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  1. Minion, if he's still making them.
  2. I run mine in cisco tracks. Have a Lund so had to add the brackets and rigger mounts. Never had a problem, good luck!!
  3. Buds should have them also
  4. Contact Lucky2fish on this forum. He helped me out before fishing there once. We had a great day
  5. Any reel capable of handling 20 colors would be absolutely no fun to use spring fishing in ME. I personally own 4 lead rods of various action and lengths of lead for various seasons.
  6. We use 9' light action rods. Ugly stick, talora
  7. I like the snubbers on the ball for shock absorption when the ball is along side the boat and its easier to grab the snubbers when the ball is coming in the boat.
  8. I would be more worried about the blacks though the blacks should not break. Some on here have mentioned running the same blacks for years. I do run two snubbers to the ball. You can take all the precautions you want, sometimes the lake just takes things away. good luck!!!
  9. Been fishing the Oak for a few years now. A few times it would have been nice to be able to communicate with other fishermen. Do you want inside or outside? Things like that. Thanks for your time, Matt
  10. You change your leaders every year, why not the termination? Terminations and ball snubbers are cheap insurance, Good luck!!
  11. Hate to see someone selling a lifetime of collecting. Hope all is well!
  12. I told the guy I was with that I'd do it for nothing. Looked like fun!
  13. Was there last week, they're shooting basically bottle rockets at them. I also thought it was a shotgun at first. Here's to wishing.
  14. When I first got my hawk I tied to match the gps speed to the probe by similar methods as hard knox. Ended up with a mess, called fish hawk and they gave me the same advise as they gave you. I listened and things have turned out ok. Good luck!!!!
  15. Was wondering about that, any noticeable draw on the electrical system?
  16. Don't tell everyone, our property taxes have gone sky-hi since covid. Huge influx of new people driving home prices.
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