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  1. Conneaut Lake

    I live in Conneaut Lake. There are some, albeit few, large muskies still in Conneaut. I've seen two over 50" through the ice in the last 5 years. If you are looking for numbers and possible quality, a ten minute run west to Pymatuning may be a better bet. Feel free to PM me if you are looking for more info.
  2. 4/29 out of the oak

    Look at the tail in the bottom pic. Kings have spots on tail from top to bottom...Cohos will hardly ever have spots on tail more than halfway down.
  3. Olcott

    C'mon Chad...Kings? Lol
  4. State of the Lake -- Everyone please read

    Captain Vince is spot on. Look at Walleye and Perch numbers in Sag Bay since Alewife crash. There's a reservoir in my backyard that illustrates the point. Until it was acknowledged that Alewife were added to ecosystem and were predating fry stockings of Walleye to put and take lake and young of the year perch illustrated by missing year classes of walleye and perch and finally realized adult, unpredated Alewife were the cause, a limited stocking of hybrid White Bass elimated the problem. The fishery has rebounded since
  5. BayRats

    You can also see a list of retailers at:
  6. flasher and flies

    I think pairings are important as well as fly leader length as well as distance from ball or diver to Spinnie
  7. Favorite plugs?

    Brad's Cut Plug has been good to us... especially handy when you run out of real cut bait
  8. reading material

    Keating on Kings is probably the best Salmon fishing read for the Great Lakes ever written
  9. Expecting some much needed fish porn... 5 days in a row of mid 40's and above...I expect to see some pics and reports's much needed
  10. Ugh!!

    Wait a minute guys...grass carp aren't the terroristic ones that are so bad. It's the Silver and Bigheads we are worried about
  11. Olcott fishing reports

    Went 2 / 3 on big boys, 2 - 2 yr olds and a Skippy in front, 80 fow
  12. Olcott

    To my knowledge was first made popular by Billy Ruth in his Fair Haven / Sodus days
  13. Olcott

    Spoon version:
  14. Olcott

    Temp screwed up from yesterday's East. 50 down 45 in 75 fow. Ground out a 1/3 performance on big boys in the skinny water this morning