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  1. I was waiting for this post. Justin, that was the most fun I have ever had fishing for eyes. Boy I was tired on the way home but it was a blast.
  2. Churchville, Lake Alice, Oak Orchard, the ponds, IROQ bay. All good for kayak. Stay somewhat near shore in IROQ bay. You will look like a piece of floating debris to some of those boats.
  3. Sean, those deer make you look small.
  4. This is an excellent question. I have both state licenses and I always wonder since a few of the rivers I fish are in both states. Better yet... The limit is 6 bass 6 walleye in PA but 5 bass and 5 walleye in NY so what happens if I return home from PA with any limit (never happens) and I get questioned for being over the limit. Do they have to prove I caught the fish in NY or do I have to prove that I caught them in PA? Even if they test the fish it is the same body of water - how can they tell without visual evidence of me catching? Isn't this like the question last year about people going out before midnight catching a limit, returning to port dropping off the fish and then going out after midnight for another limit? Good questions.
  5. How about we put a cherry on that icing (both stream and lake) and get us some Atlantics (which is indigenous).
  6. Yes. Exactly. I do not know anybody that likes that there are northerns in honeoye. I have stated before that I wouldn’t mind species in all lakes but the dec needs to make that decision and not Joe shmo.
  7. Walleye are more indeginous to the north east than rainbows are. Your passion for trout fishing wrecked your logic No no matter how much logic you put into the argument the passion of trout guy versus the passion of an eye guy always is the root of the discussion. The “discussion” putting it mildly. Should be able to control walleye by doing exact opposite of what they do everywhere else to promote walleye. I am a stable genius.
  8. I was happily surprised this morning when I heard a gobble. Got my electronic call out and fired him up good. I know where he is but there are at least 2 other turkey hunters closer to him than me. He may not even keep the same roost over the next month.
  9. I like Knight and Hale. It works so good That I will stop my truck in the middle of the road and call to some flying and they come right in. I never would have thought in a million years that was possible. I discovered this trying to use it as a locator call for turkeys in the spring. Even the stupid ravens wouldn't leave me alone. I went back and read my thread from years back. There was some good info and some well... entertainment. Crows are a nuisance (in many ways) just as much as rock doves defecating on farm equipment and hay. There is an underlying purpose even though it seems to be sporty. I haven't killed for sport since I was in my single digits. I killed so many songbirds with my bb gun that I thought my Grandma was going to disown me. No good reason for it and I wouldn't do it today but I was a natural born killer and I liked it at that age. After many brushes with death I do not treat life the same way. Everything I kill has a purpose. Could be too many roosters in the Hen house or it could be too many varmints hunting my feathery pets. I like eating fresh fish and harvest specific species but when I catch an invasive, it goes on the bank - because it shouldn't be there. When I see more coons then YOY turkey on my trail cams, I start hunting coon. etc. I also eat deer tags at the end of the year. I don't require them all to be filled. Deer herd doesn't need culling. Take what you need. I have a distain for porcupines and woodchucks for the damage they cause. Skunks are ok. One last thought: Crows are smart. I shot one last year in the yard AND I did it so I could use its feathers for some jigs. The rest of the bird's family avoids me like the plague now. they learned that I will shoot them. The saying goes that there will be three "C"s left at the end of the world. Coyotes, Crows, and Cockroaches. They are more adaptable and resistant to change than other critters.
  10. I guess the real question is "will they do that on May 1st?"
  11. April 2007 Michael Vick is arrested for animal neglect. Eventually serves 21 months prison time On the morning of March 14, 2009, Donte Stallworth struck and killed a pedestrian while driving his car at the eastern end of the MacArthur Causeway in Miami Beach, Florida. ... 30 day jail sentence. Animal abuse 21 months. Vehicular Homicide under the influence 1 month. Animal Abuse - instant notoriety. Kill someone - people struggle to remember if they remember at all. My point: As a whole, we (in this society) value animals more than human life. I can give more examples of upside down (West coast is full of them) world but I think you get my point.
  12. Interesting topic here. I am torn. I am called a sportsman but I do not hunt for sport. I reminded myself of that this morning when I pulled out venison tenderloin for dinner. My thoughts: I have gotten over 50 pheasants shot by well to do sportsman doing field trials. I was able to get them because The guy I use to know told me they were just going to dump them in the ground if nobody wanted them and that was usually the case. I have gotten over 3 dozen rabbits from a rabbit hunting contest because my neighbor use to do the weigh in and again nobody wanted them - coincidentally stopped the annual tourney because of gambling concerns. I have scooped recently dead bass after weigh in at the launch. I support people's right to do these events but the waste has never been good with me. But on the other hand I know there has to be balance and so while predators don't always get harvested for a use, I still believe it is necessary. If you don't have balance the ecosystem runs amuck. The north west has a wolf problem now because of politicians and lobbyists. How much money are they losing now because their elk herds are decimated? As far as contests. They bring people together. If we are not together we are sitting by ourselves insulting one another on LOU. My wonder is 1st fish, biggest fish, big buck - where is the line? I enjoy pics but there is no obligation for people to post them. However, keep them coming.
  13. Moon was so bright I got my binoculars out to scan the fields. I tried in my back yard but got skunked. I am hoping for a slight warm up before the end of season. If it wasn't for the drive home I would be throwing right next to you. Congrats, glad to see you are getting them.
  14. I like pike. More so than trout but that is just me (trout guys - exhale). The one fish looks to be a chain/pike hybrid.
  15. NYS loves money so I have a hard time believing they would deter out of state fisherman from making that late October trek. I personally DNC about creel limits on Ontario because I don't eat those fish anyways, however, I did care when they change the regulations on the Hudson and haven't been back there since so I can understand the other side. Just my two pennies...
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