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  1. NYS loves money so I have a hard time believing they would deter out of state fisherman from making that late October trek. I personally DNC about creel limits on Ontario because I don't eat those fish anyways, however, I did care when they change the regulations on the Hudson and haven't been back there since so I can understand the other side. Just my two pennies...
  2. BSmaster

    Mid Summer Perch

    don't worry about me Les. My honey do list is thick this past few years. Love the perch gotta take care of some family needs.
  3. BSmaster

    3 D gun printing

    X2 To quote Hilldog. This is a big nothing burger. A bigger deal Is regulating free speech. I don’ Follow Infowars but that banishment is scary because of where it can lead us as a nation.
  4. BSmaster

    Rather disturbing info

    Les, Thank you for posting. I didn't see the talk. The article is incomplete and lopsided. I can not form an opinion based on what is in there. While there is truth there it has no relevance to my lifestyle since there is no comparitive references. There are bodies of water, even the fingerlakes where I will not eat fish and then there are other bodies of water where I will eat the fish and it is based on taste and not how contaminated the fish may be. A good start would be some LD 50 and other meal choices for a reference point. An actual MD referring to the benefits versus the risks of eating said fish. Keeping smaller fish is always a better idea. For those of you that do not want to eat the walleye that you catch any more. I will gladly accept all walleye (subject to further scrutiny) not caught in the lower Genny or Hudson rivers. I find my X-men powers to be very helpful. Joe
  5. BSmaster


    Saw my first flock of robins this morning... I saw geese flying north on Saturday. I saw worms on the driveway last week. It is starting to feel like spring even though I think there is still some winter lion left in March.
  6. BSmaster

    Jumbo perch

    replica looks more tasty than the real one. HAHA... Excellent work as always...
  7. BSmaster

    14 point

    This is such a great story... Congratulations.
  8. BSmaster

    calling all dogs

  9. BSmaster

    Found-Hunting Beagle (Painted Post/Erwin)

    Yeah - second that. Even when I took my house beagle hunting (more like a lazy lap dog) she would have nicks and cuts and a red tail. Anyone that runs dogs knows they get beat up pretty good after a good hunt - especially if there is a lot primrose.
  10. BSmaster

    calling all dogs

    Anybody use a decoy dog? I am thinking this is a good dog - very smart.
  11. BSmaster

    calling all dogs

    Pap, Gorgeous dog. He looks like he runs the house. I too am a beagle man and had many misfortunes. We had a mother daughter not return home. We had the best dog we ever had just gone. Pups stolen. One got shot. Right now I have a 16.5 year old. I can't hunt her anymore and I won't replace her either. I have had her longer than my family and that's all they have ever known. I really don't know who will cry the most when she passess.
  12. BSmaster

    calling all dogs

    I watched a red fox run around my yard in the moonlight this morning around 4am. Not worth waking the family up for. I have watched it before. I love the route this thing takes when it leaves. It goes away from the brush making me think that it has decided it is safer to go the long way to get out.
  13. BSmaster

    calling all dogs

    I think I found my varmint rifle. Howa 22-250 bolt act bolt action top load. I think it is technically the Howa 1500 Ranchland 22-250 light weight Yote. Looking for negative comments... If you feel good about it I want to hear it too but I really want to hear the cons (if there are any).
  14. BSmaster

    calling all dogs

    Pap, sounds like you took me hunting - definitely sounds like something I would do.
  15. BSmaster

    walleye stocking lake ontario

    I believe you can have it all...