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  1. clintnicholson9

    Chapter 69 Coneus Lake Tiger or Pike Tourney!!!

    Tournament went well no hiccups other then the weather in the morning. Big fish was caught by John haffner and was 37" he took that and second place. The winner was Bill Perkins with a 30" and a 35" which earned him 13 points. Matt Maier was took 3rd place. There were 2 tigers caught and a lot of pike that were just under the 30" mark. Mike Breen did an outstanding job bringing all of the food for the tournament and doing the cooking. Big thank you to Mike he always comes through for the club and is just an all around awesome guy. Mike fafinski donated about 40 plus baits to the club for the raffle table and pretty sure everybody left with a lure or 2. We also had Ted Decker from Ted's tackle donate shirts and gift certificates for raffle table which was awesome as well. 37 participants and that's a good turnout considering the forecast for the past week.
  2. We have our first tournament of the year this coming Saturday Conesus Lake from 6am-2pm with a weigh in/cookout to follow at Vitale park's West Pavilion on the north end of the lake. We will have registration from 5am-6am the day of the tournament and also have early registration this Thursday night from 5pm to 6pm at Ted's Tackle located on Conesus Lake. This is a Tiger or Pike tournament and open to everybody. We will be using the Muskies Inc scoring system to track points which is as follows; a 30" fish is worth 4 tournament points and every inch above that will earn the angler an additional point. So a 31" fish is 5 points, a 32" fish is 6 points and so on. We are expecting a big turnout and should be a good time had by all!!! If anybody has any questions please feel free to ask on here, the Muskies inc Chapter 69 facebook page, or email us at [email protected] Thank you and hoping to see everyone out there this weekend!
  3. Good evening everyone. For those that dont know, chapter 70 will be posting up the generously donated baits tonight on Musky Stars to be raffled and will run through Sunday. There will be one winner per bait so chances of winning one are pretty good! Thanks to all who have contributed and will be participating. See everyone on the water soon! Sent from my SM-G950U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. clintnicholson9

    B and E tackle Spring Fling

    We will have a table at B and E Tackle at 6275 Dean's Parkway in Ontario NY promoting the club and signing new members. Please come in and check us out!!!
  5. clintnicholson9

    Otisco Lake Sign Installation

    We will be installing our informational signs we designed with chapter 70 on Otisco lake from 530pm to 630 pm
  6. clintnicholson9

    Espn radio show

    Guys make sure to listen in Saturday morning March 31st to hear Zachary Baker talk muskies with Capt Ken Strimple and Jeremy Newman on let's Catch fish!!! This will be on ESPN radio channel 95.7 FM or 950 am this Saturday from 8am-9am. He will be talking about the club, tourneys, and all things muskie!!! Special thanks to Capt Ken Strimple and Jeremy Newman for having us on the show should be a good listen!!! Please if you haven't done so already give a like to Let's Catch Fish's Facebook page to show our appreciation.
  7. clintnicholson9

    Annual Banquet

    Our annual Banquet is Saturday April 20th from 6pm-9pm? There will be a buffet style dinner featuring prime rib, chicken, pastas, salads etc. The cost is $20 at the door and there will be 50/50 raffle and a great raffle table of lures. This will be a great time and all are welcome please try to make it out and see us! This link will have address Thanks again and hope to see everyone out there.
  8. clintnicholson9

    Lets Catch Fish Radio Show

    Capt. Ken Strimple of Let's Catch Fish was nice enough to allow us on to his saturday morning talk show to talk about Muskies. Capt. Ken is a super nice guy and is very excited to have us on his show. He will be recording the show Wednesday March 28th and will air on Saturday March 31st from 8am-9am. Zach Baker will be on the show with Capt. Ken talking all things Muskies. Please make sure to listen in on ESPN radio 95.7 fm/950am. It's very exciting that Capt Ken is having us on his show and to show our appreciation please make sure to get over to his facebook page, Let's Catch Fish, and give it a like. The web address is hopefully everyone gets a chance to listen to the show!!! Thanks to Capt. Ken Strimple and please make sure to like his page!!! Thanks, Clint
  9. clintnicholson9

    Waneta lake tourney

    We will be having our yearly Waneta lake tourney...will be giving more details as it gets closer
  10. clintnicholson9

    Chapter 69 meeting

    We will be having our bi-monthly meeting
  11. clintnicholson9

    Chautauqua lake tourney....?????

    We are talking about possibly having another Chautauqua lake tourney up for discussion and will give more details as they come in
  12. clintnicholson9

    Chapter 69 meeting

    We be having our bi-monthly meeting
  13. clintnicholson9

    Chautauqua Lake Showdown!!!!

    We will be having the BIG Chautauqua lake tourney!!! This is a free fishing weekend so anyone and everyone should show up and fish!!!!!
  14. clintnicholson9

    Chapter 69 meeting

    We will be having our bi-monthly meeting
  15. clintnicholson9

    Tiger Tournament

    We will be having a tiger muskie tournament either on Otisco lake or Conesus lake more details will be posted as they come in