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  1. Jumbo perch

    replica looks more tasty than the real one. HAHA... Excellent work as always...
  2. 14 point

    This is such a great story... Congratulations.
  3. calling all dogs
  4. Found-Hunting Beagle (Painted Post/Erwin)

    Yeah - second that. Even when I took my house beagle hunting (more like a lazy lap dog) she would have nicks and cuts and a red tail. Anyone that runs dogs knows they get beat up pretty good after a good hunt - especially if there is a lot primrose.
  5. calling all dogs

    Anybody use a decoy dog? I am thinking this is a good dog - very smart.
  6. calling all dogs

    Pap, Gorgeous dog. He looks like he runs the house. I too am a beagle man and had many misfortunes. We had a mother daughter not return home. We had the best dog we ever had just gone. Pups stolen. One got shot. Right now I have a 16.5 year old. I can't hunt her anymore and I won't replace her either. I have had her longer than my family and that's all they have ever known. I really don't know who will cry the most when she passess.
  7. calling all dogs

    I watched a red fox run around my yard in the moonlight this morning around 4am. Not worth waking the family up for. I have watched it before. I love the route this thing takes when it leaves. It goes away from the brush making me think that it has decided it is safer to go the long way to get out.
  8. calling all dogs

    I think I found my varmint rifle. Howa 22-250 bolt act bolt action top load. I think it is technically the Howa 1500 Ranchland 22-250 light weight Yote. Looking for negative comments... If you feel good about it I want to hear it too but I really want to hear the cons (if there are any).
  9. calling all dogs

    Pap, sounds like you took me hunting - definitely sounds like something I would do.
  10. walleye stocking lake ontario

    I believe you can have it all...
  11. calling all dogs

    Well, last night when I got home from work there was a mature bald eagle on the deer (I pointed it out to my wife and kids) and it was my wife that was acting like a kid on Christmas morning. She has not been a fan until then. On another note. I find it sort of creepy skinning out predators looking at there hairless faces. I guess it reminds me of demons. I watched a documentary on the coywolf of eastern canada and they compared the skulls from the top down and showed where the additional muscles were attached. The interesting thing in that documentary was that eastern wolf can breed with either the timber wolf in the west or the coyote but the coyote can't hybridize with the timber wolf.
  12. calling all dogs

    That is pretty cool.
  13. calling all dogs

    Don't take this the wrong way but I am glad to hear this. I thought I had screwed something up. The Yotes have not been back since I saw them the first time. I had a gray out there last night early but it vanished as soon as I lifted the sash. I have been admiring a rather large red tail hawk ripping things apart and a couple crows that are working in a pair and always fly away at the right time.
  14. calling all dogs

    now that pic makes me like cats. Good kitty...
  15. calling all dogs

    What about a 204? Any thoughts?