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  1. chautauqua is money. Won my bassmaters tourney there sunday with 5 fish for 15.67 lbs with 2 over 4 lbs oneidas good keukas good
  2. Caught one a few days ago off my breakwall fishing for perch just west of the genny. about 3 lbs and the first one ive caught in a long time
  3. To add to the jig trailer question, i will only fish a jig with a trailer. I try to match the jig skirt and trailer color and as well i like a more compact jig. For instance, if im using a craw trailer, i will have the start of the claw at the edge of the skirt. This way, the bass cant pick up the end of the trailer w/o getting the jig. My favorite trailers inclued the Yum craw papi, any sort of sweet beaver (especially for cold water), and the new Berkley Havoc craw fatty. I usually fish a 1/2 oz jig in either blue/black or green pumpkin. Between high 40s and 60, bass (mostly males) will be on beds, so i like to flip and pitch alot, especially to cover. Also, a swim jig is good when looking for cruising females. You can use a small swimbait as a trailer, as well as a grub, shortened curly tail worm, or even a craw with longer claws. Especially now, fish low and slow, keeping contact with the bottom and dragging a jig as opposed to hopping it. Also, 15 lb is fine for a swim jig but if you get around any cover this may be a problem. If theres sparse cover, i will use 20-30 lb braid with 3 ft of 15 lb fluro or il go straight braid in the heavy stuff. Good luck!
  4. Yeah i was uploading but i guess my camera had the wrond date onut I emailed the head guy and he said he will upload it for me, he just hasnt uploaded it yet
  5. Caught my first 2 bass of the year on easter, both flipping jigs from the yak in the rochester area. One was 16.5" and the other was around 15". My full report can be found at http://www.kayakbassfishing.com/kbfBB3/viewtopic.php?f=95&t=10509, im just too lazy to re-post
  6. Just curious, but what are you using for lures? Nk-28s and small sticks, changing colors every 20-30 mins or so.
  7. Havent been fishing braddocks. We've been fishing the eastern segment of the ponds to russel mostly with no luck. There have been good reports from there recently, and i know there are good fish there. We just cant seem to get them to eat Hopefully we will get into 'em ASAP. Thanks for the tips!
  8. I was trolling on the pontoon boat with the guy who lays down in his boat and i beleive we trolled past you a few times. we couldnt get a thing. Looks like you got all the fish, we couldnt hook up at all Nice report!
  9. Nice work guys Ive been trolling the ponds alot on my buddies pontoon boat but we cant seem to hook up on anything At least its good to know that they're there.
  10. Mike Iaconelli- hes a champ and not afraid of who he is! Favorite show is sundays at 1 pm on versus, the FLW tour especially when they do the collegiate circuit AKA my hopes and dreams And i would much rather watch bill dance bloopers than bill dance catching a thousand fish at some private lake "Bass Pros" on versus is another real good one with KVD and many other top tier pros. Very informational if bassin is your thing
  11. Thanks guys! I will have to give it a shot [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  12. Thanks guys! I will have to give it a shot [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  13. If im trolling 4 rods this spring, would it be worth it to put a spin doctor and fly on one of my rods for cohos? If so, i would be pulling it on leadcore (i dont have riggers) so it would have to be kind of far off the back of the boat and not in the prop wash. Otherwise i would just be pulling sticks and spoons on leadcore for browns and steelies... Thanks guys!
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