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  1. Those fish look great, been eager to hit the water myself. Way to make it even harder for me!
  2. Thanks for the report, thinking of making the trip soon. Aren't the browns staging/spawning right now anyway? I usually get steelies and an occasional coho in tight this time of year.
  3. Went out of the South end on Thursday and the fleas weren't bad. The floating weeds were awful though. Managed one nice rainbow.
  4. Nice bunch of chrome there, Rick. This time of year, do you look for temp when trying to find the 3 Yr. old Salmon, or something else? Thanks for taking the time to post your results here on the forum.
  5. Sounds to me like you are a good person. Thanks for looking out for others in distress out there, and helping when you could. I got towed in recently, and have towed a few in myself over the years. I always try to keep karma on my side!
  6. Some of the flashers/spinners don't impart any action to the lure, so those need a spoon or other self action lure behind them. Its good to have both on hand to try on tough days.
  7. Great job getting it done in a small window of time. How far out were you (FOW)?
  8. You did well to find fish in the end. Kings are tough right now, unless you want to go west.
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