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  1. I saw an ice breaker in the ice this morning on my way to work lots of ice in the river so it shouldn’t be too long before they take it out
  2. I just got back. Had the worse trip of the season today. Lost one and landed a nice brown. Caught the brown in 305 fow 70 feet down on a flasher fly combo on a dipsy diver. I'm sure I was in the wrong area or something but the fishing was not so good today
  3. I'll be out there fishing Wilson as well Saturday afternoon
  4. Nice meeting you too. That's the only bad thing about Wilson is one ramp in and one ramp out then you get a chatty catchy like me good luck today
  5. Hi killians. I ran into you at the boat launch today. I have the blue lund
  6. Planer board mast is sold. Still have a set of Amish outfitter redwood boards with shock cords
  7. I saw people fishing for them with minows at the boat launch in Wilson 2 weeks ago
  8. I was blown away that they came out and towed us let alone for free. I can't remember now if there is a tow boat in Youngstown or not. I kinda got the thread off topic alittle sorry. I know the coast guard station is in Youngstown.
  9. Yes captain Vince this was extremely good of them to do. I was surprised and I did donate money to them ripnlip. They insisted that I didn't have to but I did. Very nice people that towed us back. I had no idea that they did that. i never ran into any body that wasn't more than friendly and helpful in olcott. Great port
  10. If you call 911. They will send the fire dept out to tow you in. Me and my brother were out a few years ago and the boat broke down. We flagged a guy down and he wouldn't give us a tow but said he will call 911. By that time the waves were getting out of control for a 21 ft boat (3-5 ft waves with out power) but the fire dept came out and towed us back for free
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