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  1. Nice Work. It looks like he is staring at me.
  2. When I drove by the canal on Monday it had about 10 vehicles there. They should be ready to get just about everywhere.
  3. I know it all too well...
  4. I wonder if they tried to revive it so it didn't count against them. A laker that old can't be that good to eat even if you like lakers. Sustenance means you only take what you need. How you do it is irrellevant, however, gill nets are to fishing what chemical weapons are to warfare - kills indescriminately. Why not use dynamite? I see a potential opportunity for St.Croix.
  5. Those are Rudd. They look like a golden shiner on steroids. invasive but i think maybe the pike keep there numbers down in Conesus. I have heard people complain in the buffalo area.
  6. Monday I drove up 390 in the early afternoon and after passing a longbeard strutting with a bunch of hens in a field right next to the highway I say to my wife " I wonder how many guys are looking for posted signs as they drive by???" I know of one - I am sure there are more.
  7. [4-17-17] I stopped by on my way home from Rochester and I think it is over. There are many warm water fish species up there. I counted maybe a handful of walleye and a few handfuls of pike still in the creek. It is still a nice place to visit - this is in my opinion the best time to go. Warmer weather with fewer insects.
  8. "Don't shoot the king's deer" Haha. The evergrowing antihunting sentiment - I call it the "Disney Effect" I remind my children constantly that bears are not friends with deer in real life. 30 years ago we teased the anti hunters with bambi but I think now they have the upper hand which is why I say it is very important to do things the right way when you hunt. Lease land has been increasing for years now. Use to be you asked permission and helped the farmer out when he needed it and gave him a deer or two and it was fine but when they realize that the lease helps him take care of land that he can not watch constantly and he gets money for his land taxes. I understand it and I can't argue against it. Antler restriction is something I am against but won't piss and moan about it if it happens. Doesn't part of NY already do this? I know PA does it. It isn't the same but kinda is the way fishermen berate other fisherman for not doing what they consider ethical even though they are not breaking any laws. That is kinda how I feel when someone promotes antler restriction. The same way I feel when someone says the stream fisherman should have let the steelhead go. I let young bucks and fawns pass and also let trout go but I don't think it is bad for some to harvest these animals (legally). Hunting for trophy is not really what hunting is about or is that what we have made it. A lot of us say that these days, however, That sportsman thing happened later in our culture when we had more than enough to eat. I remember when my family had to be successful in the garden and in deer season or Christmas would suck. One of the articles they posted talks about the number of hunters who say they hunt for meat grows every year. What does antler restriction do to address this? At least the buck to doe ratio will even out because you know the doe permits will be filled now. There are still many traditionalists who don't shoot does and others who prefer not to if they can shoot a buck instead. Rant over - Don't know why I typed so much. The sun will still come up tomorrow.
  9. I have to goto Rochester Monday so on the way back I will drive that way and check it out. I will post. A lot of years the pike make it up into the swamp. I think it would be cool if the walleye could go up in the swamp and spawn away from the alewives but I am constantly reminded it doesn't work that way. I just think it would be cool if it did. I prefer self sustaining fisheries.
  10. Vet bills are rising faster than the cost of 22 shells. One of the few animals I have low low tolerance for. My Mom's boyfriend gives us a hard time everytime we shoot one because he says it is the only animal you can kill with a stick if you are stranded in the wilderness. I like to say that if I get stranded in the southern tier outback I got bigger problems than finding something to eat.
  11. This is many years ago but I stayed in Ocean City and drove to the chesepeake bay and fished with blood worms off some dunes into the bay. It was spring break time frame - a little too early for them to be running but May should be good. They have a lot of restricted areas in bays now so the fish can spawn unmolested. I would check with some tackle shops for both the bay and the ocean. This is a google search type thing. There are a lot of opportunities to catch fish down there. I will tell you that I had a blast catching freshwater fish with a marine license in brackish water. Any creek with a bridge and a large tidal barrier is perfect. At the end of the boardwalk in Ocean city is where you see most people set up for fishing. It is also where the boats tend to congregate. The water can be quite turbid when the tides change and predator fish like the opportunity to ambush in these conditions. I haven't fished there since (wife/kids) I am now there doing family stuff which doesn't include fishing. Good luck, Stripers are a blast. I like the Hudson River but there are many places to get them. Joe
  12. It's funny because it's true. [Homer Simpson]
  13. I am not a charter captain or Guide but this is my take on it. It only takes one government rule change to sink a charter business. I saw a lot of businesses struggle with the marine fishery and this is mostly due to regulations. I too thought about guiding, however, I know skinny water, and I also am aware that several people may want me dead if I guided these areas. Also, the pressure of success - probably would kill me. Story for thought. Several years ago, My boss's kid came and helped set up my router for me and clean up my computer and he absolutely whizzed right thru it. He looked like one of those actors on tv where you know they are just hitting random keys acting like they are experts. This young man did the whole thing in like 5 minutes. It was his part time job at college. So I say to him. "Why are you going for a chemistry degree instead of computer science? You are a natural." His reply stuck with me. "This is what I love. I do not want to mess with my passion by making it a job." My advice is to offer a ride on your boat this season to strangers on this site. See if you can handle that first. Justin invited me to fish with him and I never met him previously. So you have to get use that awkwardness of having a complete stranger on your boat. I have another friend at work and he is a fanatic as well with the knowledge and the gear and I suggested that he doesn't entertain it because of his temperment. If you have nice things and want them to stay nice then you may not want to charter. Good luck, Joe
  14. Too many options but I will probably be river fishing for the opener and I can't even narrow that down - good luck everyone.
  15. Minnows can be hard to tell at times (often). Use this for reference. If anyone knows a better fishes of NY reference, please post it.