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  1. Don't know if this is the right spot for this but I am colllecting lead to make my own sinkers and a keel for a sailboat. If this is the wrong spot, please direct me to the right area to post this
  2. As far as what channels fisher people use when trolling I have to say that they are all ove rthe radio. As far as what type of GPS I would either contact a Marina, BOAT US or someone that knows on what type and where to ge tthe numbers to identify yourself and boat. I fish in Lake Ontario around the Genesee River and I know from experienc etha tthe push button for Coaast Guard does work, had to use it last year. I leave my radio on at all times whether fishing or just out for a ride. Good Luck in your inwuiry
  3. I have a 14ft MFG boat. I have way too much weight in the back, I would like to know about moving the two batteries up under the bow. The only problem piece is the engine. How can I extend that bunch of wires to the batteries? I have a 14ft MFG boat. I would like to move the two batteries to the front of the boat. There is way too much weight on the stern, trolling motor, batteries, gas tank, downriggers (4), boat engine (outboard 55hp). My main curiousity is moving the wires for the outboard up to the front of the boat. Can anyone help?
  4. I have a 14ft MFG fiberglass. I want to put a trolling motor on the transom. Problem being there is a dip in the transom which would inhibit the use of the trolling motor. There is not enough room on the gunnels to mount the motor. Can anyone give me any suggestions?
  5. Since I have put the boat up for the year, I am wondering if the Genny or any creeks are getting hot for steelys or brownies
  6. Being new to LOU and downrigger fishing. I am wondering if anyone can tell me where or what the ponds are?
  7. Hey Fellow LOUski's, wondering what kind of bait and/or lure was used for muskie and walleye. I am out of Braddocks Bay
  8. I found really inexpensive insurance through BoatUS Angler. It covers the boat and all equipment if it is on the water or on the road being trailered or parked in the driveway. They only cover BOATS
  9. I run all clear flour carb on all my reels whether it be in the big lake or fishing from shore. Has made a dramatic difference to the amount of catches
  10. Wondering what kind of walleye fishing is coming up either in the Genesee or Braddocks Bay
  11. Is this still available? If so, would you consider selling motor and controls seperately> How much?
  12. I have a Cannon manual downrigger that I would like to remount back on my boat. The problem is that the cable became all unravelled nd I cannnot get the cable back into the wheel of the downrigger. Can anyone give me any suggestions on what to do or where to take it for repair? I am in Rochester NY close to Charlote Harbor.
  13. Name: Lil Troller Location:Greece, NY Home Port:Braddocks Bay Boat Name/Type:Lil Troller/ 15ft fiberglass MFG 55hp Johnson 2manual downriggers Garmin GPS/fishfinder/depthfinder I fish for:Whatever wants to bite ================== Have been with this site since spring 09, was hoping to be in the water already. Due to some electrical problems and the lack of finding someone dependable I am late in hitting the water. Hoping to hit the big pond this coming weekend, weather permitting of course. Hope to make some good honest fishing friends out there.
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