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  1. Thank you so much for that post, thats all I've been waiting for. And THANK YOU for stating that Bass catch-and-release is open ALL YEAR 'ROUND.. I feel like whenever I post something on a fish that isn't in season, someone has to remind me that the season isn't open and when it opens, like I keep everything I catch.. thanks again man, big help.. Also, what about trailers on jigs? I have been trying my jig without a trailer for a while with no luck.. But again it might still be too early to catch anything.. What kind of trailers and what color should I be using? And should I be using a heavier test for my line? Is 15 lb. good? Thanks a million.
  2. EllisOnCayuga


    Any reports of Bullheads out of Cayuga lake yet? Gettin some nightcrawlers together for this weekend! Thanks for any info!
  3. Anyone fish Salmon Creek or the Inlet yet this year? Planning a trip for this weekend if the weather cooperates. Thanks for any info.
  4. Thanks a lot man, appreciate it. Can't wait for this warm weather!!
  5. When will the Pike start to bite on Cayuga?
  6. I'm fairly new to bass fishing. Can anyone tell me when the bass really start to bite? And what lures or bait should I be using? I figured with the cold weather, it has pushed the time for them to become active back a little bit. Thanks for any info.
  7. Does anyone know where I could buy a detailed depth map of Cayuga Lake? Live in the Fingerlakes area and was thinking BassPro in Auburn might have one. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks for any info
  8. Holy **** congrats on the two catches!! What did you catch those things on? And what type of line do you use? I wish I could find something like that on Cayuga.. anyone have any location suggestions?
  9. Wow thanks for all the great advice, I learned how to tie a hair rig today also. I'm going to enter the local carp derby and kill it this year! Just two more questions, do I necessarily have to buy that hair rig material or can I use my 12 lb monofilament line to tie the rig and such? and is sweet canned corn good enough? Can't wait to catch some fat carp!
  10. Those fish are seriously insane!! I live in the heart of the Fingerlakes and I thought we had big carp in the canals and so on.. But I've never seen something like that! Thats whats fishing is all about, havin a good time and the fight of the fish. Just a couple questions, what were you guys were using for bait? And what is the best way to set up your pole? (Sinkers, Bobbers?)
  11. Thanks guys you are all a huge help! Just a thought, wouldn't Cayuga better suit a larger northern than Seneca? I thought it was THE lake for Pike/Pickerel? However, I think I will try north Seneca, maybe around the Crow's Nest outlet.. Definitely gonna try the Mepps spinners, Daredevil, Rapala. I'll take pics and let you guys know how it all goes, finally some good weather this weekend.
  12. Thank you all for the suggestions. Once the weather is a bit nicer, I'm going to hit up North Cayuga with those mentioned. Appreciate all the help!
  13. Thank you both so much for the tips, I'm headed to Bass Pro tomorrow right after work and snagging a little bit of all that.. lol Thanks again, I'll post pictures with results!!
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