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  1. Pig smallie

    Oink !
  2. Turkey 2017

    Love the Hevi-Shot. My boys shoot 31/2" but that wrecks my shoulder. 23/4"-3" is good enough for me
  3. First buck

    Good for you!
  4. Trespassers

    Yeah-- the adrenaline kicks in and by the time you pull the trigger it's too late to wish you didn't.
  5. Trespassers

    My Dad had a 10ga double that we used goose hunting back in the 60's-- back when geese were rare in Michigan and not the nuisance they are now. That bad boy shot flames a foot long, kicked like an angry mule and made your ears ring half the day. Stupid thing weighed a ton and if not for sitting in a blind, would have been suicide to haul around. We used that gun until he had bypass and was afraid to shoulder the beast. I never blamed him for getting rid of it...
  6. Trespassers

    Prolly the newbie's way of showing you what a bad a$$ he is.
  7. Waneta tomorrow

    Outstanding first time out results!
  8. Best day hunting to date!

    Great shootin' Great memory!
  9. Snows

    Sweet Snows-- How 'bout a report?
  10. Veterans Week Vacation

    Yessir!--- I always liked them picture books
  11. Goose gun?

    Yeah, Must be something out of whack with your specific gun. My sons and I have shot ours for the better part of a decade in all kinds of weather and I don't remember a failure.
  12. Goose gun?

    I like my Mossberg 835 UltiMag. It's practically indestructible and it eats 23/4, 3, 31/5 inch shells so I can choose whether or not to wreck my shoulder. Attach the rifled deer barrel, load up Hornady SST's and you've got a long range deer machine. For me, it's been a good, reliable gun at a reasonable price.
  13. Arby's and Venison

    I saw frozen, ground venison patties at a local supermarket, price was $8.00 for 4oz.--$32/lb. Weigh your deer. Do the math.
  14. 15 point Wyoming County buck

    Way cool
  15. Russian snaggers

    Same mentality that goes out there without a PFD.