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  1. The riggers are $500.00 for both as stated in the listing
  2. Up for sale are 2 Canon Mag20DT high speed electric big body inteliink downriggers with the network capable system. along with a 787C2i Hummingbird.Sonar/gps.. The downriggers have new booms and pulleys and one has new cable.The electrical has been redone with heavy duty wire..These are the big body riggers and come with the big body bases. The riggers have the the network connections to interface them to the Hummingbird downriggers.so that you can operate the system together. The Hummingbird sonar is a 500 watt(RMS) (4000 watts peak to peak )with dual beam transducer.Brilliant 256 color with 640vx480h 5"screen.16 channel Was gps with speed and water temp.. This unit is brand new and was never used it was priced at 675.00 at most marine supply houses.It has a ton of other features which are too lengthy to list here. asking $500.00 for the two Canon down riggers and $200. for the hummingbird sonar/gps unit. I am listing these for a friend so if you are interested please send a text to him to his cell at 1-413-262-3463 Please title the text saying sonar and then leave your message.He will return your call and can answer any questions as he has all the equipment.. ****************THE SONAR/GPS HAS BEEN SOLD (PENDING PAYMENT) I BELIEVE THE RIGGERS ARE STILL AVAILABLE. CALL PHONE # IF INTERESTED.************
  3. I have 2 Mitchell Riptide reels for sale, each with 300' of 30lb copper.and braid backing one is backed with 65 lb Power pro and the other has Cabelas braid.Both have about 300 yards of backing.Each also has leaders of flourcarbon. Reels have a 4:1 gear ratio and a line capacity of 530 yards of 30 lb monofilament and 3 ball bearings. These reels were originally only sold in England and were popular with salt water cod fishermen.The drags are very smooth.and are salt resistant. They work perfectly. we just have too many rods in the boat so we are cutting back. If anyone is interested we will be in Olcott for the last two weeks in May. so they could be picked up there. I could also ship them Priority mail flat rate for about $10.00 each. ASKING $75.00 FOR EACH. (Both are the same just different colors)
  4. I also love my worksharp sharpener. I does a great job on my 12" Dexter russel cimeter and it's.extremely easy to use.puts a razor sharp edge on any knife. The price has come down on the original model in the neighborhood of $69.00 on Amazon.They also have the newer model called the Ken Onion edition (wider belts) for 129.00
  5. I have a pair of Super Ski planer boards for sale. They are big full size boards and are in excellent condition. my camera is not working, but they can be seen in Olcott NY. Selling them for $50 .00 firm. Call 413-218-3617 ask for John
  6. I should say that I haven't had to file a claim yet so can't tell what it will be like if I do.From several friends who use them for their classic hot rods however they have had very good results and I found them very nice to work with.I didn't need to have a survey they only asked me to supply photos showing the condition of the boat I would like a much higher agreed value as I couldnt come close to replacing the boat for 12, 000 dollars.but I had to keep my costs down. I was primarily concerned about things like liability, from accidents, medical, etc. I wish I had insurance several years ago when we got down to the slip only to find one of my down riggers broken in half from a collision by another boat. Guys said they heard the noise from the crash, but no one got the registration numbers.That cost me over 800 dollars to replace it.
  7. Hagerty classic boat insurance.Same company as the classic car insurance.Good to deal with very competitive rates. I have an agreed value of 12, 000.00 , liability of 350, 000 fuel spill 854, 000 uninsured boater 300, 00 per accident and other stuff like personal effects, medical payments, etc. The premium is $298.00 per year.that is based off the boat being kept and used on lake Ontario Olcott NY, and surrounding great lakes area.
  8. big easy

    Trim tabs

    Just about any boat afloat will benefit from trim tabs,and .In many cases the improvement will be incredibly significant. Tabs can change the attitude of the ride for the better,whether it's to bring the bow down in a head sea,or to keep the hull level when trolling or running in a beam sea.Once you have tabs you will never want to go without them again.. I have a set of 12x12 with drop down fins on my 23 Seacraft and even though this hull has an incredible ride,I still find the tabs to be a big help. When we're running back to port at speed in a quartering sea adjusting the port or starboard tab will do a great job of keeping the boat level and soften the ride and reducing the spray.I also find that the 3" drop down edge on the tabs helps to keep the boat from wandering at low speed when coming into a harbor or when docking. As for the manufactures The majors are all good,but In my experience Bennett without a doubt has one of the best customer service departments in the industry.In fact I have to say that they have the best service in the marine industry.They sent me some parts for free well after the warranty expired and had a tech stay on the phone with me more than an hour after their closing time. They offer both Hydraulic and electric models.I've had their hydraulic models on my last two boats and after more than 15 years I've had only two or three minor issues and they were taken care of extremely fast by Bennett. personally I feel that if your going to spend the money for tabs get the adjustable ones.The automatic type can help somewhat,but there is so much you can do with the adjustable tabs,why not get the most out of them.Its like spending thousands of dollars on a sonar unit and only running it in auto mode when its capable of so much more.
  9. Nice report, and nice fish.Fishing solo is a bit difficult when it comes time to net a big king Been there done that.Three trys is pretty good. Heck, we've had days when it took three tries even with a few guys on board
  10. Big Blue enterprises, 733 delaware rd. Buffalo NY. Phone # 716-573-6341.His name is Dwayne I think he was the past owner of Moore or that he worked there. He just repaired two of my Subtroll units. Also bought many parts from him.He may not answer the phone, but leave a message.He's good about returning calls. I was very happy dealing with him. He did the repairs fairly fast but the earlier you get the repair or parts the better as he gets busy in the fishing season.
  11. Does anyone remember remember the year when the first twenty salmon on the LOC/ESLO tournament leader board were all over forty pounds.? The top 20 this fall were all over 30 which is great, but I wonder why there have been none over 40lbs even the fish that were not in a tournament. I assume that the most common thought would be that its a shortage of forage and bait fish like alewives, but we still mark a fair amount of bait while on the water when trolling. I would think that we would see an occasional fish in the forty pound range, as its not like there is no bait or a horrible shortage of it.I spoke to a Dec guy at the cleaning station in Olcott, who said that Ontario has not suffered a baitfish crash like the other great lakes, but it could possibly happen, and claimed that they should have some better info after they analyze their research from the last few years, and will adjust stocking levels accordingly. Let's hope the baitfish levels remain stable at the least and possibly even increase. Any thoughts as to the missing in action 40 Lb kings???
  12. Have you decided what kind of resin system you will be using? Epoxy or Polyester? If you are using epoxy resin you wont be able to use fiberglass mat (the stuff that looks like all random fiberglass fibers) The reason is that there is a binder in that material that holds the strands together ,and epoxy resin does not have any solvents in it that will dissolve that binder.and as so you will not be able to wet out the fabric. Polyester and Vinylester resins contain styrene and that's what dissoIves the binder and lets you wet out thefabric nicely. If you are using Epoxy resin and want or need to use a fabric with mat then you'll need to use what is called stitch-mat. It's a woven double bias fabric fabric with mat on the other side.No solvent is necessary with this product as the mat is held to the fabric with stitching.When you hear someone saying 1708 or 1808 those are stitchmat fabrics. They are the standard in the industry(along with mat )and are a extremely good structurally strong fabric. this is what you want to use to tab in stringers to the hull. If I was in your shoes ,I'd use a polyester or vinylester resin, then you can use any fabric. Yes epoxy has a stronger mechanical bond and is more flexible but it's far more expensive and really not needed.In fact Vinylester is stronger than epoxy.I guarantee your boat was laid up with polyester. Which ever resin type you use if you do the job right and allow channels for any water to drain away from stringers bulkheads etc and into the bilge the repair will last longer than you.When you come across rot,or fractures in a boats hull,it's never the resin system that failed,it's usually a case of sloppy glasswork. boat factories(no matter the brand) are not immune to questionable workmanship.
  13. Thanks for the kind words,it was a three year restoration. u can buy the non slip beads from places like west marine l think they carry the Awlgrip line.I've used them before and they work pretty nice.You can mix them into the paint of your choice(like Easypoxy),or you can sprinkle them on to the paint while it's still wet. You can buy anything you need to repair or build a boat from Merton fiberglass in Massachusetts.He ships every where and is a one day delivery point to most of the members that are on this site. He stocks most of the Interlux line,and all kinds of resins,(Epoxies,Polyesters,Vinylesters,Dions,etc.) fiberglass fabric, ss fasteners,flotation pour foam,putty's,Basically anything needed to build or repair a boat. He is incredibly knowledgeable and won't sell you something you don't need.He's well known with a good reputation on several boating repair sites. On most products his prices are far better than the big box marine stores. ************************************************************************************************************* I have to admit that he's a friend of mine,and I work for him but if you want to deal with someone that is honest with great customer service and free advice over the phone,he's the guy. *********************************************************************************************************** He built the 30' lobster boat you see on his web site.Here's the site www.mertons.com
  14. Gel coat will not cure over epoxy resin,no matter how long you let it cure. If you use gel coat (polyester base product) over an epoxy surface the gel coat will never harden it will just remain gummy forever. Too many people are using epoxy for areas that would be just as good if you used a polyester resin. Virtually every boat on the market today is built with polyester or at the most vinylester resin.All the work boats,commercial boats,lobsterboats,high end yachts,etc. are all built with polyester or vinylester resins. Yes epoxy has better adhesion than polyester,but in most cases polyester will outlive you if done correctly.Using epoxy for simple repairs is like building a dollhouse with 3/4" plywood,it's way overkill,and usually not necessary. As for non skid decks thickened gel coat makes a great no slip surface and it's reasonably priced.Start with a coat of no wax gel coat thickened up with some cabosil (aka thixotropic powder) to the consistency of ketchup or mayonnaise and tinted to your color choice.Right after it kicks(cures) apply a coat of "Waxed" gel coat thickend and tinted like above. Apply it with a short nap (not foam)roller over the first coat.You will see that it makes tiny peaks on the surface like a stipple effect. Keep another dry roller available to just lightly roll it over the still un-cured surface.This knocks down the peaks to the texture you desire. You can experiment a bit to get used to how it works on a scrap piece of plywood or cardboard. Here's a few pictures of the before and after of the non slip gel coat I did when I restored my 23' SeaCraft.* url=http://s2.photobucket.com/user/easy2/media/IMG_0854.jpg.html][/url]
  15. thanks Sammy and thanks Tom for the quick replies. I understand that manufacturers need to protect their dealers, I almost exclusively buy my fishing and boat equipment from local dealers and sponsors on sites like this. sometimes however it's difficult finding the actual item needed as smaller retail dealers may not stock the item needed or can't get enough for a minimum order. I refuse to buy anything from the big box outdoor houses and will allways end up with someone like a local shop or an online seller like Fish USA (they're great to deal with). So no big deal thanks for the replies and thanks for a great product.
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