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  1. BSmaster

    Rock bass season

    Really good early in the year before the water warms. They are firmer than perch but as summer gets heated they get a little bit mushy like crappie without the crappie taste.
  2. I miss fishing with you Justin. I am glad you are posting. I call this "Vicariously". Thank you! I am not sure your set ups but I was dropping a lot of fish with mono drop shotting. I changed to superslick main with a ~6-10 ft flouro Seagur and it improved greatly my hook up to land ratio. It is so good that I just reel perch, bluegill, and crappie. All of the give is on a light rod and zero stretch in the line. I have not yet fished your Keitechs yet but will give them a try. I just haven't felt like turkey hunting or fishing this year with current climate - that's a big first for me.
  3. Get a grill for the boat. It is a thing. Try not to blow yourself up. I am sitting here thinking about how hungry I would have to be to eat raw salmon from lake O and I skipped breakfast and I still can't picture it.
  4. There are a lot of mice this year. I was wondering if this is why I haven't seen much activity.
  5. Any psychologists on here? I was just thinking you could psychoanalyze a person by how they use YouTube. That would make a good college course.
  6. I like to watch regional fishing videos and guess where they are at and at what time of year. I also like watching the Florida fishing channels with the ladies wearing bikinis. I know they were on boats and I think they had fishing poles but don't ask me what they were using or what they were catching. I don't remember that part. There are some people on here that would be fun watching and listening too. Some old and some young. A lot of talent on this site.
  7. My belief is predators were a bigger factor to pheasant loss. Birds of Prey made a strong recovery from DDT and fox from fur trade collapse. Grouse are affected too and they are native.
  8. One of my most memorable nights was so dark you couldn't see the horizon, we would throw the sticks out into the rapids and just listen for the slurp. It seemed like every cast for 30 minutes one of us had a hook up. Those are some nice fish. This weather pattern holds and we should have a very good close this year. Thanks for posting.
  9. Thanks Bill. I thought it was obvious.
  10. Amazing how these threads turn political. I mean really - I want a plastic straw. Guy is unethical - deserves punishment afforded to him by law and lets stop there. Taking it further just offends someone else.
  11. Ditto but I would say an Atlantic. How did it fight? Head shakes or violent runs?
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