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  1. Hey chas0218 They had the smaller model on display at the hamburg show this year. I believe it was on display by " bow n stern marine" you might want to give them a call and see if they have one you can see in person as well. I spent quit a bit of time checking the boat out and was very impressed, looks to be a great boat. Good luck in ur search Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. Excellent job!!!
  3. No docks yet. You just have to power launch for now. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. Did a quick trip with the family before the lake got too rough. Bay Rats off the boards in 8 fow out in front of the creek , we pulled one brown n a silver. Happy Easter and tight lines to everyone. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. Sweet deal:) way to start out ur season n look forward to many more reports. Tight lines
  6. Way to end the month of feburary, nice job
  7. Started out of bear creek with a flat calm lake and cool water temps. The water stayed in the 33-34 degrees till the sun warmed it up a bit. Slow steady pick for the day with a bunch of cookie cutters. Sticks off the boards were back 150 n riggers were back 60. Mostly a board bite with the long sticks today. This coming weeks temps should heat things up. Tight lines to everyone[emoji1]
  8. Sweet adventure
  9. Thanks bud appreciate it, hope u can get out shortly as well. We went out again on Friday for a late pm trip. Did a bunch a cookie cutters with one nice one. Sent em back to fight another day.
  10. Way to start your season, keep it up[emoji106]
  11. New pup is worth it. Now u have a lot fun work ahead as well:).
  12. Been waiting for ur wrap to the second season, great pics and its always nice to see you get a few cans. The hawk looks awesome and thats defiantly a neat experience. Take care bud
  13. Hey tile man Dan at least u tried, you know the saying bad day of fishing better then a good day at work. Keep at it and good luck.
  14. Weather was looking good so we tried for a new year troll. Pulled out of bear creek at o dark 30. Wind was a steady east with some nice rollers mixed in later, that also kept the water cooler and we could only find a high of 37 degrees, range was 34-37. Started out with a mix of long sticks and short sticks, ended the day with all shorts as thats what they really wanted. Numbers were good and we saw a few more stud toads than norm. All were sent back to fight another day. Goof luck to everyones new season[emoji1]