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  1. Over the road taxes will never go away, they will just come up with another name for it.
  2. You want to post an updated picture of your offerings before Christmas?
  3. If you believe that "someone" isn't making huge profits from tax payer dollars on green energy your not looking hard enough. Take away the free money and the do gooders go away.
  4. If this is the case then all hunters should voluntarily end their season now. It's just the right thing to do!!!! "Let's Go Brandon!!!!"
  5. dry net


    I know this is just ****ing but here goes. Both my buddy and I had Tuesday off so we pulled the boat to Champlain, a two and a half hour ride each way. It cost us $106.00 for gas in just the truck for the day. We make that trip every weekend from ice out till deer season then after till the lake freezes. I liked last year's gas prices better. LETS GO BRANDON!!!
  6. dry net


    Do you really believe that? The only way to collect taxes from every American is with a flat tax, the people who wrote the bill are millionaires themselves. They will still keep loopholes in the tax code.
  7. dry net


    I watched the same documentary , from what I remember the pipe line was shoddy from day one. Why shut it down now with winter coming except to punish people who burn fossil fuels? Just another way to push the agenda.
  8. Hoping you would buy them, saved me from doing it.
  9. Jack O'Connor is turning over in his grave
  10. 6.5 in a Barrett Fieldcraft!!!
  11. Slide divers seem to "slide" better for me on braid. Braid, back to back uni, 30' of mono or floro, bead, ball bearing swivel, 5' to 8' floro leader. Good luck!!
  12. I thought at first that you were referring to the gas prices!!!!!
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