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  1. Hey Vetting, My tyers at times (non fisherman) sometimes don't feel its important to be proportionally correct if you know what I mean, lol A typical fly that we produce will have approx. 200 1/28 strands of films, at times 1-10 strands will get sealed in my machine causing it to coil or, when my guys are being pressured by u know who, they rush and when cutting the thread will clip off an inch or more of a few strands (5-20 usually) Their not bad and I've been using these for 15 years almost exclusively on my boat. I prolly shouldn't say this but I'm a pretty honest dude, not all of these always get caught and they slip thru at times and end upon on the shelves, and anglers pick up on it, so I do my best to weed em out, I have tons of them, in the thousands, and when mass merchants and some CA shops are charging $8-$11 per fly it just doesn't go over too well ): Check out image:
  2. 60-70 items to move, all listed on e-gay, check em out Meat stuff, damaged goods marked down, E-Chip and Spinnies 8" & 11", Treble Hooks, Suttons and other vintage lures like Diamond King, Alpena, Tameron Stinger/Honeybee, Lure tapes, Braid, few reels, Saltist 50, Okuma Clarion, AFW wire bulk and 1000', Otter Boats Its all going fast Gamma Bulk 3000 & 2750 yards (My favorite line, copolymer is the toughest stuff I ever used Bids starting around $50 12 lb 14lb 20 lb http://www.ebay.com/sch/a-tom-mik/m.html?item=182021798140&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 Thanks for looking Tom
  3. Thanks to all, we look forward to seeing each and all of you. We are working on a special deal for our 5th Annual event out of Oswego, cant divulge yet as it's not set in stone. This could lead to an "industry" first happening and could mean a whole lot more cash to have the chance to take Stay Tuned WE'RE EXCITED Tom
  4. Just found a case of Cannon retro-ease, also have a few Scotty's -These are weight retrieval ropes with all accessories for mounting, new in package Any interest for $10 each.? I could possibly just return them Tom
  5. Date has been set for June 18th this year Thank you all who will be attending Tom
  6. Thanks Sammy Dog (: Big Easy I am very sorry but I no longer offer all those items mainly due to some of my dealers feeling it was a conflict of interest. Also FET associated taxes that I had to pay but most others did not and the heavy inventory .demands with minimal profits to be competitive, I had to shut the old site down. I had a new site built (still in the works) just to showcase my many colors and be sure they were always available year round that aren't available everywhere and to offer my most popular selling items (flies and copper) All business that was generated off my original site for a 15 year period sure has been appreciated, thanks to you and to all. Tom
  7. I love Primetime Pete (Lahosky's) humble post, the dude won the coveted Pro/Am over-title 6 times on the east end. Yeah you want to be there people !!! The Pete and Pete show will be the seminar of the century in my eyes, Primetime Pete taught me 98%of what I know about catching BT's, when most anglers are taking a fish or two OR NONE on any given Saturday am around say 11am to 1 pm, we're boxed !!! No lie folks. Pete Alex on the other hand led me as a partner to many 1st place wins on the North shore, these guys are the real deal and each hold a different attitude on how to go about it. One is the humble captain who will beat you on tourney day 95% of the time and never say a peep, while the other will take 100% of your side bet action for any size dollar you want to put up !!! Love it, when these attitudes collide it's only to your benefit !!! Pete 1 taught me how to catch these Pete 2 showed me much of this If you can make it, its well worth working your way into that daunting learning curve that Lady O offers Tom
  8. Wednesday August 3rd thru Saturday August 6th 2016 1K/A day entry $100 (available to any one near Oswego) Friday August 5th Pre-Fish Friday (Biggest 2 Salmon) Free with main event entry (event entrants only) Saturday August 6th 2016 Main Event (Biggest 6 Salmon) $800 entry Sunday August 7th 2016 Blow-off day We are anticipating a great turn out for our 2016 event, yet more new blood on its way Thanks to all Tom Update: We are working on a special deal for our 5th Annual event out of Oswego, cant divulge yet as it's not set in stone. This could lead to an "industry" first happening and could mean a whole lot more cash to have the chance to take Stay Tuned
  9. Thanks Joe, you and the crew have done one awesome job bringing this event to the premier status from the beginning Hands down the best show available today with the best speakers in the business Tom
  10. Sunday January 24th 2016 is the Flea Market Albert NIAGARA FALLS CONVENTION AND EVENT CENTER 101 Old Falls Street, Niagara Falls, New York 14303 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
  11. Copper ----> BOGO Hello All, we will once again have all our normal sales on SUNDAY ONLY at the Greater Niagara Fishing and Outdoor Expo & the LOTSA Marketplace -A-TOM-MIK Flies as always, same prices -A-TOM-MIK Copper in all lengths and bulk, same spcials -This is the first year we will be bringing along closeouts from our old site Divers, meat rigs, certain various attractors marked low, ready rigged lead core, bulk mono, other items -Same 3 booths, same location As always we limit the amount of certain fly colors to typically (12) cts, get em while they last We look forward to seeing everyone once again, we get rather busy early on and like to move everyone through, please be respectful of all and we are around after the initial onslaught of customers to chat about whatever (: This is still our only direct selling show Thanks in advance to all who come to see us Tom
  12. Sorry for delay guys: A-TOM-MIK Triple Crown Final Top 10 1-Dirty Goose 364.45 2-All Out/DA 331.25 3-Troubleshooter 307.90 4-Cannonball Runner 296.85 5-Thunderstruck 292.25 6-Primetime 287.20 7-Hot Wires 281.79 8-Screamer 279.60 9-Thinkin’ Big 270.40 10-High Adventure 268.80
  13. Complete list of data base of all teams who ever fished the Invitational:
  14. After 10 years A-TOM-MIK will sponsor a fish off for the top 25 teams, here are the rankings after the first 4, just 6 years to go (:
  15. Thank you very much, glad you had fun, hope to see you next season, enjoy the rest of this one Tom
  16. We still need a few, if you want to observe please let me know or follow up with those looking Tom
  17. Than you for the responses, we are all set for the time being if something comes up I have your names
  18. Looking for experienced observers only Captains meeting: August 7th 6pm Event day August 8th 5am-4pm Blow day August 9th 5am-4pm [email protected] I have several positions available, it pays $75. Looking for observers wanting to learn and not make a buck Tom
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