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  1. rochester and sandy are close move to other ports marina won't open if they don't have people using it to sustain it
  2. jig them up all you want and no trolling
  3. Troy Creasy High Adventure is in Pine Island Area and a lake ontario captain
  4. Used in good working condition with power cord and base and lowrance hard plastic screen cover. I have original box and all manuals. Does not come with transducer. Replacement 83/200 transducer is roughly $50 I had to replace it a few years ago. Lake insight mapping covers continental us inland waters. I used it to jig lake trout and it worked great with real good definition and picture. $225
  5. jig them been putting up big numbers on jigs good healthy keeper sized fish
  6. can the power cord and transducer from an older hds elite 5 be used with the new gen 3 chirp units?
  7. sagandaga sucks unless you want to catch a bucket of 15 inch tiny walleye.
  8. i called lowrance and they suggested also running it in deep water mode in settings when fishing in over 60 ft of water. I do this now and can see my 1 ounce jig fall to bottom and pick up lakers on the bottom. I also turn my sensitivity up to 95-97% and turn fish id off which ramps up the sensitivity as well.
  9. i have the same boat love it is the t-top the folding one? been considering a t-top for mine
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