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  1. First call to garmin they said it was the pump, second call to garmin they said it is the batteries ,so I believe I checked those two things,thought I would check with you guys before I start changing parts....but I do thank you guys
  2. Any sport show in the triple cities would be great
  3. I have a TR1 gold ,I have been running it for three years ,no complaints .Last summer it started being a little funny.working real slow at first,after a bit work just fine .wondering if anyone has had any different kind of things happen.i love my garman and I will figure it out , but any help would speed things up thanks'
  4. Having troubles ,seems to start out working really slow(really slow) but it will take an hour or so, then it will work fine.but went not long ago and it ran great for four hours then started working slow again,checked all hoses .wondering if anyone have seen any of the same,I know there is a lot of these units out there,any help would be great. Boat is garage kept and plugged in most of the time
  5. go straght to watkins south end,,run just like you do for kings,,, thats what i do ...look for bait ,,if there not hittinng spoons,run spinns,,fleis,, or both...i run 100 ft and up,,,good luck...ill be out there sunday,,dipseys
  6. thanks alot,, hope to get out sunday,,,if i can get my boat off the hill,,see you guys up there...
  7. will be taking my first winter run,Senaca,anyoneone see if the south end launch is opened at the marina....thanks
  8. sould be ther,with frisco..last i heard anyways
  9. just like my boat'sweet good luck
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