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  1. Rick, This may help? AM division only $250 entry plus any minor admin fees needed. Alternate entry (optional) for an added amt for guys wishing to play for more? (like a side bet or structured calcutta) Same payout structure of 15% List payout structure for main Am event-like 15% of field gets paid Toss in the sponsor prizes in the Ams because most pros have a lot already? Weigh-in 1 hour earlier than Pro-Open div. so not a big jam up. 3 salmon or maybe 5? 3 or 2 trout (only 1 can be laker) Too many trout species can be intimidating for newer guys? But still some skill or luck involved Having a less intimidating structure may get more guys involved then they could work up to the current 5 and 5 format. *LOL-no one can fish east of Devils...or West of 30 mile Captain Pete
  2. Thanks for the PM-I did not see it til after I posted here. Checking... Thanks
  3. Jaybird, Will check it out but need a team name or name to verify accuracy? Thanks
  4. http://www.wilsonharborinvitational.com/whi.html The scores for the WHI, Trout and Salmon Slam and 1K day have been updated on the WHI website. FYI Thanks
  5. Deadline to register for the Don J and Pete D tourney is Thursday by 7am. $100 per boat. See below. Event is open to anyone, not just Pro Am teams Thanks
  6. Just a Reminder for those teams participating in this weeks WHI event. There is a free of charge Division II in which you can enter, if you are planning on doing 3 or more events this year. If not doing 3 or more, this would not apply to you. DI has an entry fee. Teams have until end of day Friday to enter either division, if planning on using the WHI scores. All rules etc.are available on line at: http://www.greatlakesspecialevents.com/about.html Good luck to all this weekend.
  7. Just a reminder that the Wilson Harbor Invitational entry deadline is May 3rd, 2019. 1K a Day and Salmon/Trout Slam deadline is May 16th, 2019 Check out their website for details. Captain Pete WHI Video:
  8. We are excited to bring the Lake Ontario Championship Series back for year #3 NEW for 2019: FREE entry for DII entrants with chance to win $500 cash plus $500 in sponsor products. With the Spring KOTL coming next weekend, teams may want to consider entering before that event if they are participating in it, especially Canadian teams that are competing in both KOTL events and maybe a Tight Lines event. There are 4 Canadian events to choose from, so Canadian teams not competing in any USA events in 2019, can simply enter all 4 Canadian events upfront. DI remains the same as years past. DII was amended to a free entry in order to make this a fun and exciting-see how you do against your peers all season event. We keep the running scoreboard all year for you. You simply pick 5 events prior to participating in your first one. We use your best 3 and we allow 5 picks even though you may not know the events you may do. No harm in picking extra events-we only use best 3. Divisions: Division I is geared more for the charter captain, pro anglers or serious fisher people. Entrants in this division would be those typically qualified to enter the Pro division only in Pro Am style events. Cost: $100 event (same as last 2 years) Awards Overall Winner: 70% Runner Up: 30% Division II is designed more for the recreational angler and part time tournament angler. However, pros or charter captains can participate in DII if they choose those events that are "NOT" listed as AM (only) events. Cost: FREE Awards Overall Winner: $500 cash plus $500 min. in sponsor prizes Runner Up: $200.00 check and $300 min. in sponsor prizes. http://www.greatlakesspecialevents.com/about.html Questions: [email protected] Thank You
  9. Thanks Vince and Steph ! Vision Quest has offered to provide a boat again in 2019. Captain Pete
  10. 2019 Tournament Dates Announced!! 2019 Spring KOTL Event Information Spring KOTL Event: Saturday April 27th & Sunday 28th (no make up day) Entry Fees: $300 CAD, $100 late fee will be added to all registrations received after March 31st @ midnight, NO ENTRIES will be accepted after April 19th at midnight Location: St. Catharine’s Ontario Port: St. Catharine’s Marina; Port Weller Initial Entry Deadline: March 31st, 2019 at midnight Late Entry Deadline: April 19th, 2019 at midnight No entries accepted after April 19th, 2019 http://www.kotl.ca/ https://youtu.be/vy9Lvf5heII Spring King of the Lake - Saturday, April 27th and Sunday, April 28th, 2019 Spring King of Kings - Bluffers - Saturday, June 15th, 2019 Fall King of the Lake - Saturday, August 31st and Sunday, September 1st, 2019 Thank You
  11. The Greater Niagara Fishing & Outdoor Expo is almost here (January 18th-20th) and Captains Andy Bliss, Matt Yablonsky and Myself are very excited about presenting at this years Salmon School. Boy, do we have a lot of material to cover and share with everyone! We would like to thank this year's Salmon School Product Sponsors which are contributing to the student bags and associated raffles. A big shout out to these folks. Some are new and some have been very loyal sponsors of the school year after year: The three of us and L.O.T.S.A. cannot thank them enough. Dreamweaver Lures* FishUSA* A-Tom-Mik Flies and Meat Rigs* Torpedo Wire* Great lakes Angler* Pro Troll* Michigan Stinger* Slide Diver* Addya Hooks Pautzke Atlas Mikes Bait Company P-Line Fishing Line Yakima Silver Streak Captain Alan from fishthief.com Vision Quest Sport Fishing Please stop by their booths and thank them for their support of this program and Lake Ontario.
  12. 2019 Wilson Harbor Tourney will be Saturday May 18th with Make Up Day May 19th Few minor changes in the works and entry fee "may" drop to $1,000, TBD yet but the 2019 date is for sure. Below are the three videos with links from the 2018 event
  13. Update: Joe Y. from LOTSA just informed me this evening there are less that 40 seats available. Some of the questions we've seen submitted by the attendees are really good ones. That is another benefit of signing up-You can submit a question/topic to be addresses by the presenters. Capt. Pete Vision Quest
  14. Greetings Anglers, There are less than 50 seats left for the 2019 Salmon School, so if you are considering it, you may want to pull the trigger soon. Captains Andy and Matt have a lot to share and I am looking forward to not only presenting with them but seeing what makes these two FISH HEADS think !!! Below are just a few items we will be talking about that day. This is going to be "one" fun dockside discussion for everyone in attendance. A few l tid bits: We have some great insight and thoughts on MEAT techniques and we're going to spend some a fair amount of time on how to improve everyone's meat game. Flashers? These can be a confusing to some. When to use them and what type works best under what situations. More Meat-Oh-yeah-were gonna talk meat.. From the perspective of three different guys who may be fishing it a bit different than each other and you. Tourney tactics? Yep-but brief because most guys are not tourney anglers but for you serious tourney anglers who will be in the house-We're all gonna give you a quick tip on how to make you a better tourney angler. I will have my ears open... DEEP fish? you will hear about our DEEP fish game.... Esp. from East End Andy who, along with the COLD STEEL makes a living grinding DEEP sharks. The BAR, nope.. not where Andy and Matt like to go after fishing but the REAL Bar; The Mighty Niagara Bar by the season-SPRING_SUMMER_FALL. We have the BAR master-Matt doing this segment. The VQ traveling road show will focus on how to dial in your game when you haven't fished much or the winds of change have came or you want to cross the Lake and have a day and a half to figure out plan to catch kings in a foreign port. Canadians, Oh Yes, my friends from Canada! You guys have been very good to me over the years.... You fellas wont be left out either.. We're gonna talk about catching kings in Canadian waters also and maybe toss in a few tourney tips on catching big KOTL KINGS. (Yvan-you should consider attending)... And more..... Most importantly folks, your ticket to the school supports LOTSA !!! These guys do a tremendous amount of good to and for the Lake O fishery and so supporting them via membership or the school goes a long way. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the School ! Captain Pete Vision Quest
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