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  1. My friends were using WS for a few years and would constantly tease me about my unwillingness to try it. So they brought a few rods on the VQ VI for me to try. I converted totally to WS in 2020. The positives outweigh the negatives. It unspools like leadcore which means far fewer birds nests, in the event of tangles, it is wayyyyyyy more forgiving when untangling and does not twist like copper(copper is near fatal on tangles) , I never retied my terminal ends all year because the steel VS copper does not get as brittle and fall(strands break) apart at the connections (ZERO breakoffs in 2020) I could not say this with copper, and it comes pre weathered (camo brown) VS the new bright shiny copper(which takes a little while to patina). Disadvantages: little more pricey but I feel over time you will recoup that considering longjevity and redo's with copper and less break offs, inability to cut and splice repair on the fly when needed and the terminal connections may be slightly more time consuming but..... they are long lasting, so.... I may have missed a couple more but those few key items that converted me. BTW, I hate long lines but they are a needed part of one's program. I never messed with adding wire line (19-strand) as a backer BUT have invested in the torpedo weights of varying sizes to add to the front end where my leader is, to instantly and easily add weight to alter my depths. I am not a Voodoo guy, BUT I am convinced I catch more fish with that Torpedo weight added to my set ups. It may create more noise, bubbles or alter the angle of the offering but..... LOL, foood for thought. We have been using add on weights since 1990 on Lake Erie to follow walleyes down as the season goes and they move deeper in the water column. What we have found is that by adding 1 OZ, your offering obtains another 4 ft of depth (when attached at the leader end of leadcore or copper or WS) Trolling 2.2-2.5 ishhhh... We would make our 5 cores into 7 cores by simply attaching 2 OZ on the front end (as an example) Captain Pete VQ
  2. erihick, The site page is being redone. It was hacked. However, the revised rules and site will be done this month and posted. The only major change than what was listed above is a $400 entry fee each day and a $200 entry fee for the overall. So 1K total to get it all events inc overall. Also, there will be an "optional" captains bet (each day), payable at time of Reg on site Friday. The 1K (prorated) and Trout/Salmon Slam will happen the week up to the WHI. (same as last year) Deadline to enter will be (1) week with $200 late fee accepted on Friday for late comers. Thank You
  3. The 2021 Wilson harbor Event will be held Sat and Sunday May 15 and 16. The Trout and Salmon Slam will happen as well. The 1K a Day "may" also happen as well. Details to follow but some of the changes being discussed are: 2 day event No make up Separate entries for each day (in case teams cannot commit to both) Lower entries ($300ea) with "optional" bigger buy in entries Overall winner (must fish both days) with added sponsor $$ Salmon only No observer Teams can start planning now. Team U-Betcha was the 2021 winner, so we are all coming after you this year. The website info will be updated soon as well as the WHI FB page Thank You
  4. Congratulations to Captain Matt and his Oh Baby Team on winning Division II of the Great Lakes Special Events overall championship. and Congrats to Team Cannonball Runner and Mr Squirrely for tieing for the runner up position this year. DI and the Canadian series was cancelled due to Covid reasons and some events being cancelled. All scores from the qualifying events are listed below: http://greatlakesspecialevents.com/forms/2020 LOCS D2.pdf Thank You
  5. GLSE DII has been updated. The Oh Baby Team has came on strong winning back to back events to take command..... http://greatlakesspecialevents.com/locsstandings.html
  6. DI was cancelled this year due to some of the listed events being cancelled and low participation expected. Canadian DI and DII was cancelled because there was not going to be the 3 events required due to K of K June and Spring KOTL being cancelled with no US/CND travel allowed. Both will resume in 2021 Here is the update for DI which was a free event. The Big Boys Oak was added in place of the Aug K of K and the Oak Labor Day event will be added in place of the Fall KOTL due to USA citizens not allowed to travel to CND. If anyone sees any discrepancies with their scores, please let us know. Squirrelly is in the lead with Screamer in runner up position. http://greatlakesspecialevents.com/forms/2020 LOCS D2.pdf http://greatlakesspecialevents.com/locsstandings.html
  7. Attached is the standings for DII for the Great lakes Special Events-lake Ontario Championship. DI was cancelled this year due to the "C" word mess with events being cancelled and/or the unknown. However, we are still going to track and update the free entry DII series. The race is early with most teams only fishing 1-2 events. http://greatlakesspecialevents.com/forms/2020%20LOCS%20D2.pdf http://greatlakesspecialevents.com/index.html Good luck to the teams in 2020 Thanks, Captain Pete
  8. VP, I may get in this year if I dont go to Ludington in July. Sodus is same weekend as Ludington but they are unsure if theeir having their event as of today. Capt Pete
  9. Just a reminder that the deadline to register for the WHI and UMS Challenge is Friday May 29th at 11:59 PM. Online registration only at: http://wilsonharborinvitational.com/whi.html Thanks
  10. Just a reminder that the deadline to register for the WHI and UMS Challenge is Friday May 29th at 11:59 PM. Online registration only at: http://wilsonharborinvitational.com/whi.html Thanks
  11. Thanks for clarifying Rick. Registration page will be up for this division by tonight and rules for printing uploaded shortly after.
  12. To my knowledge, this is the only event occurring that day.... Prob due to _____D-19. Dont even wanna type it. Maybe someone else can chime in but this is the only event besides the Condor on friday which is open to anyone, not just weekend tourney teams.
  13. Starting a new thread here: The 2020 trout and salmon slam is being cancelled for this year. Refunds were completed today (only 3 teams entered so far) However, the 1K a day (prorated) will remain starting May 30th and concluding 6PM Friday June 5th. Reminder that anyone can enter, not just WHI teams. The more entries, the bigger the pot. 20# min salmon only can be weighed. The WHI will still occur and reg deadline is May 29th..
  14. Orleans: $500 this year. No observer required tho. Reg deadline June 5th 2020 rules are on the Reg page. Also, June 12 Friday Condor event is $100 Can register by midnight day prior June 11
  15. The Orleans Open is a go, per Bob Songin. Weekend of June 13-14th. Major changes are that steelhead are worth 20 points instead of 10 and no observers. However I believe they plan on doing a LD test. These are unofficial, word of mouth changes and the registration site is open. See their FB page for updates.
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