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    Hand carved decoy

    His decoys go for $160 new , might go for a bit more since its limited DU run . (Loon Lake decoy company)

    Snow Geese

    Went on a guided hunt in Kansas 3 weeks ago, Here is Sqauw creek refuge with 700,000 birds on it. Tried hunting them locally 8 years ago with no luck I agree with Matt I am not a jump shooter. ( anymore LOL) We found out some things we were doing wrong from the guided hunt starting to build the spread for next year about 1/4 of the way there with 300 decoys and a good caller. Going to try the next couple of days to get my first snow in NY. Good luck to all you snow chasers !

    Lost my boy yesterday

    Sorry to hear that Matt, 2 weeks ago I had to take the dog I hunt over to be put down for a friend after it bit his son. One of the worst drives of my life. special bonds are made with duck dogs.

    31 inch draw length anybody ?

    Elite archery's 2014 Tour w / esx cams has up to a 32'' draw, And they are made here in Rochester I just toured the shop Monday . I shoot a Mathews now but my next bow will be an Elite ! http://www.elitearchery.com/products/

    Flying fish?

    2012 aboard the Escape netting derby winning fish, 2013 aboard the Escape netting Gizzard shad!

    Lake Trout abundance this year

    What about these monster Brown Trout guys are catching over 20lbs , In my opinion it has to be the Goby .
  7. Thanks everyone for the help riggers are locked!

    Spring is coming...

    Had a couple groups of Pintails come into our goose spread Friday in the southern tier .
  9. He also removed the chance of a Lake Trout taking the Grand prize for all three Derby's ! Be proud of your fishing habits Gambler they are changing rules to compete with your success ! Guess we are going to have to target more silver this year !!! All this over one freak 34.06 Lb chicken ! LOL

    Gave the Kings a rest today......

    Nice job, That is a pile of geese! I haven't had results like that since the first couple years of the nuisance season.
  11. Great fish Kurt , glad to net it for you ! Thanks for letting me keep first place in the Orleans Laker Division. Brian after 16 years of fishing with you it just keeps getting better!
  12. I have fished saltwater all over from Hawaii to Maine there is no fishing that compares to tuna fishing,check out pirates cove marina's fishing report in the outer banks the best time to go is in may around memorial day weekend ! One problem with saltwater fishing is you never know how big the fish on the other end of the line is gonna be so a lot of times the gear is rigged to heavy for a nice size fish to have a fair fight . In Hawaii on my honeymoon fishing for marlins I caught a 38lb short bill spearfish on 80lb test it was an awesome fish but not much of a fight at all. The fishing is expensive but your on $600k gas guzzling yacht! the sailfish is from Mexico the tunas outerbanks. Nice bull dolphin Missdemeanor! hope your trip goes good for you and enjoy the scenery!