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  1. Good comments so far. To keep it transparent...and note clarifications. As of yesterday: Kevin is also considering opening up the border again due to the observer rule being lifted and the fact that recently (2 years ago???) the boundary crossing (back and forth) gray area was clarified in writing. He feels many Canadian anglers were unintentionally shut out when he said no crossing. But may allow it in 2020. There is a similar thread on SpoonPullers. Re: observer elimination: there are many deterrents that are being planned to help deter the possibility of cheating. We would be tipping the hat to state them here but are very aware and have intentions to put in deterrents. We all know, cheating can occur when observers are on boats. Hidden phones below, sleeping observers, observers who have stated they dont care what we do, observers who dont get asked to look at fish prior to releasing, on and on. They still remain the best deterrent but have drawbacks and still do not guarantee "no cheating" occurred. So, in the interest of attracting more teams, observers probably will be dropped in 2020. Last year, the tourney went very well and was efficient. They take a lot of effort in planning, revising web sites, rules and of course organizing a week long event. All intended rule changes are being done/considered with regard to continue to protect the integrity of the event, while looking at ways to increase participation. NOT so certain individuals can gain an edge. Those behind the scenes suggestions and "dark texts" will be ignored. The new proposed format is consistent with the week long format as well as LOC (to some degree). Feedback from teams interested in the event are desired.
  2. If anyone fishing or plans on fishing the WHI and has any brief input on a few of the major changes, please submit a brief reply. Tournament organizers are always looking for ways to increase participation, or give events a new twist, or make changes due to comments from the past events. Like the dropping of the observer rule. Could be a good or bad thing but its a hangup for many and adds a body to someone's boat. So, proposing to drop it, may be a liked change and increase participation? Last year's WHI went very well, payout was as good as it can get for the number of participants, weigh in went fast and was very well run. This years biggest proposed changes are: no observer (LD test in lieu of), 8 rods from (6), Canadians fee is at par, so it may increase CND participation?, 7 fish max weigh (all could be kings or a combo of kings BUT 2 lake trout max)in an effort to possibly take some pressure off kings, put some pressure on trout and possibly create a different strategy. (King only guys might prefer a king only format-diverse guys may like an event with a twist similar to many south shore NY events which allow trout) and king-laker box is consistent with the week long trout and salmon slam leading up to the WHI. Also keep in mind, the LOC is also occurring that week and includes those two species as well. Those are the major changes occurring as the teaser video indicated.
  3. Here are a few items regarding the 2020 WHI being held may 16th-make up day 17th Web site will be updated and finalized in 7-10 days and on line registrations taken. The trout and salmon slam will have same format as well as 1K a day. There are a few other changes noted in promo video: If video quality needs improved on your viewer, go to settings at lower right corner of the video and change your settings.
  4. All of us who presented in 2020 would like to recognize these companies for contributing to this year's salmon school. Some contribute annually. Some are new and want to make their companies known, some are well known names already but all deserve recognition both whether they are big or small for helping out. These folks give back to the angling community and deserve some public recognition. 2020 Salmon School Contributors *Goodie Bag Sponsor *Team Dreamweaver *FishUSA *The Reel Shot Fishing and Hunting Company *Pro King Flashers *A-TOM-MIK Flies and Meat Rigs *Great Lakes Angler Magazine *Slide Diver *Michigan Stinger-Stinger Spoons *Torpedo Fishing Products *Wolverine Tackle-Silver Streak Spoons Fish Hawk Electronics SHIMANO Inc. Diabolical Custom Tackle Yakima Bait Company Pautzke Bait Company Atlas Mike’s Bait Pro Troll Fishing Products Jack Rosenswie Company SpoonCrank Box Magnum Metalz L.O.T.S.A (Please consider joining L.O.T.S.A -your membership matters) Please consider supporting our 2020 Salmon School contributors and Thank You
  5. Good luck jimmyi and thanks... We have we can catch almost as many fish with the "right" 6 rods in the right place and doing the right things. A few of the tourneys are only 6 rods and a well worked-tweaked 6 rod program can catch almost or as many as a bigger program. Most of our Mid may to October fish come on the program we discussed. Junk rods work and have their better days but the program we discussed catches 80-90% of our fish once away from that skinny water ! Have a great 2020 fishing season. Captain Pete VQ
  6. All, Very good and meaningful feedback. Thank you again for taking the time to post. 10-4 on vendor comments with discounts and more. Well said. Captain Pete VQ
  7. Tim, Thanks for your feedback from the salmon school. Also, to those that took a moment and messaged us/me on our FB pages. None of us held back on sharing what we thought was important, even tho some may have sounded basic. Sometimes doing basic things right or adding twists to that can make or break a day or add a few more bites to your morning. Usually, if you cant catch fish with 6 rods, the 7th or 8th, wont help much anyways. Everyone had a good opportunity to see what goes on during our day and what our thought processes are !! I appreciate your comments. Captain Pete VQ
  8. Great Question. I would check back at the end of the month or beg. of February. Reg should be open by then. Good to see you're fired up about it! Thanks
  9. 10-4 on not making regular anymore ! I believe you are correct
  10. The 2020 WHI is scheduled for Saturday May 16th, 2020. The format will most likely be similar or same as 2019. Thanks, Captain Pete VQ
  11. Doc, Darn, I gave you a chapter back and that's all you re-butt with Doc? Hey, I think we can all agree on that fishing and fish keep it interesting and if it was the same day in and day out, it would get boring and lose its charm.. (Ie. lake Erie all summer :)) Also, conditions and fish moods are always changing, lots of theories exist, we all have our opinions and if we all thought the same, it would be a pretty darn boring world... And the media would be pretty darn bored without TRUMP in office. Oh yeah, one last item: Doc with Team Yankee this fall??? That was a nice surprise at KOTL. Captain Pete
  12. Doc, Now bringing politics into it? LOL-GO TRUMP 2020 !!!! (You started it) Wanna side bet who wins 2020?? I will cover it... You're not a fish, so one does not know whether a fish can hear a ball/weight/attractor/shark with hum of a cable? Another test needed I guess That was a great "opinion" on cable....BUT what about the Shark guys who use BRAID....... with SHARKS.... Hum factor is OUT! Do you call BS on 8" E Chip flashers? The East end gang may be lookin' for you if you answer that one wrong.. The debate on wire cable VS braid puling weights is another great debate. AND the conclusion is..... Whatever you feel most confident in is how you should roll. I am a 100% wire cable guy and prefer the noise advantage. I know guys who switched to braid then back to wire.... "They" felt wire generated more rigger bites. Again, would need a test but difficult to do and prove. There are days when divers generate more bites also that riggers and thats always a head scratcher.. That was the case this September for us.. My divers were not as effective BUT in talking to other captains fishing same water, they had similar results... AND there seems to be days throughout the year where a lot of guys fishing same water have similar scenarios, like long lines sucked today but riggers hot. Then two days later its opposite.. Its fishing and things are always changing... As mentioned, a controlled experiment would need done to be 100% certain but one cannot deny the simple facts that they create more noise/attraction and fish are attracted to or will shun from that...Fish finders prove that easily. Compare a ball weight VS shark on a FF screen.... Proof... Does a shark or cable do much for you when pulling attractors 15-100 ft back? doubtful since the attractors IMO over ride a Shark/Cable. However, spoons or offerings fished tighter is a different game. As seen 100X on my boat, pulling chrome sharks in the top 60 FOW will draw a lot of spectator fish, often many will not eat but they get pulled in, follow, skirt around these a LOT of time. Its frustrating because I think they are curious fish. Some bite but a lot swim through the set. We feel some of these fish end up biting our divers in close prox. tho if the don't bite the Shark "bait" (Rookie fishermen nailed it!) Can I prover it, NOPE... Summer Brown trout are known as a "skittish line shy fish" LOL but my best rigger is often the one my tightest lead behind a BLACK Shark if fishing deeper than 50 FOW.. Thats on my boat tho.... Captain Pete
  13. It's all good Rick.... Thank You ! Earl28-Regarding the comment "Its like being one on one at the Salmon School" Now that made me smile and laugh... That was a pretty good reply. I think your on the right page with your order. Captain Pete
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