oz on mine and can work it 10-12' down
  8. 4 years ago it was 23 degrees and foggy the morning of and then got into the mid-upper 30s. I'd take having to deal with reel ice-up most of the morning anytime over 80 degrees in October!
  9. Ronix 51


    use at least 80lbs fluoro and tie main line directly to fluoro via uni to uni knot. I'd go at least 8-10" in length for the leader since it sounds like the head of the bait is getting smashed a majority of the time. Good luck!
  10. Abu Garcia Revo SX HS 7:1:1, Left Hand Brand new abu garcia revo sx 7:1:1 I bought for pike fishing and now decided I'll never use. Comes with box and all papers. Asking $90.00
  11. eric you can just drive your truck to the mayville that's what I'll be doing too.
  12. So there is no way anyone who intends on fishing the south end can register at Chautauqua Reel Outdoors? I understand that particular issue is out of your hands Zach but, I was just curious to see if the higher ups were even willing to budge on that??
  13. Ronix 51

    Pike N Walleye opener

    52ish south of causeway, 48-50 in the main lake
  14. Ronix 51

    Pike N Walleye opener

    Which boat were you in Zach? I was out with Riley and didn't see you! I got 1 bass, riley missed a mid 30s at the boat, and we both probably caught pneumonia from spending 8 hours casting in a monsoon. Water was much colder than I would have predicted.
  15. I'll echo that my leaders vary based on baits, water, etc. but for the most part it's stealth 274 lbs wire leaders or 170lbs fluoro leaders with various sized stay-lok snaps depending on the size of baits i'm using - for the really little stuff I will use the small bait leaders from stealth. I've tied my own leaders with 150lbs fluoro using the dubros nail knot tool but lately i've found it easier to just order the leaders...if you're on facebook look up Charlie Runyon - he ties leaders that are the same quality as stealth and his prices are awesome...I think it's like $3-4 per leader all the way up to 170 lbs fluoro material.