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  1. Reminds me of the first brookie I caught. 15inches in a culvert hole in Allegheny county. You could cross this creek without getting your sneakers wet. Mine was lighter color than the one pictured above and my first words were - what the h e l l is a laker doing here? Then I looked closer and the square tail - I never saw one that big before without all the color so I instantly went laker. Nice fish. BTW - I have seen natural reproduction in the creek that crosses the road on the way into the boat launch.
  2. I have caught a couple slob white perch in Ohio. Even though they are called perch they are not like yellow perch at all.
  3. My worst season ever but not because of deer numbers. No noticeable second rut (which IMO is good for herd health) and good afternoon browse near bedding areas. I had no heavy snow to knock down golden rods so the deer had areas that they could bed in that in recent years they didn't have cover. I am in the south eastern part of 8X. I can say that neighbors who put the time in to make sure there was an excellent food source for afternoon did fine.
  4. Luck Skill Help inability to avoid while driving
  5. Let me know if you need some freezer space...
  6. The scope gives false confidence. After you take the shot you realize that it wasn't a good idea. When the adrenaline fades all you have is regret. I don't see the state changing anything because of the additional revenue. I am sure muzzleloader permit sales went up significantly.
  7. I have waited to post on this topic. Kind of went sideways. I have never seen, other than stream fisherman shouldn't keep steelhead argument, fisherman so divided as bass fisherman. Live bait versus artificial and it goes on from there. I don't think electronics catch fish. I think fisherman catch fish. I also think for me, personally, I like to keep it simple. I fish with people with electronics and I will be honest. sometimes it is nice to find fish quicker. Other times I am bored and annoyed of just searching with the graph. But with that said I don't like shrimp either but I don't give a rat's ass if you do. That is how I feel about these really expensive rigs. Not my money. Speaking of money, How many businesses in the thousand Islands region cares about what equipment they have? The community is better off having them there. I loved that river as a kid. Last two times I was there, I didn't feel it. Zebra muscles have changed it a lot. Makes me happy when I see Kevin and Prof T posting successful trips out. If I offended you, I sincerely apologize, I know your heart is in the right place. I just don't agree with your assessment. MLF is the only tourny fish show I watch and it is because of the format.
  8. I only remember all day trips which were 8hrs. I looked into Yankee Fleet but I went with Clipper Fleet. I think he folded. The slots were killing his business. You would catch haddock and cod all day long but only end up with a handful of keepers. Most were an inch too short. It was still more fun than shopping with my wife. Good luck. It's the east wind you have to worry about if you got a weak stomach.
  9. I need more information. I don't grab my pitchfork and get my panties all bunched up over concern which may be warranted but not necessarily of sky falling proportions. I don't remember these issues when it was a coal plant. I do remember the fishing. Checks and balances - something our governments aren't very good at. Example - Walmart gets to develop wetlands and no one else does. Think about why... IDK any of the FL lake's organizations but they should be focused on human waste being discharged into the lake. This is my "whataboutism" for today.
  10. I was on vacation in old forge about 10 years ago and they had a rack in one of the touristy type stores and it had 3 inch ends polished white tail antlers for $12. They were from younger age class bucks too. Made me go hmmmm.... If you can find something Yuppies want you can make a decent living. They will pay $7.50 for a boat cleat in the kayak section while we pay $2 for the same cleat in the marine section. A friend of mine was doing antler art and he was making handles for grill utensils etc. If you have a lot of antlers of the same side and same general size you can make chandeliers. Most people I know do nothing with them - even the better ones.
  11. Best all around experience is first nice day in early to middle of April. Birds, fish, etc... Bring polarized sun glasses and you won't have to look hard. I loved taking my family but haven't done it in a while - teenagers.
  12. I have trail cam pics to show that the red fox is aggressively hunting the turkeys.
  13. I have never seen a yote that big. I hear they are getting more aggressive but not in my area.., I guess keep shooting at them and they stay in their own lane. I have May pics of them following Does that are ready to drop. This year I did a sit and deer were spooked and I was wondering how I got busted with the wind in my favor. Pretty soon the deer were running back and forth in the brush with a Yote chasing them. I was hoping the deer would bust out in the field so I could get a shot but never happened. Going at them next month with the call - meat pile has been quiet all season so I figure they have an easier (and safer) meal somewhere else.
  14. I would feel more comfortable if they did a pilot program with a few bodies of water that are different from one another with at least one significant attribute and then track changes. Do perch etc. and see what correlates well with the changes. If this approach is solid then expand to the entire state.
  15. Is this a response to ice fisherman? The Crappie changes they made before I got behind but I am not sure what good this is going to do. I am worried about unintended consequences. Doesn't matter much to me. I usually keep 20-30. But more bluegill doesn't mean bigger bluegill.
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