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  1. I am using EZ steer (both outboards) and it works well, but I am finding a need for an autopilot for solo trips, and I too was looking for something to just control the kicker. Came across this, although not cheap, looks to fit the bill.
  2. Solo trip out of South end. Ran flat lines with spoons & stickbaits. Did 4 Browns & 2 Salmon. Temp on top was 53. The Browns were all in the 2lb range, full of Gobies. Salmon were both small. Trolled E side, mostly 20 - 60 FOW. After one Brown spit up a Gobie on the boat, I put it aside so I could get a picture. 10 minutes later I realized I still needed that pic, so got it and tossed the Gobie over board. This one looked like the tail section was starting to get digested, as it was slightly discolored. That damn Gobie was still alive and swam in circles! Hope some Brown got an easy meal. Man those things are tough.
  3. What is it that you dont like about the EZ steer?
  4. Stinger in Chicken Wing pattern, gold back. Black/Purple Evil Eye with white back. Silver/orange Cleo
  5. One thing to remember is all probes are not created equal. When you hear that someone is getting hits at 2.3 MPH, and at 48 degrees, keep in mind that the different makes of probes all read a bit different.
  6. Tired of waiting for the idiot that acts like its his first time backing up a trailer? Like to fish alone? Found this:
  7. Weight of this Atlantic? Went out of little Sodus on Sunday, went 11/13. Found chilly water inside of 300, but a small break 325ish. Most fish came on spoons around 100 down. 2 mature Kings around 20 lbs 4 juvee Kings 2 Steelies around 9 lbs 2 smaller steelies 1 Atlantic - pics are not the best, and our scale was not working. What do you think this weighed? It was 30" long, and more girth than the two mature Kings that were 32" long.
  8. Holy hell, the neighbor looks in good shape tho!
  9. Are you sure your radio was transmitting? I too was upset a couple years ago that I was not getting any replies (non help call) but found out my radio was not transmitting anything.
  10. Nice catch! And with just 5 hours on the water, leaves time to work on the golf game!
  11. Good to hear of some fish in the boat for you. Have not had any issues with Storm sticks here.
  12. If you have gimbal style mounts in your boat, you can try this style diver rod holders without making any new holes.
  13. The old Milliken Station on Cayuga Lake is on fire, sounds bad.
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