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  1. This is ridiculous, their alternative is to let corporations **** up federal lands to make up the money. I’m perfect fine paying that tax. One of the few government programs that works well enough to keep going
  2. Picked up a planner off olcott, tell me what was on it and I’ll return it.
  3. It depends on where you are in the lake and which direction you’re trolling. There are typically currents but they maybe not be as severe or more severe. On the west end by the Niagara river I’ve encountered currents that effect the speed by up to 3MPH. It can vary by depth of lure as well, no current 50 feet down, 2 MPH 80 feet down.
  4. Most of the fish I marked were within 20 feet of bottom with the occasional one suspended. Threw big spin docs, j plugs, bright spoons at them, just could get them to go. I’ll be out again tomorrow and if it’s the same as yesterday I’ll be headed out deeper. Thanks guys. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. Heat was terrible today. The coldest water I found was 48 down 95 over 110. Lots of marks and bait but couldn’t get them to hit. Pulled in a few early but nothing great. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. I’m on 68 most of the time Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. Will take best offer, add a few bucks to ship.
  8. For me it depends on time of year. I feel like the bite is spoon heavy May - June then turns to flashers. Late August - September is back to big spoons and spin doctors.
  9. I used to go to a place in Wilson called "Down on Main Street" that opened at 4, but its been replaced by "Fat Papas Diner" that opens at 6. I wish I could still get an amazing breakfast at 4 am. Maybe next time im in Fat Papas ill suggest they open early on weekends during fishing season. I bet we could fill the place.
  10. Trying to help a friend sell his outboard, below is what he texted me. Located in Clarence NY. 1976 Mercury Black Max 175 hp. Motor completely rebuilt. New lower unit, new starter, new power pack, fuel pump and fully tuned. I bought a boat with this motor on it and after putting in all the work on the motor I found that it was 50 hp over my maximum capacity. $2400 or best offer. If interested send me a pm and ill foreword it to him.
  11. Lowrance Elite-4 Fish Finder and Chart plotter. Screen only no transducer included. Would be a good bow mount unit. Product is discontinued but Lowrance sells the transducer for $60. $40 Shipped $30 Local
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