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  1. I'll echo that my leaders vary based on baits, water, etc. but for the most part it's stealth 274 lbs wire leaders or 170lbs fluoro leaders with various sized stay-lok snaps depending on the size of baits i'm using - for the really little stuff I will use the small bait leaders from stealth. I've tied my own leaders with 150lbs fluoro using the dubros nail knot tool but lately i've found it easier to just order the leaders...if you're on facebook look up Charlie Runyon - he ties leaders that are the same quality as stealth and his prices are awesome...I think it's like $3-4 per leader all the way up to 170 lbs fluoro material.
  2. really looking forward to this tourney now! Can't wait to fish and get my ass handed to me by the trollers as usual haha. Good stuff Zach
  3. The 3 best format actually sounds kind of interesting to me and i'd be down to give it a go. Regarding the trolling/casting advantages/disadvantages here's my take: *Disclaimer- I constantly get my ass handed to me by the trollers during the spring time CHQ tourney it doesn't make a difference to me one bit i'm just out there fishing and having fun and will continue to do so regardless of tournament format so this is just me throwing stuff out there. Sure, people can always step outside their comfort zone and give trolling a try like you said Zach. But, some people may not be equipped with all the necessary trolling gear or sure you could always just hold onto the rod while putting around which likely won't be able to touch the guys running a 6 rod spread with 4 boards way out and 2 down rods covering much more water and that's fine there is absolutely nothing wrong with those styles of fishing but it's just something to think about. The reason the 3 best fish idea is interesting to me is because it certainly adds more strategy to the mix and it's more welcoming to both sides (love how i'm talking about casters and trollers like they're political parties lmao) in the sense that maybe we have people who don't bother with the spring time CHQ tourney because they are die hard casters and see that there is no point in entering, which in the end ultimately leads to less potential participation - hypothetically speaking. It still rewards the people for catching more fish since you can pick and choose your top 3 fish to compete. i.e.e boat A has 4 legal fish: 39.5, 43, 30 and 40.5. Boat B has 6 fish: 38, 38, 30, 31.5, 37, and 40. Boat A is still in the running to compete for 1st despite being behind 2 fish so there is still that "any given moment" competitiveness feel. Besides isn't that what these tourneys are about, a fun competition between fellow anglers/friends? Haha it's not like anyone is depending on these tournament winnings to support themselves I sure hope first place cash isn't the main driver for participation....although Tigerhunter and Blue Eye could definitely use the money for diaper funds... And regards to potential cheating: I don't think it's any different in terms of creating a greater likelihood for people to cheat under that format than it would under the current points system. Truth is, when you think about it any one of us could easily lie, take a misleading photo, etc. but I like to think we are all honest and respectable muskie nuts who just want to compete, have fun, learn something new from someone else, and shoot the **** afterwards with one another. That's my .02. Like I said, I don't have a horse in either race I'll still be out there having fun either way. Good discussion gents
  4. glad to hear you're finally out of the hospital Steve, wish you a quick recovery!
  5. Sold / Closed

    Unit is sold!
  6. I think it'd be a cool experience for a couple of reasons: as Zach mentioned, we could show that there is interest in stocking the lake. Also, a lot of us have only given lamoka a very small chance. Like you guys, the only times I have ever tried it were during mid day lulls when nothing was moving anyways. It'd be cool to have a bunch of sticks working lamoka all day to see what we could come up with...not to mention it really levels the playing field and everyone's guess is as good as all others which is a cool element to a tournament. There are definitely fish in there - they've been stocking waneta for the better half of a century so fish have certainly moved back and forth. Muskies like to move
  7. Sold / Closed

    Price lowered to $550
  8. Lamoka Lake Tournament? Gents, are we any closer to organizing a tournament on Lamoka lake?
  9. Haha you can always tell when Trevor is on the lake once he takes a cast and you hear that reel start screaming...guy can't sneak up on anyone
  10. Speaking of Okuma...Chad check out the new Komodo 400s, another possibility if you decide not to go with the tranx.
  11. I run the 500 HG, it's an absolute game changer for rubber and ripping cranks. I usually reel left handed so baits like gliders can be tricky when I'm using it but it is nice for big dive and rise baits. Bucktails are fine just don't reel too fast or they fly out of the water
  12. I wasn't aware they offered the HD in the 5:1:1 but looking on I see they have it listed. However, they don't list it on daiwa's site so I wonder if it's an error on muskyshop's part or if it does exist?
  13. that makes perfect sense when you don't think about it...?
  14. I don't think he was referring to the actual picture quality when he refers to the optics. I think he's referring to the message that can be mistakenly perceived from seeing that photo posted - i.e. that it's ok to target muskie through the ice and out of season so long as they are not kept - a possibility for both the unaware and/or unethical.