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  1. Better flows makes it harder for snatchers too which hopefully discourages them.
  2. Tell the campground owner to go to the dollar general and get some cheap yet strong perfume and cologne and soak a rag and put that in the dumpster. Use the bears' strongest sense against him/her. If that doesn't work then only a human intervention will. Regarding the fellow making poor decisions... IDK. Not much of a trophy if it isn't a fair chase. I have a saying. "I will consider that when I am hungry but thankfully I am not hungry right now."
  3. I would go with Keuka but probably for the same reason Justin would go with Skaneateles (Familiarity)
  4. Looks like a week from today will see a picture of Tommy.
  5. I don't know if it was such a bad thing. If he was polite about it I am ok with how he did it. I hate when you are respectful and ask permission and catch an earful from the landowner for what somebody else did.
  6. I keep wanting to chime in and then I chicken out... I must have that PC pathogen. Flashback 20 years - All I can say is when I go fishing I don't fish for lakers. But if I catch one, I am ok with it. (There is an analogy in there)
  7. 6 weeks from now those water sources will be important. They get a lot of their water intake from their diet in the summer. I have noticed a big change in deer movement this year but not because of the drought but because of the lack of vegetation because of the drought. I am hoping we get some soaking rains soon. Where I was afraid to drive my truck last year the earth is cracked this year.
  8. IDK how to feel about this. I can see the good and the bad aspects.
  9. Just across border in PA is Strouse's Taxidermy. I haven't been there in a while because haven't harvested anything for the wall in a long time. He use to do a lot of bear and I imagine he still does.
  10. Ohio = Walleye. I hear its pretty good.
  11. BSmaster

    A Fatty

    Venison hotdogs and walleye - no better way to make friends.
  12. BSmaster

    A Fatty

    Good job Kevin. I have noticed over the years that your family eats pretty good.
  13. I like this quote. Very well said Bob.
  14. You get a mix because bass eat like people. Some wolf it down and some nibble. gamakatsu circle hooks work well. I think you should be using a #2 - not sure why you are missing hook sets maybe move up one size. You can use a wire hook as well. The advantage here is that you can let swallowed hooks remain and the fish will either break it down or it will pass thru. It is better to cut than yank if you are catch and releasing. I know you are looking for an explanation for your questions - I don't really know. BTW the live bait thing gets even harder when you add walleye into the mix. And about live bait vs artificial. I believe there is a time and place for both. I have seen a lot of bass deformed from 9 hook point lures and that's why mine are like brand new. I would rather catch the fish with one hook point if I am going to release it. Cranks usually out fish live bait in the fall so I will use them - don't want to be a hypocrite.
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