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  1. Who said " You have to pass the bill to know what's in the bill"? I may be paraphrasing but I'm sure you understand.
  2. They're doing it right before your eyes!!!! Good luck fellas.
  3. Man, I tried to send the hint along. All the best!!
  4. I believe the vessel being overtaken always has the right of way be it power or sail.
  5. Have you driven on the interstate lately?
  6. Would like to hear from someone who owns either Cisco or Magnum Metalz. I think that's how they spell it.
  7. We bought some at Rt 18 tackle this summer that they seemed to like.
  8. Good luck with that!!! Seriously I wish you the best, most companies will call what happened to you user error. I'm sure it wasn't but you'll never hear them say it.
  9. According to Mr Keating kings 42 to 54 coho 48 to 58 lakers 42to 54 browns 52 to 62 steelie 38 to 64
  10. Change your trebles out to singles to be in complete compliance. You know, we all want to be in complete compliance.
  11. That spoon catches everywhere. Can't figure out why, just dose.
  12. Look up Crazy Ivan for small spoons. Lots of patterns and they catch fish. Northern troller in the 100 size also fit the bill.
  13. I've tried it with coho flies with no success. Good luck to you , hope it works.
  14. When you figure it out put me down for one please.
  15. I owned a mag 10 for exactly one deployment. Came off the lake and sold it. Way to fast for me, thought the gunnels were going to come apart. The digitrol 5 is a good rigger if you can find one, Good luck!!!
  16. Just remember to take the bra off when storing. Batteries will go dead, ask me how I know.
  17. Can't say enough good things about the customer service that I've received. That being said, it sucks that your probe died so quickly. Good luck!!!
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