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  1. 2020 12th Annual Atommik Triple Crown Standings after 1 of 3 events Thanks to all for competing and the camaraderie enjoyed !!! The 1st leg was a huge success with the most teams ever in 12 years of the Triple Crown 32 teams will compete for the title of the best after 3 events out of 8 ports and 3 counties
  2. THANK YOU to this years sponsors: -Michigan Stinger -Dreamweaver Lures -Fat Nancy's Tackle Shop -All Seasons Sports -Woody's Tackle -Great Lakes Lure Co -Steamer's Bar & Grill -Oswego Marina -Joe Woodard Catering -STS Guide Service *Free drift boat trip Value $400 -Great Lakes Steelhead Co. *$100 GC towards drift boat trip -High Adventure *$150 GC towards drift boat trip -Little John's Guide Service "Free drift boat trip Value $450 -Cold Steel Sportfishing *$100 GC towards drift boat trip -Rotten Rick's Meat Rub -A-TOM-MIK Mfg -Ricks Meat Rub -Eric Saulsbury from ITZ Pro Fishing will be donating $500 worth of UV50 Tournament shirts for the top 3 placing teams, 4 shirts each for top 3 teams, a prize valued at $500 Over $5500 in raffle prizes and GC up for grabs, all from a $1 chance THANKS TO ALL
  3. 2020 Atommik Challenge entry is shaping up nicely !!! We appreciate everyone's early entry, makes planning so much easier !!! -Deadline 6/15 thereafter will be a $25 late fee -Event date is 6/20 -Ports of Oswego County to Sodus Point -Event site (Same as 2019) End of Rte 481 -Rules: Here ---> http://atommik.com/a-tom-mik-challenge-entry/ -Entry: Here --->http://atommik.com/2020-a-tom-mik-challenge-entry/
  4. wednesday 7 pm The Oz thursday 7 pm The Oz friday 3 pm at the tent saturday has its own big fish award for event teams only
  5. we filled all positions as of today 8/2, if your hooked up with a team its 6 pm at the tent,
  6. Congrats to team Crime Pays for the win 1st Crime Pays 158.40 2nd Hot Wires 151.40 3rd Rough Necks 146.05 4th Reel Addicted 145.60 5th Angling Addict 143.25 6th Smashmouth 139.85 7th Team Bikini 139.50 8th No Dil' Emma 136.45 9th Team Runaway 134.65 10th Roadshow 134.45
  7. will get it soon or check out https://www.facebook.com/tom.allen.311
  8. Sign ups on www.theatommikchallenge,com (Date is wrong on site) but you can sign up June 22 Cap meeting night before at east side marina 6 pm
  9. Greater Niagara Fishing and Outdoor expo, January 18, 19, 20 This will be our 14th year attending -BIggest trolling fly selection -BIggest meat rig selection Our only selling show: A-TOM-MIK Copper in all lengths 200-3500 Shirts & decals for sale Along with terminal tackle, spare harnesses and our trademark "2-Pack" fly body packs Exclusive at LOTSA only Hope to see you there Tom
  10. Saturday August 10, 2019 Main event August 7, 8, 9 1k a/day August 9th, Big 2-fish Friday Sunday August 11, 2019 Blow day for main event
  11. 2018 7th Annual Atommik Invitational Winners Team Seaducktion (attach winners) (Full results listed) 2019 Date is set: August 10th 2019 Free Entry 2019: Sami's Mad Sierra 1st-181.25 Seaducktion 2nd-171.65 Trout One 3rd-164.25 Time Fly's 4th-160.10 Blue Moon 5th-158.60 Hideout 6th-156.80 Atommik Rockets 7th-155.20 Angling Addict 8th-155.10 Hot Wires 9th-153.60 Top Gun 10th-153.60 Irish Knots 11th-151.50 Double Treble 12th-149.80 5 More Minutes 13th-146.80 Thinkin' Big 14th-146.65 Sting 15th-143.05 Big Cat 16th-142.60 Cannonball Runner 17th-142.45 Thrillseeker 18th-142.00 Royal Flush 19th-141.60 Sami's Mad Sierra 20th-136.60 Hook n Up 21st-134.45 Reel Dilemma 22nd-130.50 High Adventure 23rd-129.85 High Voltage 24th-126.25 Madd Kenzi 25th-125.20 Tall Tails 26th-124.40 Primetime 27th-122.80 Kings Ransom 28th-122.60 Team Atommik 29th-112.35 Whiskey Runner 30th-110.35 Smashmouth 31st-102.90 Water Wolf 32nd-101.45 Blue Eyed Lady 33rd-100.05 Praying Mantis 34th-98.40 The Road Show 35th-94.10 Oh Baby 36th-92.20 Cold Steel 37th-81.05 Knot to Worry 38th-75.70 Warship 39th-73.75 Screamer 40th-70.15 The Other Woman 41st-61.90 Mr Tex 42nd-57.20 Finders Keepers 43rd-54.90 Tri-Lakes 44th-60.85 Team Bikini 45th-46.55 Twofish 46th-30.25 Sammy Dog 47th & 48th-0 Bandito III, 0 On The lam
  12. thanks guys much appreciated S528 is our original Stud that Bob Songin has had success with all your input and interest means the world to us thank you Tom
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