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  1. There was a gigantic raft of snows on the north end of Seneca Lake last year about this time of year. A serious bird guy I know said the flock numbered over 5,000! Incredible sight-- I first thought it was a huge ice flow.
  2. There was an incredible number of Canada goose flocks around Montezuma last week. Saw them on the way to Syracuse and back. Massive numbers! Anybody seen snows?
  3. I'm seeing more enroaded skunks-- that's always a good sign that spring is on the way!
  4. Looks like we're primed for a monster lake effect Noreaster :/
  5. Do the arms retract and open ok? Are they bent or broken? Is the sled cracked or the runners worn off? Lemme know before I come out and look so there's no surprises. Chas
  6. I'm interested. Are the support rods bent? The back view shows a noticeable tilt in the front end? Is the sled solid? Price firm? Chas
  7. Don't know about charters but there's a manatee viewing area just north of Apollo Beach that might be an interesting destination for a day trip. The manatee come in out of the cold bay to warm up in the discharge from the power plant. We just got back from that area and saw not only lots of manatee up close and personal but also a fair number of tarpon running 2-3 feet to 5-6 feet. They like the warm water too and don't seem to be scared off by the deck full of people. There is an extensive and very well kept trail system at the site, a remote observation tower overlooking the bay, a food stand with fair prices! and a jetty to walk out toward the bay. The Florida Aquarium has a sea turtle rehab center within walking distance and the whole package is worth the time to go experience! I thought the new 1100 foot long, 12 foot wide Trex walkway over the salt flat leading to the observation tower alone was worth the trip! Your friends would know about it and how to get there!
  8. Seeing more skunks flattened on the road-- looks like they're getting into dating mode!
  9. Love the Hevi-Shot. My boys shoot 31/2" but that wrecks my shoulder. 23/4"-3" is good enough for me
  10. Yeah-- the adrenaline kicks in and by the time you pull the trigger it's too late to wish you didn't.
  11. My Dad had a 10ga double that we used goose hunting back in the 60's-- back when geese were rare in Michigan and not the nuisance they are now. That bad boy shot flames a foot long, kicked like an angry mule and made your ears ring half the day. Stupid thing weighed a ton and if not for sitting in a blind, would have been suicide to haul around. We used that gun until he had bypass and was afraid to shoulder the beast. I never blamed him for getting rid of it...
  12. Prolly the newbie's way of showing you what a bad a$$ he is.
  13. Sweet Snows-- How 'bout a report?
  14. Yessir!--- I always liked them picture books
  15. Yeah, Must be something out of whack with your specific gun. My sons and I have shot ours for the better part of a decade in all kinds of weather and I don't remember a failure.
  16. I like my Mossberg 835 UltiMag. It's practically indestructible and it eats 23/4, 3, 31/5 inch shells so I can choose whether or not to wreck my shoulder. Attach the rifled deer barrel, load up Hornady SST's and you've got a long range deer machine. For me, it's been a good, reliable gun at a reasonable price.
  17. I saw frozen, ground venison patties at a local supermarket, price was $8.00 for 4oz.--$32/lb. Weigh your deer. Do the math.
  18. Same mentality that goes out there without a PFD.
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