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  1. Spoons & Stickbaits Various spoons & flies, $25.00, Various Stickbaits $25.00. Call or text John at 585-469-1923. Thanks, John
  2. Do the vendors sell tackle throughout the show or just on Sunday?
  3. Great work Brian and team!! Nice job with the tournament also. A lot of fun!! John
  4. Nice work Matt. Those 30# kings make those 20# kings look like babies. You were right to go west. Fished braddocks most of the morning and while the fish were there we could not find any size. I know a couple of guys did just not us. Great job on the tournament to all involved!! Good fishing, John
  5. For sale 2 Tru Trac 10 lb. downrigger weights. Asking $15/each. Please call or text John at 585-469-1923. Thanks, John
  6. Nice fish Brian and Keith. We did a king around 10 lbs. yesterday morning. Fish are few and far between. John
  7. For sale 11 stickbaits, rebels, rapalas etc. $30.00 or best offer. Please text 585-469-1923. Thanks, John
  8. For sale, 300 ft. of 30# test wire, 2 Yellow Birds and a small fighting belt for the kids. $25.00 or best offer. Please text 585-469-1923. Thanks, John
  9. For sale some older brown trout spoons and Howie, Northern King flies. $25.00 or best offer. Text me at 585-469-1923. Thanks, John
  10. Chris, I'll take the Frabill net if it is still available. Thanks, John
  11. Anyone have any info on these reels? How to they compare with Daiwa Sealines, Tekotas or Saltist? Tekota's and Saltists are about 1 1/2 times the cost. Just looking to replace some old short-core reels. Thanks, John
  12. Iceman, On this model you have to hold the toggle for both up and down. No auto-stop feature. I believe Big Jon has an add on feature for this now. John
  13. I am selling 2 lightly used 5 year old Big Jon Brute downriggers. One rigger has 250 ft. of Depth Raider Coated cable and the other has 300 ft. of stainless cable. The rigger with the coated cable just was serviced in Sept. 2015 and the other rigger had service in Aug. 2014. These are the high speed models, 200 ft./min for a 15 lb. cannonball. Loaded with handy features, the Brute has as standard equipment: a swivel mounting base, dual Multi-Set rod holders with a ball cradle and a locking, tip-up sectional boom. The high-strength swivel mounting base is machined from billet aluminum. It rotates 360 degrees and locks in eight positions, so you can fish from almost any angle. The Multi-Set rod holders are so easy to use that you can adjust them to any of it's nine positions with just one hand. The locking, tip-up boom makes setting lines safe and easy. It is a three piece sectional boom that can be used as a 2, 3 or 4 foot boom to best meet your needs. These riggers have been used sparingly since mounting them on my boat 5 years ago. They both operated perfectly when I removed them from the boat in September. I am asking $475.00 each or best offer. Please call or text John at 585-469-1923. Thanks for looking, John
  14. Chris, With the 2 boats I purchased I requested and was granted a sea trial and survey. In both cases the broker asked for a $1000.00 deposit. The deal was then contingent on the sea trial and survey. If something went awry I was given back my money. In both cases I ended up buying the boat because everything was good. I can definitely see where it would be a PITA to go through all of the hassle and then either get blown off or take people out for a joy ride. You have to be the one to guage the buyers "Actual Interest", in the boat or if they are just kicking tires. There are a lot of tire kickers or dreamers out there. Best of luck with the sale. I'll miss your videos the most... John