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  1. I just set up my first copper and want to get this right. You can clip or half hitch a band directly to the copper? I always thought it had to be to the backing. If that's the case it just made my 300 more versatile. Thanks for the response.
  2. Mine stay in the boat. Make sure the Fish hawk probe comes in tho.
  3. Since you're trying to start a fight, what do you propose for a course of action that will bring the runs back in our lifetime?
  4. We've been running Talora dipsey rods, seem just fine. Good luck
  5. Give fish hawk a call, find them very helpful. Good luck!
  6. I believe Minion made a run of those last year.
  7. Nice deer! Mind me asking what the air temp was when you shot it?
  8. I thought it was funny Tim!
  9. I don't understand why the dealer you purchased the boat from won't help. When you buy anything you are buying that relationship. That should be your ****, frustrating I'm sure. Best of luck!
  10. Good going Capt, way to go the extra for your clients!
  11. I own an 18' Lund Sport Angler, definitely wasn't cheap but I haven't had any issues. Most are factory powered with Mercs but Honda is an option. Mine has Honda power 115 main with a 9.9 kicker. You can troll forever on 10 bucks. No matter what 18 footer you buy, you'll have to pick your days on Ontario. Good luck, Matt Send me a pm if you would like more info
  12. The braid on your riggers must screw up the counters. I haven't bought the X4D yet.
  13. You guys don't know how good you have it. Come to NH and fish awhile, there's a reason we travel six hours to fish NY. Good luck, Matt
  14. I'm not sure if the directions say to unscrew the cap each time but I would and am scared that you may wear out the o ring. All I do is take the bumper off every time. Good luck, Matt
  15. Less, was the smelt you caught through the ice caught in late Feb or early March? Looks like it's full of eggs, ready to run the river?
  16. I would have to agree that the top fish is not a smelt. Wrong profile, here in NH we use small smelt for bait in the spring. Not a smelt, kinda looks like a emerald. Though emeralds have a green sheen to them. Good luck! Matt
  17. I would bet if it were proved that there was a population the antis would get trapping shut down. Someone might inadvertently catch one. Any excuse they can use.
  18. Good way to get all trapping banned.
  19. Saw the one off Oswago form first hand. No Good! No more fishing for me that day.
  20. An Amish outfitter snubber may be long enough to keep the weight in the water when hooking it up. Use the retro ease as well. Bad things happen when the weight comes out of the water. Good luck!
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