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  1. Attached is the standings for DII for the Great lakes Special Events-lake Ontario Championship. DI was cancelled this year due to the "C" word mess with events being cancelled and/or the unknown. However, we are still going to track and update the free entry DII series. The race is early with most teams only fishing 1-2 events. http://greatlakesspecialevents.com/forms/2020%20LOCS%20D2.pdf http://greatlakesspecialevents.com/index.html Good luck to the teams in 2020 Thanks, Captain Pete
  2. VP, I may get in this year if I dont go to Ludington in July. Sodus is same weekend as Ludington but they are unsure if theeir having their event as of today. Capt Pete
  3. Just a reminder that the deadline to register for the WHI and UMS Challenge is Friday May 29th at 11:59 PM. Online registration only at: http://wilsonharborinvitational.com/whi.html Thanks
  4. Just a reminder that the deadline to register for the WHI and UMS Challenge is Friday May 29th at 11:59 PM. Online registration only at: http://wilsonharborinvitational.com/whi.html Thanks
  5. Thanks for clarifying Rick. Registration page will be up for this division by tonight and rules for printing uploaded shortly after.
  6. To my knowledge, this is the only event occurring that day.... Prob due to _____D-19. Dont even wanna type it. Maybe someone else can chime in but this is the only event besides the Condor on friday which is open to anyone, not just weekend tourney teams.
  7. Starting a new thread here: The 2020 trout and salmon slam is being cancelled for this year. Refunds were completed today (only 3 teams entered so far) However, the 1K a day (prorated) will remain starting May 30th and concluding 6PM Friday June 5th. Reminder that anyone can enter, not just WHI teams. The more entries, the bigger the pot. 20# min salmon only can be weighed. The WHI will still occur and reg deadline is May 29th..
  8. Orleans: $500 this year. No observer required tho. Reg deadline June 5th 2020 rules are on the Reg page. Also, June 12 Friday Condor event is $100 Can register by midnight day prior June 11
  9. The Orleans Open is a go, per Bob Songin. Weekend of June 13-14th. Major changes are that steelhead are worth 20 points instead of 10 and no observers. However I believe they plan on doing a LD test. These are unofficial, word of mouth changes and the registration site is open. See their FB page for updates.
  10. Just to confirm to everyone, the WHI is a go on June 6th, make up 7th. Also, the salmon and trout slam and 1K day (prorated based on participation) will also be occurring the week days prior. Daily weigh-ins will be at the Wilson gas Shack (only). If you missed out on the annual spring LOC, then the salmon and trout slam and 1K day is just the right thing. You can participate in these without competing in the WHI. This will be the 1st event for 2020, followed by the Orleans Open which is the following weekend. That week/weekend will make a GREAT distraction from a lot of the negativity occurring. Spread the word on the the WHI event, salmon and trout slam, 1K day and the Orleans Open (which has a few rule changes also like no observer and a twist to the importance of the steelhead in this event) See ya at the dock
  11. UPDATE: The WHI is still on track for the event, esp now as NY is loosening things up slow Looks like KOTL is out for the possible dual even weekend. (taken from the FB page) Let me start by saying thank you for your patience. It’s been a trying time for all of us planning around the pandemic! As most know us, we want to fish! We want to fish tournaments! We were waiting for good news to happen on Monday the 11th of May from our government but unfortunately didn’t happen. We are not postponing our spring event. We are officially cancelling the event for many reasons combined. This is a decision we took seriously. We looked at pros and cons as well as looking at all the obstacles in order to operate. This is like a weather call, split decision and we understand both sides. It’s a no win situation for any of us running events. We will be back on Labor Day weekend for our fall event and we anticipate a very good event. For those who have entries paid and want to leave entry for fall event, your welcomed to and those who want their money back shoot me a text 9056513327 or email [email protected] and we will put back on your cards Thank you for your understanding. The kotl team
  12. UPDATE: The WHI is pushed back to weekend of June 6-7... The spring King of The lake may also occur during the same weekend. There will be a dual port weigh-in (Canada and Wilson) All of this will depend on what CND restrictions are in place by then??? (more to follow) WHI Any preregistered teams that cannot participate, should email Candie ASAP at: [email protected] The rules are the same (except dates and meeting procedures etc...) and deadline to register will be consistent with the original rules etc... Elise K from Michigan won the Dreamweaver Lures early bird drawing this AM and the drawing was posted on the Fish Hawk Electronics FB page. The 1K day (prorated based on entrants as noted in the rules) and Slam will also happen the week prior to the WHI event. Reminder: No spring LOC this year, but non WHI teams can play in the week long Slam and 1K a day. (Pass that along to fellow anglers) The website will be modified but registrations are open again and will be accepted up to a week before the event (however, the event is limited to the 1st 50 teams still) The rules will change also to reflect the social distancing requirements. Expect virtual captains meeting, FB recorded weigh in, limited gatherings at weigh in and awards etc... However, the point of this message was to serve notice on the date change plus possible merging of the spring KOTL with the WHI weekend! We expect an exciting weekend.
  13. To all registered participants of the 2020 Wilson Harbor Invitational, Deposit Balance Due We have been keeping apprised of the daily changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and wanted to give everyone a few updates in regards to our 2020 tournament. At this time, the event has not been cancelled or postponed. We are pushing the automatic balance due draft date from 05/01/2020 to 05/09/2020 in order to give us a chance to see what happens with the situation over the next few weeks. At that time, we will make a decision on what to do in the best interest of our participants and will inform everyone as quickly as possible. Early Bird Prize Drawing We offered entry into an early bird prize drawing for any team who registered prior to 04/01/2020 and Dreamweaver Lures has offered to pull the winner for us. The winner will be announced but the prize will be held until we make a decision on the tournament. If the tournament is postponed, the winner will have to be able to participate on the new tournament date in order to receive the prize. If the event has to be cancelled for 2020 then the prize will be cancelled as well. Tournament Postponement / Cancellation Once we have made a decision regarding postponing or cancelling the event, we will inform all participants in regards to how the new dates, refunds, tournament entries, etc. will be handled.
  14. One of my best memories of Capt Joe was him driving me in his truck from Olcott to pick up a nickel dime part but he insisted. He drove us one way 35 miles and back and we had a great life talk along the way... Another was seeing him and the whole MI Stinger fishing team (including the owner;Terry -R.I.P) in an elevator in ST Caths at a hotel, brief case, jackets, MIS hats, the whole visual display. LOL-I was the new Dreamweaver guy and walked in there feeling like an alewife in a school of Kings. I was like, damn, these guys are here for business at this years spring KOTL. (I couldn't wait to get out of that elevator) Lastly, the song THUNDER; by AC/DC will always be remembered even more now. Heard that tune jammed many times by Joe on tournament day. R.I.P Joe Captain Pete Vision Quest
  15. Thanks VP for the reply, None of this stuff going on is welcoming but the goal is to try to have it. Whether it's May of early June? Not sure yet but , it's a wait a little longer and see. The PA Fish and Boat just cancelled our small Trout Challenge event this week which is held in April and it didn't feel good being cancelled. We had a format which would allow social distancing, text pic disclaimers, limited weigh-in procedure, etc... all discussed and figured to keep all safe and within guidelines. But they cancelled our permit without consoling us and our "plan" . It was discouraging ! We're all getting enough discouraging news daily so we don't want to add the WHI to that list.... yet.... That decision may not make everyone happy or one they agree with but that's expected. And, we all know fishing or lack of fishing is not the end of the world but people are going anyways and if we add common sense, fish with people (family?) or those who have been practicing safe social distancing practices, the potential risk can be eliminated. Combine that with areas where Covid 19 has not been a problem, such as the south shore of Lake O. Let's see how things roll out in the weeks ahead. Captain Pete
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