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  1. Route 414 south of 104 (Clyde) loaded with birds yesterday I have a whole spread for sale with over 1k decoys and caller if anyone is interested .
  2. His decoys go for $160 new , might go for a bit more since its limited DU run . (Loon Lake decoy company)
  3. Went on a guided hunt in Kansas 3 weeks ago, Here is Sqauw creek refuge with 700,000 birds on it. Tried hunting them locally 8 years ago with no luck I agree with Matt I am not a jump shooter. ( anymore LOL) We found out some things we were doing wrong from the guided hunt starting to build the spread for next year about 1/4 of the way there with 300 decoys and a good caller. Going to try the next couple of days to get my first snow in NY. Good luck to all you snow chasers !
  4. Sorry to hear that Matt, 2 weeks ago I had to take the dog I hunt over to be put down for a friend after it bit his son. One of the worst drives of my life. special bonds are made with duck dogs.
  5. Elite archery's 2014 Tour w / esx cams has up to a 32'' draw, And they are made here in Rochester I just toured the shop Monday . I shoot a Mathews now but my next bow will be an Elite ! http://www.elitearchery.com/products/
  6. 2012 aboard the Escape netting derby winning fish, 2013 aboard the Escape netting Gizzard shad!
  7. What about these monster Brown Trout guys are catching over 20lbs , In my opinion it has to be the Goby .
  8. Had a couple groups of Pintails come into our goose spread Friday in the southern tier .
  9. He also removed the chance of a Lake Trout taking the Grand prize for all three Derby's ! Be proud of your fishing habits Gambler they are changing rules to compete with your success ! Guess we are going to have to target more silver this year !!! All this over one freak 34.06 Lb chicken ! LOL
  10. Nice job, That is a pile of geese! I haven't had results like that since the first couple years of the nuisance season.
  11. Great fish Kurt , glad to net it for you ! Thanks for letting me keep first place in the Orleans Laker Division. Brian after 16 years of fishing with you it just keeps getting better!
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