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  1. How was the helm the proble? I hadn't considered hydraulic, might be the way to go. Thanks
  2. I've done all that, motor moves fine without the cable connected, cable is clean (no built up grease) and moves freely inside the tilt tube. With everything disconnected it is just as hard to turn the wheel.
  3. Nope, that's the problem, won't go into the hole. This is exactly what I was looking for... I can cut it off cut a new hole that will line up and install a new cable. Thank you!
  4. Running the cable through the hull won't be a problem. Where I'm running into trouble now, is that I can't get the cable out of the motor because there isn't enough room to pull it all the way out. The only option I see is to pull the motor which seems like a real headache. But hopefully there's some easier solution I'm not seeing. Thanks again
  5. Do you think I'll have the same issue putting a new one in? Thanks
  6. Looking for some advice, I have some real stiff steering in my 04 Starcraft Fish Master 176. I think I've narrowed it down to the helm or cable, but I cant remove the cable form the motor, there doesn't appear to be enough room to slide it all the way out. Any ideas... Thanks
  7. Interested, if still available
  8. mack2

    for sale : usa 2003 Lund Fisherman 1700

    Pm... sent I think
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