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  1. I hope this comes to a conclusion soon so this thread can get back to celebrating my favorite past time. I don't personally know anyone involved so it is easy for me to say. My apologies if I offended anyone.
  2. He's looking for the invasive snakehead. IDK - they always have a reason.
  3. Things that make you go hmmmmm……... I would have hired the guy that did my wedding photos and do a total spread. At the very least my smile would be attached to that deer.
  4. BTW the number one target for me is a 6pt that looks like and oil drum with stilts.
  5. I was just explaining the problems with deer management with my wife yesterday. Traditional = Harvest buck regardless of age or rack size and don't shoot doe. QDM = Pick and choose which deer gets harvested Trophy = Shoot every doe possible and only bucks over 4.5 and sometimes 5.5 years. These are the ones that are explained in detail but they always leave out the obvious one and that is the Opportunity management style which a hunter has tags and fills them as they can and not as they see fit. I have all 4 of these scenarios as neighbors. Deer can move miles so if everyone of the small parcels is doing something different there is a good chance it all evens out. I am not going to harvest a 2.5 10pt because I am worried the neighbor is going to shoot it. If I harvest it, it is because I wanted to and not because I want to get it because I am worried one of my neighbors will not let it pass.
  6. I hate it when the poles snap. I have one that is FUBAR and the other is limping along. If you take the time to cut a blind in properly, you don't want to have to remove it before every winter storm. Might as well not even use one.
  7. I think the rut is the same as last year but year to year conditions make it the perceived rut look different. I am southern tier so I think my timeline is a little different. I do not expect to see a lot of deer on the move until the second rut which should happen halfway thru the second week of regular. I was unable to bow hunt this year but I have learned to get it done on the front end of the rut because the tail end is terrible for me and I think that might be what you are experiencing. But with that said, They always come back.
  8. I think you should frame this. That smile says it all.
  9. Really Nice Buck. I wouldn't hesitate October 1st 6.30am. Then go perchn.... Congratulations.
  10. I was thinking the same thing. Mind telling us how you get the 4 wheeler loaded?
  11. Bell curve model seems appropriate. You would have a hard time convincing me otherwise without showing me the design of experiment and the data. People always seem to nowadays skip that and go directly to the abstract. PS. State agencies have in the past disenfranchised me because they went with a conclusion and then cherry picked data to support that conclusion. When challenge they immediately retreat to their ivory tower. I don't believe the world is going away in 10 years either. Sorry about your misting experience. I hope you don't find my opinion offensive. It is how I feel. It is Monday. I am at work. Even if I wasn't I can't hunt because I tore my calf muscles 3 weeks before the rut and I still can't walk. I am living vicariously thru this thread and every day I check to see Dan stick that stud buck.
  12. I have confidence in you. That's a nice deer - well worth the challenge.
  13. Nice deer. Money aside, I wouldn't know where I would put a full body mount. There are marriage considerations for both decisions.
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