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  1. Always fun to watch how you work the back of the boat! Great as always!
  2. He is a member but he also has a facebook page
  3. I use to fish Mexico in an 18' Sport Fisherman. Five miles is a long way in anything over 2. A few times we motored out slowly only to turn around when we tried to fish. As others have said, there are ports with deep water closer in. Just remember it may be nice when venturing out but weather can come in fast. Good luck, Matt
  4. Try using bands with the blacks. Make 2 loops run the band thru and half hitch the band. Hasn't slipped on us yet but we don't run sea flee. Good luck!
  5. I have weights from bikini bottom and troutman. I believe that the bikini's have less blow back but that could be all in my head. The bikini's were more money but he custom painted them for me. Both men were equally easy to deal with and I recommend them both. Good luck!
  6. Are you guys using 40lb? Made the switch and seemed to help where I fished.
  7. I'm sure the various manufactures have videos up on u tube. Good luck!
  8. Wondering what you think the benefit of that set up is?
  9. Never heard of the Ellis house, if I'm near Mexico I always try to stop at Brandy's. Good food, reasonable prices and alot of it! I never remember being offered a wine list though.
  10. Always go by down speed if you have a probe in the water. Try fishing the lead a little deeper then you think, in my experience it doesn't sink as much as expected. Good luck!
  11. Would someone like to explain how to measure the current on the cables? One leed to the cable the other to the boat or do you have to find a ground? Thanks, Matt
  12. Ugly stick used to make 7' one piece light action rods. Don't know if they still do but I bet they are what you are looking for. Also, Eagle Claw rods seem to bend thru the whole blank if thats the action your looking for. Good luck!
  13. Beautiful boat! Good luck with the sale.
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